Somebody That I Used to Know – The Minivan Version

So I wrote a post last year trying to convey my jealousy of the toaster drivers in the carpool lane.


I meant every last word of it.


As much I loved my 2002 Toyota 4Runner and the coolness factor it provided  – it didn’t accommodate three kids, friends and stuff.   We tried to make it work while I coveted the other mom’s rides, but sadly it didn’t.


So this Winter I traded in the vehicle that transported our family for nearly 10 years and was ankle deep in goldfish crackers, and sold my soul to the suburban mom Satan and bought a Toyota Sienna.


My life is now changed forever.


Everyday as I back out of the garage I kind of scream “OHMYGOD I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS VEHICLE!!”


My intention was to write a post as an ode to my minivan that was equally as awesome..but now I felt like only a song could really do our new Swagger Wagon justice.


And at 43 I finally have my own garage band.

(Direct link in case you cannot see the embedded video)

*I apologize to Gotye for any butchering of your song that we did. I will never be a singer(whoa my ears hurt from listening to that again) but you have to admit the instrumentals were pretty damn good

*I asked the girls what song we should spoof – Astrid(SHE’S 2) was actually the one who mentioned Gotye’s song. True story.  Esther wanted an Adele song – but whoa..depressing.  Eloise mentioned Taylor Swift but my twang is even worse than my regular singing. Hard to believe. I know.

*Isn’t Eloise totally awesome on the piano.

*True story – I used to play the drums and would dream of having my own band and perhaps being Sheila E. But then I dropped the drums for cheerleading because nothing says ‘career path’ like cheerleading.

*I have the BEST KIDS EVER for doing this with me and having a ball

*I love my Sienna(Toyota does not know me nor did I receive compensation for mentioning them)

*I promise to NEVER sing for you all ever again. Unless I’m drunk.

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  1. says

    Ah, ha! I love it.

    My husband vows we will never get a minivan. But once I put my five child plan (unknown to him) into action, he’ll have no choice. [evil laugh]
    christine recently posted..Not This Time

    • admin says

      She can now play the whole dang song. She was kind of embarrassed to play it on Astrid’s play piano and but there was no way I was getting the real piano out to the garage! lol

  2. says

    Bwahaha! That was great. This is the second time I’ve heard Gotye mentioned in as many days. I have no idea who they are!!

    I told you before, we call my minivan Darth Vader, hubby secured me the DRTHVDR license plate for my birthday. I love my VW and I’m not afraid to say it! (we used to have an 08 Seinna, they do rock).

    • admin says

      Oh you must listen to Gotye. Haunting. LOVE your Darth Vader – and how sweet that he got you a personalized plate. Now THAT is love!

    • admin says

      Aw, thank you. Love that top too. Eloise has asked me to save it for her for when she’s a

      Shoes are Coach. Live in them. Too bad I have such GINORMOUS feet and we cannot share shoes. boo 🙁

    • admin says

      Someone must make this go viral, right? Or not.

      Thank you for the bod comment. Stop trying to get me into bed. You have to wait until we marry.

  3. says

    That was awesome! Your girls are adorable.
    I’m still holding out on the minivan and cramming my 3 kids into my Hyundai Elantra with the sit and stand stroller that takes up the entire trunk. And I hate to admit it, but your minivan does look pretty awesome.
    Alison at Mommy is a Power Ranger recently posted..Bad Neighbors

    • admin says

      Thank you! It just got hard for us this past year when Eloise started having friends over and we need to carpool with friends to parties and games and such – and had no place for a 4th kid – and pretty soon a 5th kid when Esther has a friend with us. I NEVER thought I’d drive one and seriously cannot begin to even tell you how much I love it.

    • admin says

      I think we need a Toyota VS Honda drag race or “how much will fit in our vans from Target” or some competition equally as cool. xo

  4. says

    Haha! Love it. My husband has wanted to buy a minivan since before we had kids. He wants all the space to haul things around. What things? I have no idea. I refuse tho’ your lovely singing has softened me. Love your kids. xoxo

  5. says

    Eloise on the piano…awesome! I remember the happy day when I first got my mini van…the next best day was when we traded it for an SUV. You should keep up this garage band, they are pretty good company to keep!
    Lisa recently posted..Spring-alicious

    • admin says

      I know – I’ve already starting picking out my super hot vehicle that I’ll buy 10 years from now.

  6. says

    I don’t know how you did it for so long without a mini van. The best part of this for me is that I no longer have to crawl in the cargo area and sit on the floor when we visit and go places:) So glad you and the family LOVE your pretty new vehicle. The routine was great – will the four of you be going on tour soon??

  7. says

    How much fun is this?! I think you can count myself and my two girls as your groupies. When is the next show? Will you be touring in garages in MD? Let us know, we’ll be there!!

  8. says

    I literally sat in my first Sienna this past weekend at Carmax. We’re trying to upgrade size-wise from our Touareg and I walked over all casual and then HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THE SPACE.
    Arnebya recently posted..Listening

    • admin says

      I am. Really? That bad? Oy the truth hurts. But my mom always said I was sooo talented. Damn parents. lol

      Yeah, I could not even do drunk Karaoke – it was so bad that my friends would push me off of the stage. As if.

      YOU? I love for speaking the truth. You’re a true friend. A true friend who would look even hotter in a minivan.

  9. Donna May says

    Your daughter was awesome on the keyboards and I loved the dance moves. I had a Toyota Van for 18 years and loved, loved, loved it.

    • admin says

      Yes – she is quite the keyboard player. Even better than Laurie Partridge. LOVE my Toyota van so far. I probably will still have it in 18 years!

  10. says

    Oh Tracy, how I <3 you and your girls. Wow.

    It's funny, Duffy was a "we can have kids, but we'll never have a minivan," but then her RAV-4 was totaled, and she had to get a minivan, and there is no going back. Ever. And she's happy.

    I caught my son trying to sing along to every word in C Is For Cookie today . . . so I'm hopeful that he'll soon be playing along to music video vlogs from my site.
    John recently posted..Where I guest post about smut while outing myself as a smut writer

    • admin says

      You are too kind – especially because you are uberly musically talented. Thank you! xo

  11. says

    I love this. Like so much. After having overplayed Gotye in my love of this song I started to dislike it, but now you have made me love this version even more!

    I want a swagger wagon!
    Marta recently posted..Biopsy.

  12. says

    sweet jesus mary & joseph, you are bound for stardom. you know this, right? especially with those kids (major high fives to the piano bit).

    you’re hot.
    MommaKiss recently eyes!

  13. says

    Woah, you have a Sisterwife groupie! I’m afraid of you! LOL! I’m sure I saw some Robert Palmer girl swaying going on too ~ you were just missing the guitar. However Eloise on the piano was so freakin’ awesome. She’s got mad skillz.
    Monika recently posted..Life’s Lessons