Happy Thanksgiving

What Astrid is thankful for today and always…..


I’m thankful for family and friends and health, and for the belief that there is more good in the world than bad. Always.


“I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.” – Anne Frank


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and sending much love to my friends abroad. xoxoxo



Lazy Day

I spent most the day cooking. We are heading to a friend’s house tomorrow as we are still without water in our kitchen. So I cooked and hauled dishes back and forth to the bathroom most of the day.…


It’s Late

It’s 8:30pm which means it’s super late. Super late. Like I should’ve been in bed an hour ago late. I mean it’s dark by 4:30pm so bedtime can’t be much later than 7:30, right? Please tell me I’m right. …


My dad and I spent the day in Duluth. My grandma is still kicking. Well, not really kicking…but still here with us. She’s been in hospice for two weeks and has surprised everyone. Well, she has surprised everyone that …


The AMAs

I’m sitting here with my three kids(and my two cats) watching the American Music Awards. Jed is in the other room watching Fargo or something. He doesn’t love pop and current culture. But ask him about Dave Matthews – …


How To Get A New Kitchen Floor

…have a pipe break under your kitchen floor. Your kitchen floor that doesn’t have a basement under it.


Good times.


Silver lining – we never did like the tile on this floor. What a great opportunity to get …


Five For Friday

I’m linking up with Angela again this Friday!


Five Instagrams For A Friday:


  1. #prayforparis I took this shot of The Eiffel Tower on Valentine’s Day 1999
  2. We took a family hike on Sunday. It was 60 degrees in

Kid Update #3

This will be short. She’s turning 13 in exactly two weeks and so I’ve written little about her over the past few years. She has her own Instagram to share her own thoughts and life.


It’s been a rough …


Kid Update #2

Mommy blogging again here today. Let’s talk about sweet Esther.


Esther is still sweet. Crazy sweet. Typical middle child sweet. I told her she needs to be louder and squeakier so we hear her more. But she isn’t. …


Kid Catch-Up

Since I’ve rarely blogged in 2015, and now I have to blog for 30 days straight, I thought I would take this opportunity to catch you all up on what the kids are up to. And hey, it gives …



I had a hard time liking my family today. It can be hard to admit that sometimes. That no matter how much you love your family, sometimes…my god…


My husband frustrated me with his continued passive aggressive comments…and …


Paris Is For Lovers

Jed will tell you that I fell in love with him the day we met. My story is a bit different than his. I mean sure I felt something when we met, but I’m not sure if it was …


Five Good Things On A Friday

I haven’t done a link-up in about three years – which is about three thousand years in blogging. But there is NO WAY I’m going to make it through November and 18 more days of blogging without a few …

Company Is Coming!

Don’t you hate it when you hear a joke, or watch a show, or read a book and think “OMG that is ME!” And you are kind of embarrassed because this “you” is probably not “you” in the best …


The Haircut

I wanted a shoulder-length flirty type of haircut.


A haircut with bounce and life – to either look like that cute middle-aged blonde on Modern Family, or super flippy-flirty like Alice in the vampire movies.


And I …


Cousins And Coffee

The post will be short tonight as I’ve spent the day driving four hours to Duluth and back to say goodbye to my Grandma. Her 92nd birthday is just over a month away. She’s lived a long life. But …