WIN Tickets! Listen To Your Mother Twin Cities Show #giveaway

“We have a show!” We all exclaimed as our amazing cast left our first rehearsal. Putting the pieces and words together to express what motherhood is, is both scary and exhilarating.


As we move closer to our second annual Listen To Your Mother Show in the Twin Cities – again I feel like we are surrounded by beauty. The words, the cast, the stories, and of course motherhood. No matter how hard motherhood is – there is always beauty through the tears.


We did not know what to expect last year – for our first show. Would people come? Would they love the words? Would they understand this important celebration?


Well the Twin Cities did what they do best – embrace this new show, these amazing stories, and they listened, cried and laughed with us. I was overwhelmed when the show was over at how many strangers came up to us with hugs and stories of their own.


So we are humbled and happy to bring Listen To Your Mother back to the Twin Cities this year. With more stories of love, light and motherhood. The funny, the sad, the heartfelt and the unbelievable.


I hope you will join us again this year for our 2104 show.


Listen To Your Mother Twin Cities is at 7pm on May 8th at the historic Riverview Theater.  You can buy tickets here. Find out more about our cast here. And find full show details here. One of the most important parts of any Listen To Your Mother Show is giving back to the community. So with every ticket you buy  – 10% of all ticket proceeds go directly to the Jeremiah Program. We would love to provide them with some amazing support this year.


And this week we are giving away THREE pairs of tickets to our May 8th show – you can enter here and on Vikki and Galit’s blogs too for more chances to win! We would love for you to join us for an incredible evening.
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All photos courtesy of our amazing LTYM- Twin Cities photographer Glimpses Of Soul.



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