My name is Tracy. I am a mom to 3 girls, wife to 1 husband and owner to 2 cats 1 cat(poor Tyko).  We live in the city and walk to coffee, but my kids do not drink coffee yet which is clearly unfortunate.  I wear an apron and love to bake and cook even though I suck at it most of the time, but don’t tell my kids there is better food out there.  I hate hot glue and glitter.

I had a high level, awesome paying corporate marketing job – but just walked out one day, threw my badge on the floor and never looked back.  I’ve also traveled the world and now find my feet uncomfortably planted in one place and they are starting to itch.

I started blogging in 2008 after I realized my kids never laughed at my jokes and I needed a new audience. Even though many days my kids make me go crazy in my head, I still know that I am where I am suppose to be. Right now.  In my spare time I am also trying to make new motherhood in my 40s sexy but my body laughs about that.  Maybe my husband does too. Thank goodness we mostly have the lights off.


My blog is mainly humorous(in case you missed a joke or two), but can also be sweet and boring like most mom blogs because I talk about my kids who are mostly perfect except when they’re not. My cat is always perfect though.


I shop a lot and love to talk and write about fashion. This bores the crap out of many of my readers though. So I also run marathons, ski,  and write about fitness…which is much more exciting.


We are also world travelers – heading around the globe to places like Egypt, China, Europe, and Central America, and love to share our journeys.


I also blog for social good causes and share mission trip experiences.


Thank you for following our adventures.


I am also a freelance writer and love social media almost as much as wine. But certainly not as much as cupcakes. My writing has been featured on such illustrious places as The Huffington Post, Brain Child Magazine, BlogHer, Mamapedia, Mamalode, Scary Mommy, Everyday Family, BonBonBreak, All Things Chic, and Savvy Sassy Moms.

Thank you for visiting.


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