Thanksgiving Craft Fail

Do you remember when an acceptable Thanksgiving craft was tracing your hand on a brown piece of paper and making hand-Turkeys and then taping them to the wall? Do you remember how awesome 1982 was? Astrid even came home from preschool last week with a cute little hand-turkey card and it was at that moment that I should’ve said “Oh gosh, this is really the only Thanksgiving craft we need this year!” But no, instead we decided to make an ‘edible’ craft for Thanksgiving.


Now I call this a craft – even though it’s all made from food – because there is no cooking or mixing or making of any kind. It’s just food being glued to other food with melted chocolate.


We made these turkeys with some friends about five years ago and evidently I did not help out with the activities at the time, or I was high and have no memory of how it’s really done, or I’ve completely lost my mind in the last five year thinking that we could actually do this on our own.


We bought all of the materials/ingredients and actually starting making these marshmallow turkeys and I started taking pictures and even making a movie of this fabulous family activity.

And then it all turned to shit. And I started swearing which made the movie kind of inappropriate and then Astrid starting swearing because I was swearing, which was also caught on video along with Eloise telling me that I pretty much suck at all of this craft-stuff and Esther rolling on the floor laughing at how bad this all was. Then Eloise reminded me about the Snow Globe Fail from 2011 and pretty soon I was left alone in the dining room with my disgusting turkeys that no one wants to look at or eat or photograph or PIN!

Because no matter how I tried, the damn candy corn would NOT STAY ON THE TURKEY.Β  So Esther made me swear to never ever try a craft with them again. I agreed and I posted our fail on Facebook where someone reminded me that we weren’t just making turkeys that day…we were making memories.


It’s true. My mother is a horrible baker. HORRIBLE. And some of my best childhood memories are of her baking fails. We’ve had so many laughs for so many years and still today a good baking story usually comes up when we chat.


So in 30 years my girls will tell their kids about how their mother could not use glue and we will laugh about my fails and the memories we made when they were little.

In the meantime I will just do what I do best – stay off of Pinterest, stay away from Michaels and remember that whether we are doing a craft or just hanging out in the afternoon watching TV- the important thing is that we are making memories. Together.


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  1. says

    This is one of my favorite craft posts ever.
    My favorite stories to tell about my mother are the ones where she “failed.” And my kids very favorite tales about me are the ones that put my flaws on display.
    Maybe it’s because these are the memories that are real.
    Shannon recently posted..Ho-Ho-Hum

  2. @somerskys says

    ummm Tracy i think u r the greatest, BUT!!(shrudging shoulders, was that a TURKEY??? ha! anyway u tried, chicka, that is better than me. i wouldnt have even tried.

  3. says

    Haha, loved this straight up honest post! Don’t worry, your girls will always remind you…”Remember when Mom tried to craft turkeys with us that Thanksgiving.” You can count on it. But they’ll also remember that you were all there together…crafting, laughing, and having fun.
    Lisa recently posted..Dorothy Doodle

  4. says

    You probably have to stick the candy corn in the marshmallow. That is my advice from a very safe distance far away where there is no way I’ll attempt this! πŸ˜‰
    Lady Jennie recently posted..Dog Days

  5. says

    Oh my goodness….I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who can’t seem to make any dang thing I find on Pinterest! You know those stupid cornucopia things made out of sugar cones and Reese’s pieces? Yeah, out of AN ENTIRE BOX, I got ONE of those stupid cones to stay in sort-of a curled end cornucopia-looking thing. ONE! Of course I would figure out my total failure after I bought 4 dang boxes of cones! Glad I never attempted those turkeys, now!
    Robin recently posted..What in the world is she saying?

  6. says

    Speaking of kids cussing, James was trying to zip his jacket, but couldn’t get it to line up. I heard him muttering, “this damn thing doesn’t work.” “Excuse me. What did you say?” “This.” Showing me the zipper. “The damn thing isn’t working.” “You shouldn’t say that.” Then he shot me the most incredulous look like, “then what the hell am I supposed to say?” I just zipped the jacket for him and told him to get in the car. I mean, it’s hard to argue with that logic.
    Jennifer recently posted..Morgan, Part Three {Creative Writing}