How To Take A Selfie With Your Cat

I love our new kitty. Well she’s not super new as we’ve had her since July. But we love her. Love her like she’s been with us forever. I’ve never adopted an adult cat before, and at four years old I worried that she’d be set in her ways and hate us. Because you know, she’s a cat.


And don’t get me wrong, she’s a bit bitchy at times according to Jed. But I just say that she’s slightly misunderstood.


We call her #crabbygabby – hashtag and all.


I think she loves us back. Or just tolerates us.


We can’t stop touching her and picking her up and screaming “IT’S SO FLUFFY!” Because she is so fluffy. Obviously.


And I’m sure her thought bubble is “Hands off, Bitches.”


We love her so much that we try to get pictures with her.


I tried for the purrfect ‘Catfie’ – but she wasn’t all that cooperative.


Pretty sure she was swearing at me in her thought bubble the whole time. And wishing she had thumbs so she could shave herself and then maybe we’d leave her alone.


We try these ‘catfies’ a lot. Please tell me this is completely normal behavior?



My Tween

She turns 12 in about a week.


And she likes listening to Taylor Swift and wearing Converse.


She likes to hang with her friends.


And reading mature books.


And watching PG-13 movies.


Earrings and …


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Love the family vacations that we can take with the money I earn!

On Being A Mompreneur

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Touchstone Crystal. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


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