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We want to show our kids the world. I think that’s the simplest yet the most complicated gift I can give them. The stories we tell in the dim light before bedtime, during the long car rides, and shared over dinner are typically the stories of our adventures. My husband and his motorcycle trip to Alaska. My time visiting Venice during flooding. The first international trip we took together – to Paris and the embarrassing picture I took of Jed sleeping off jet-lag on the small bed, and how he still hasn’t forgiven me for sharing that picture with my mom, my aunts and my grandmother. But our favorite story of travel that we share with our children is the one of us traveling through Egypt for nearly three weeks when I was seven months pregnant with our first child and how we were determined that pregnancy, children and a mortgage would never keep us at home. Many of the best parts of our relationship were built on our wanderlust, our love for living in new cultures, and for discovering the world together.


But came daughter one, then the bigger house, then daughter two, then me quitting my job to stay home, then daughter three, then kids in school full-time, then the minivan..and 11 years later our stories of our travels get shorter as our memories fade, and our looks become sad instead of excited knowing that is no longer our life.


And while I don’t wish away one minute(okay, maybe a few minutes) of the past 11 years, I want our family to make memories that include the world and cultures beyond and we need to make that a priority.


We need to make this a priority for our family – and for us as a couple. I want my kids to have a better global vision and adventure in their blood.


So we are taking our first big(We’ve been to Mexico all together a few times – but I don’t really count that) international trip together as a family and are heading to Costa Rica for a few weeks. We are renting a home and plan to immerse ourselves in the beauty, culture and community during our trip.


Besides now making travel an importance in our family, we read, watch, advocate and discuss the world at large -sometimes it’s for causes that are dear to us and sometimes it’s through periodicals and books that bring adventure and education directly to our living rooms. One way we do this is by subscribing to National Geographic Kids Magazine. We’ve been subscribing for a few years and we had to add two more subscriptions so each of our girls could get their own. It’s full of amazing information, photographs and activities for kids of all ages.


So I am thrilled, humbled and grateful to be one of the 33 National Geographic Kids Insiders for the next six months. As an NGK Insider I will get a behind-the-scenes look at National Geographic Kids, including interviews with authors, explorers and editors, review copies of books, exclusive event invitations. I love being a parent that is committed to the same mission they have — to raise a generation of kids who are inspired to care about our planet.


So look for posts and updates from me as I share exciting news from National Geographic Kids and as we hopefully start exploring the world together again now as a family.


For September, I want to introduce you to The Great Nature Project – which is a worldwide celebration of the planet and its wonder. Through September 29th people of all ages are invited to help National Geographic take a global snapshot by taking pictures of plants and animals in their world, and then share those pictures on social media using the hashtag #GreatNature. At the same time, National Geographic Kids is attempting to break a Guinness World Records Title for the largest online photo album of animals. Any photo of an animal that is shared with #GreatNature and #animal will count toward the record! Learn more about this initiative that is striving to get people outdoors at The Great Nature Project.


So get outside with your kids on a nature walk and share your picture today!


Disclosure: I am not compensated as a National Geographic Kids Insider but believe in their non-profit mission to bring education to everyone about our planet. All words and opinions are my own.

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    I’m so excited for you and your family, for this next stage in your lives, where you can experience international travel together. Costa Rica – wow!
    Alison recently posted..Big

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    Yay! I’m so excited for you. We went to Costa Rica in 2011 as a family. It was the first time my kids had left the country. We loved it and I’m sure you will too. What part of the country are you visiting?
    Shannon recently posted..Hello Down There

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