Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway

It’s no secret that I love a good dress. I also love vintage clothing, great fitting items, simple styles and amazing selection at the right price.


And I think I found the perfect dress that I wore out for a meeting last week. (Linking up to What I Wore Wednesday with the Pleated Poppy)


I was thrilled to receive the Ever After Dress from Shabby Apple.


The fabric and color are amazing and I cannot wait to wear this many times as my go-to dress this Fall! It falls right about my knee and the modest neckline will be fun to accessorize with so many colors, scarves, necklaces, shoes and boots. Seriously – so many options!


Do you know about Shabby Apple? I cannot spread the love enough – they are amazing and every woman needs a dress from them…

At Shabby Apple, we believe in both femininity and feminism. As feminine women, we create clothing that is artful in design and crafted with a vintage-style flare. Each piece is carefully constructed to both flatter a women’s figure and maintain her mystery. As feminists, we created a company that is women-owned and operated and that donates to help other women start their own businesses. With our old-fashioned style and modern ideals, we believe the best is yet to come!


And today I am giving away a Shabby Apple Dress! The At Last Dress in the size of your choice. ($84 retails value..and is basically the dress I am wearing, but in a gorgeous olive green which is perfect for the season!)

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Baby It’s Hot Outside

We are in the middle of a heatwave in Minnesota. It’s been in the 90s and nearing 100 all week with high energy-sucking humidity.  My friends in Malaysia are laughing at me for whining and think I’m crazy for wishing for snow right about now.


To beat the heat we’ve been spending time in the water, the movies and the mall..and doing a lot of quiet activities inside the house.


I took the kids to the pool on Sunday and we spent over six hours there. You know it was hot out if I actually spent quite a bit of time in the water. But I did find time to doze off for a bit while Astrid took a nap in the shade next to me. Esther decided to capture a picture of me so she could make fun of me later.  My big girls are quite the fish now and did not take a break the whole time we were there.


I’m wearing two swim separates from Target. Yay for still wearing a bikini at nearly 45 years old and after 3 kids. Hopefully I can still say that when I’m 65.


It’s been more difficult to stay cool while running. I’m running about 45 miles per week as I train for Twin Cities Marathon – so dressing in light tanks and shorts is key. And carrying as much water as I can as well as some gels for nutrition. I am thankful to find water fountains to refill my water along my route. Hydrate!!!


My running skort is from Athleta and my tank is from Team Sparkle. I love my running belt to hold my waters, snacks and keys.(Also, dirty mirror in our construction zone – sorry).


And hell has really frozen over -I seriously believe someone has taken my soul – I talk about homeschooling, moving to the suburbs, and how I all of sudden really love my Republican-gun-toting husband – but the biggest news is that I WORE SHORTS for the first time in about 8 years. I know, right. But they are so ‘in’ this year, that I decided to try a pair and I love them! I still love my skirt and dresses best, but may consider buying more shorts.


Shorts from Anthropologie and my tank top is from The Gap. Shoes are Born.


How are you keeping cool this Summer?


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Jeans and Kitties and Nursing Bras, Oh My!

Yesterday, I cleaned out my entire closet and every single kitchen cabinet. I filled four large bags with garbage and another three bags for Goodwill. I’m not sure that I had seen the very, very back of some of my kitchen cabinets since we moved to our house in 2005. Did you know that I own a waffle iron? Well, not anymore. Also a Panini making iron thing and a large pasta bowl. Also Tupperware from 1972 in case you are interested. Pickle keeper? Gravy maker? Lettuce crisper anyone? I’m not a keeper of the leftover type person, so no wonder I had no idea that I even still owned any Tupperware. Also, I donated five nursing bras circa 2002. You’re welcome.


I guess all of this cleaning and purging and throwing away of the nursing bras means that I’m pregnant.


Can you imagine?


It’s funny, because I never liked babies until I had my own, and now that I don’t have babies anymore, I don’t want to hold any other babies either. I see a baby and I run the other way shouting “I don’t have any butts to wipe in my house anymore – I WIN!” Really, I do that.


So it’s a good thing that ship has sailed. Kittens! Kittens! I want more kittens!

I’ve spent so much time blogging over the past five years that I’ve really let my house go. I mean I do the whole dust, vacuum, mop, bleach a toilet thing – but I haven’t done a deep clean for a very long time. (Please don’t open my linen closets or go in my basement).


So I’ve decided to focus less on blogging and more on getting my house in order, because at my age, multitasking is difficult. And also if I don’t clean more, I might just lose a few baby kitties in the way-backs of my kitchen cabinets. Death by Panini maker. It happens.


Next week I will tackle the linen closets, then it’s the basement, and then the office. OMG the office. Don’t even ask. By then my kids will be home from school so I can put them to work too. “What did you do on your Summer vacation?” will be answered with “I sorted sheets and swept dust bunnies out from under furniture!” All of the other kids will be so jealous.


Maybe I will start a Summer cleaning camp for kids next year! Maybe I can even charge $250 a kid per week just like all the other camps do. I’ll be rich and have a clean house! And just think of all the life-skills I’ll be giving these children.


It’s been the perfect time to stay indoors and organize as it’s like 35 and pouring rain in Minnesota right now.


So I’m wearing jeans. Yes, we are moving to fashion right now because I want to give a shout-out to the The Pioneer Woman – because she so obviously needs my blog traffic.

She posted recently about her favorite jeans – which are the Skinny Kicks from American Eagle. I admit, I was skeptical. I mean I hate jeans anyway – but I trust Ree, so I ordered a pair – and seriously, the fit was perfect. I LOVE THEM! I cannot believe I love a pair of jeans. They have a perfect rise, great length, they are skinny jeans – but with a bit of flair at the bottom so your butt does not look so wide, the back pocket placement is awesome, and have the perfect amount of stretch. I LOVE THEM. And the price is right – $24!!!!! (I’m also wearing a great poncho that I picked up at Poppy Togs and Clogs and some Frye boots).


Let’s just hope I can wear some Summer clothing soon – I may love these jeans but I’m ready to get some color on these legs.


And if the sun comes out I have an excuse not to clean my house anymore.


More What I Wore Wednesday inspiration found at The Pleated Poppy.


The Five Essentials For Spring

I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but i’m pretty sure we are on month number nine of winter here in Minnesota. Truly, this is the longest winter ever. And as much as I love cute boots, patterned tights, cute sweaters and fun coats – well I’m at the point that I just want to burn them all, and truthfully my legs could use some sun.


Well I got a taste of sunshine(fake, but I’ll take all I can get right now) by attending an amazing Fashion Event at Macy’s. Macy’s showcased their Five Essentials For Spring in store last week.

This fashion event did four things for me.

1. Made me ready to shop for Spring.

2. Made me want to be 22 again so I could bare my midriff on a Tuesday afternoon just because I can.

3. Made me want to go up and hug our hostess – the adorable Jamie Krell and then take her home with me and make her dress me for the next 30 years.

4. Open my mind to having a little bit of peplum in my life.


In all seriousness, I am completely excited about the Five Essentials for Spring and will own and try all. Actually, I already own a bit of all of them (except the peplum), so I’m ready for for nice weather so I can actually dress for spring.

The Five Essentials are:

1. Lace

2. Peplum

3. Printed pants and printed denim

4. Dresses(thank goodness!)

5. The pullover


Here’s what I wore to the fashion event …

I had bare legs and probably blinded the other attendees from the reflection off the spotlights. I’m so sorry. I wore a dress from Matilda Jane, boots from The Loft, and a trench coat from H&M.


What are you excited to wear for Spring?


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Disclosure: I was compensated for my time to attend the Macy’s Spring Fashion Event, but all words and opinions and yearning for Spring are all my own.


Shabby Apple $50 Gift Card Giveaway

I think I’m turning into my mother. I used to be able to pack for a one week vacation in a small carry-on bag.

What I wore on the plane to DC - Matilda Jane dress and Sweater, Target tights, Enzo boots, scarf from a local boutique.

Now I look like I’m leaving home for good. I blame it on motherhood. You know that panicked feeling that you won’t have everything you need for your baby so you try to stuff the whole nursery on the plane and then you find you only used two diapers and a burp-cloth, but you felt more secure because ‘all the stuff’ was with you…just in case.


Mothers prepare for the Armageddon daily now. I mean we could almost eat for a week with all of the goldfish crackers on the bottom of my purse.

What I wore to Capitol Hill - Skirt from Macy's, tank and cardigan from Target, Tea cup shirt from The Gap, Scarf from Banana Republic, boots from Enzo.

My mother travels with melons. True story. She buys melons at Aldi before she leaves home because they were on sale for 99 cents each and there’s no way she’s paying $2.99 when she arrives in Minnesota. The same things happens every time my parents leave on a trip – my mom calls telling me that she’s over-packed and my step-dad is going to be mad as he has to pack the car and then I talk to my step-dad and he’s shaking his head and asking me why he has to bring me a melon!


This is all to say, that I’ve become an over-packer. In fact I went to Washington D.C. last week for four days. I brought 13 outfits and that does not include the 3 sets of running clothes that I packed as I wanted to run each morning and I’m seriously not going to run in stinky running clothes at 5am because you never really know who you are going to run into.

What I wore for meetings with Shot@Life crew - Margo Dress and scarf from Matilda Jane, cardigan and belt from Anthropologie, boots from The Loft.

And while I did wear all 3 sets of running gear – I only wore four outfits the whole time I was in D.C. because it turns out that I left my room at 7:30 every morning and did not see my room again until about midnight each night because we were working.

What I wore on the plane home - tunic and leggings from The Gap, sweater from Anthopologie, scarf no clue, boots from Enzo.

 (linking up with the Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday)

But I felt good and secure just knowing that I had an extra 10 outfits or so ‘just in case.’


Are you an over-packer? Is there a support group that I can join?


Well if you are looking for that one amazing dress or outfit that will be perfect for travel or for basically anywhere – you need to own something gorgeous from Shabby Apple! If you own a Shabby Apple dress – you have earned the right to over-pack!

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Dear Daughters, Why I Blog

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”
Philip Pullman

Eloise writes in her journal almost daily. Her thoughts are deeper than mine were at her age. I found my third grade diary and mainly found posts that said “Dear Dairy, Today we had peas again at lunch.” or “Dear Dairy, Scott Wellington likes me.” or “Dear Dairy, My brother is mean.” Yes, I spelled ‘diary’ wrong the whole year and how could I really share my deepest darkest secrets when I was writing to a dairy the whole time.


I don’t read Eloise’s journal and she doesn’t read my blog, but she did ask me the other day why I blog instead of just keeping a private journal like I used to do when I was young. I thought that was a great question because it’s true…just think of how private our diaries and journals were of our youth. They were locked up tight, we kept the keys around our necks for safe keeping and our precious locked words were then kept under pillows and deep in drawers that were in rooms with doors closed.


Now our words are out there for everyone to read. Our deepest, darkest thoughts, our personal feelings, and our daily doings. Open. It’s weird to think about my journaling that way. But I guess I don’t really share my deepest thoughts on my blog. Those are still locked away in my heart with my own private key and only I know where it’s hidden. My blog is not my diary. Or my dairy. My blog is just my blog.


And with any writing medium – sometimes you just need to put it down and walk away. I found months of blank pages in my childhood diaries. Yet I don’t want my children to come back to my blog one day and wonder why I was quiet sometimes. It’s not like life was not happening every minute of those days for us. It was just maybe because I got busy or the words wouldn’t come or I didn’t want to write the sad.


And I know that sometimes we just want to hit delete and walk away. It’s on these days that I need to get back to Eloise’s question…

Dear children, this is why I blog..


1. Because I want to remember when you were little. I will never take the time to print out photos or fill-out your baby books or make elaborate scrapbooks for you. So this, this is what you will have someday along with tens of thousands of pictures I’ve taken of you. You will find those on my hard-drives. Sorry.


2. Because sometimes I don’t have anyone to talk to you. No one tells you how lonely motherhood can be, but through writing I can communicate -even if it’s just to myself and feel like I’ve said something today even though no words were spoken.


3. Because there are amazing people out there that I can connect with on the Internets. We use our blogs and social media to form playgroups of our own and I’ve made lifelong friends.


4. Because I want you to know me as more than a mom. I’m not a great verbal storyteller and I don’t want you to wake-up in your 40’s and wonder what your mother was like. All you have to do is find me here and you will know who I was. There are so many questions I never asked my grandmother. I don’t want you to one day regret the questions that were never asked.


5. Because I want to remember stuff and if I don’t write it down I’m afraid that I will forget it immediately. Because it happened here right in this little life we are making. And it’s the little things, not the big things. We will remember your first steps, your prom and graduation. You will remember your first kiss and the first time you drove a car. I’m talking about times like last night when Esther was playing rock-paper-scissors with the cats…I want to remember that.(More on that in another post).


6. Because sometimes you don’t laugh at my jokes but maybe somebody else will find them funny. And maybe not. But it’s worth trying on a bigger audience.


7. Because I like to write. It feels good to do it and to read it, and it makes my mind happy. I don’t want an old and feeble mind that cannot put thoughts to paper one day. I want to write on the day I die. Whenever that might be.


Love you girls,


P.S. You might want to consider starting a blog. Trust me on this. There will be lots of my advice that you will not take, but this one…this one. I hope it sticks for you.


What I Wore Wednesday – Super casual running errands day when I could not even get my contacts in – Sweater from Matilda Jane, Jeans from Anthropologie, Scarf from a local boutique, Funky socks from Oilily, Shoes from Hot Mama.



Parental Requirements

The thing the puzzles me the most about parenting is all of the things we do that we would never do if we were not parents. Like going to the zoo. Would I go to the zoo if I didn’t have kids. Never. Or the playground. Adults without kids at playgrounds are weird and immediately put under suspicion.


You surely would not have found me at ‘Wreck It Ralph’ on opening weekend or walking back and forth along our front sidewalk with a toddler pushing a plastic yellow car on any given afternoon.

And even though I love a good roller coaster I doubt you’d find me at an amusement park, or riding the carousel at the Mall Of America for the 145th time, or even at the public pool…like ever.


I wouldn’t be up at 2am sewing tote bags for a birthday party, or putting the finishing touches on a cake, or assembling that damn complicated bike on Christmas Eve.


I wouldn’t have chicken nuggets on my grocery list, or Lucky Charms, or even bake cookies as often as I do.


My butt might be smaller.


I wouldn’t be driving a minivan, own four strollers and I bet my nails would be longer.


I would have more make-up selections than watercolor brushes, I’d find time to care about my eyebrows, and my craft drawers might be full of fancy home decor items instead of pipe cleaners and pom-poms.


I would have nice furniture and care more about my lawn. I would only do laundry once per week.


I might have time to put laundry away.


I wouldn’t have to wash fingerprints off every window and appliance 10 times per day.

I wouldn’t care if the Disney Channel existed. I would never enter Justice or buy a Furby.(HOLY HELL I BOUGHT A FURBY – I need professional help).


I would laugh as I walked by the American Girl store. OMG I would walk by the American Girl store.


And I would not be planning my daughter’s big 10th birthday blowout super awesome slumber party. The party is stressing me out. But I know what it means to her. So I will do it with a smile. A smile.


Because these are the things we do as parents.


And I would not want it any other way.


What I Wore Wednesday – Skinny jeans from The Gap, Riding boots from Naturalizer, Sweater coat from Anthropologie, Scarf from Poppy Togs.



Playing It Safe..

So the first thing that I want to tell you is that my pants phase is over. Whew. It was a tough week. I mean I hadn’t shaved my legs for like three weeks and all with the swimsuit season finally coming to an end so I the pants were somewhat a necessity, but still. My nether-regions like to breathe.

 (What I wore just hanging out on a Saturday – Sweater from The Gap, Splendid black tee from Nordstrom Rack, Chevron Maxi Skirt from The Nest On Main, Boots from Nordstrom, Scarf from MayBaby)

So the fashion part of this post is brought to you by The Schick Intuition Razor because I finally shaved my legs and could show them to the world without scaring small children or upsetting dogs.


And also my crotch is happy again.




The rest of this post has nothing to really do with fashion so you can just nod and admire as you scroll by the pictures of me wearing dresses again and just know that everything is now right in the universe. Your concern last week was appreciated.


The second thing I want to tell you(and the last..but it might be long) is that I have this thing now each week called FIVE HOURS COMPLETELY ALONE while this beautiful thing called preschool happens. In this FIVE HOURS, while I might not be as productive as I had hoped, it has given me space, time and air to actually think. Because they one thing I’m not doing during that time is running errands. I made a pact with myself(and I found myself quite agreeable) that I would be home during this precious time so I could spend more time with just my brain..and not my wallet at Target or Nordstroms or other pesky places that are just so damn tempting. I’ve decided quite selfishly that during the other gazillion hours that I am with my preschooler, well she will do errands with me because as a third child it is her will in life. Sorry. Okay not sorry.


So during these seven weeks that I have had FIVE HOURS alone – which if you are a math whiz like myself is 35 hours…I’ve been doing some thinking, soul searching, talking to myself, and some major coffee drinking.


And here’s what I’ve discovered with myself. I’m playing it too safe. I would never let my kids play it safe. I ask them for more, to try more, to do more, to ask for more, to never settle. Maybe I do all that because I can just sit here all comfortable in my safe. My mother-safe. Isn’t that what we are?


I used to play it not so safe – I traveled, dated around too much, interviewed for jobs, left jobs, moved a lot, got new jobs, met new people, wore pants more, skied too fast, skied at all, ran marathons, got rejected a lot, spit in the face of fear, drank good wine, spent time with girlfriends, read lots of books – before I had kids.


But now I sit here in the safety of thinking that everybody here must need me for something so why bother with the rest of it. And truthfully I’m not rocking this SAHM thing all that much because my house is a mess and I truly could not care less about cooking. Also, who the hell is really going to put that pile of laundry away.


So in this 35 hours my epiphany is that while I love my life I will not settle for safe anymore.

(What I wore to the Minnesota Blog Conference – Purple shirtdress from Anthropologie, Brown chevron tights from Missoni for Target, Oxford heels and belt from Anthropologie)

Here’s my plan.

-I will not settle for just the 10 out of 10 writing rejection letters that I received this year. I will receive at least 100 this next year dammit. No 200 – because that is how much I am going to put myself out there. I know now that I need to be out there. I need to write more. I need to write everyday and not play it safe because I am good enough..and with those 200 rejections I know there will be acceptance to continue writing. I know it.

-I will take pictures everyday. I will take the time to shoot and edit. I will take shitty pictures. So many damn shitty pictures knowing that some of them will be gems. They will. And I will take the time to invest in my photography – with classes and actually photo editing software and TIME. Because I know I have it in me if I wasn’t just sitting here playing it safe and thinking that it will never be me and that ‘woe is me’ I just cannot do it.

-I run almost everyday but now I will run farther. I will sign-up for that marathon that I’ve been talking about for the last four years. 2013 watch the fuck out road. I’m going to beat you. And I don’t care if I cannot run a sub-four hour marathon anymore. Worrying about my time is playing it safe and basically means I am doing nothing.

-I will make an effort to go out more. Dinner dates? Movies? Plays? I don’t know. But I know it would be good for me.

-I will ask for help when I need it. I won’t worry about cooking or laundry or vacuuming being my SAHM job. There are four other bodies here that can help too and I will make them appreciate the help that they do and I won’t feel guilty about take-out for dinner. Also, I won’t apologize for our house.

-I will help at my kid’s school. This scares the absolute shit of me – okay just go and analyze that. But I think that kids scare me. They do. Maybe because I see them never playing it safe and I wonder how they do that.  So maybe I’ll spend some time with a few so they can teach me a thing or two.

(What I wore out shopping at H&M – Black sweater, belt and scarf from Anthropologie, Charlie Dress from Matilda Jane, Bag from Karma, boots from Nordstroms)

But my skirts and dresses – well they will always be and comfortable and easy to wear. So don’t get excited thinking that I might wear pants again because it’s a pretty safe bet that will rarely happen.


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Where I Wear Pants Instead Of Binders

I’ve always been comforted by the fact that I have daughters because the promise that has been whispered to me by the generations before me is that my daughters will take care of me when I’m old.


I can just hear the conversations that they will have about me when I’m 92. “No Esther, you take mom this week to her hair appointment because she drives me crazy…all she talks about are these binders that they used to keep women in back in 2012!”

(What I wore on Tuesday for carpool/dance/working from home – pants from Boden, clogs from Born, tank and cardi from Gap, scarf from The Pleated Poppy)

But now I’m not so sure they will be here for me because Eloise is already worried about my changing appearance and how I could really embarrass her when I’m old.


Just yesterday Eloise said to me “Mom, if you ever start wearing those pants that go way up high above your waist that you tuck your shirt into and then belt really tight…well, can I tell you to stop wearing those? And will you promise to listen to me?”

(What I wore out shopping – Gap jeggings, Gap tank top, Gray sweater and silver flats both from H&M)

I told her that she had nothing to worry about – I will not be caught dead, alive or old in ‘mom jeans’ but she wasn’t convinced.


“But Mom, if it does happen I just need to know that I have the right to get you some decent pants!”


“Yes Eloise, you can buy me pants.”


“So Mom, I also want to talk about your hair. Will you promise not to get that weird short ‘mom’ cut when you get really old? I want you hair long or at least shoulder length.”

(What I wore on an average Saturday – Gap black skinny jeans, Coach wedges, striped sweater from H&M)

“Eloise – why do you care how I wear my hair?


“Well Mom, as soon as you cut your hair it’s like you’re admitting you are old.”


“But I will be old, Eloise.”


“Yes, but you don’t have to totally give-in to it Mom!”

(What I wore on a bum-around Monday – Boots and poncho from Hot Mama,  Gap boyfriend jeans, Tee from Loft, scarf from Poppy Togs)

Fine, pants at our below my waist and hair at least to my shoulder. If I do these things you know you have to take care of me when I get really old and cannot take care of myself anymore?”


“Unless you lose your teeth Mom – that would be a deal-breaker for me.”


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5 Reasons You Should Attend Your Class Reunion

I just attended my high school class reunion. My 25th in case you were thinking it was just my 10th. I know right, I look barely old enough to have children.


I had a blast. Connecting with old best girlfriends and reconnecting with people I haven’t seen in 25 years will be the highlight of my year. But, there were a lot of old friends who did not attend. I’m sure there are lots of reason they did not attend – prior commitments, financial reasons, family obligations…but I do hope that people didn’t come because of carrying the insecurities that we all had at 18. Because it turns out – when you are 43..nobody really cares about all that anymore.


Here are five reasons that you need to just get over it and attend your class reunion


1. Everyone is old. It’s not just you. Now I know that you think you’ll be the oldest. You look in the mirror and see those not so fine lines, that gray hair, that neck with a few wrinkles and wonder if those 18 year olds you remember will make fun of you because you now look like your mother. But guess what – THEY ARE OLD TOO and look surprisingly just like their parents. The only 18 year old I saw were my classmate’s children coming to pick them up after the reunion so no one got a DUI.

(What I wore to the Friday night football game – as I do not own sport-theme hoodies- Dress from Matilda Jane, leggings from Target, sandals from Born purchased at 6PM for a steal)

2. No one cares what you do for a living. After 25 years no one can even hear over the loud music to be able to listen to your career stories. Let go of your hang-ups of what you have or haven’t done. Nobody cares. They just want to see you.


3. Remember – these are the people who probably saw you at your worst. Remember 14? 15? Weren’t those kind of sucky and awkward years? Yeah, well these people went through them with you. Now is the time to laugh about those awkward crazy times when you thought you knew everything but truly knew nothing. These are your people. They don’t necessarily have to be your people tomorrow, but tonight..well remember at one time these were your best friends so break open a 4-pack of Bartles & James and party like it’s 1987.


(What I wore for Saturday coffee with my brother – leggings and dress from Matilda Jane Clothing and cardigan from The Gap)

4. No one cares if you still fit into your cheerleader uniform anymore. In fact no one even remembers if you were a cheerleader. Call it old age, diminishing memories, or too much wine – but no one cares. Leave your insecurities at home. These are the people you should feel comfortable with – these people are home.

(Me sandwiched between two of my dearest friends – I know you cannot really see it, but I’m wearing a dress from Desigual.)

5. It’s always nice to go home. Maybe you don’t have the connection there anymore and maybe you don’t feel the need – but going to a place that was home is good for your heart and soul. Take the time to visit your old school, cruise down Broad Street like you are still 17, call an old, favorite teacher and schedule a breakfast date.

(Sunday morning breakfast with my all-time favorite teacher – and yes he is pushing 90! – You cannot see everything I have on – but my sweater and dress are both Anthropologie – my denim dress is this season and I LOVE it)

High school might be crazy and an era you may at sometimes want to forget..and maybe you think you don’t need to connect with those old friends again…but remember at one point they meant the world do you, and probably held back your hair…so just take one night to yourself and buy an old friend a cheap beer.


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If you have skipped a class reunion I would love for you to share why!


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I know it doesn’t matter.


It doesn’t matter that I carefully chose a favorite dress in a fine, soft cord today. It has a little quirky bird print on it and the colors are perfect for Fall.


I know it doesn’t matter how I tried on five different black sweaters to see how they look with the dress. Which one is the right length? Ruffles? Button-up or open?

(Midge Frock, London Leggings, and scarf from Matilda Jane. Shoes from Seychelles)

I know it doesn’t matter which black leggings I chose. Or that I chose leggings over tights or even bare legs. As it was warm enough for bare legs today.


I know it doesn’t matter that I dug through my sock drawer looking for a fun pair of socks. Something coordinating but not matchy-matchy.


I know it doesn’t matter that I wore my short black wedge booties. The perfect heel and look for my dress. Not too heavy of a look and it gave me the right balance.


I know it doesn’t matter that I changed my handbag to match my outfit.

(AG Stet jeans from Anthropologie, old tank from Target, Scarf from Poppy, Jacket from Matilda Jane, Boots from Hot Mama)

I know that not one child on the field trip today cared what I wore or took note of one part of my outfit.


I know that none of the other moms chaperoning noticed either.


But some days this is truly all I have to make me feel significant.


Because so many times I feel like that little girl blending into the wallpaper with nothing interesting to say.


What I Wore Wednesday.

Pour your heart out.


I’ll Be Fine

A few weeks ago we were running out of the house quickly as we were late for an appointment. We had a string about of 30 days above 90 degrees so we were in our typical uniforms of ‘wearing as little as possible without getting arrested’ so when we stepped outside and felt the 59 degree cool morning air on our bare arms, well we froze.

(Yay! Back to school!)

The girls got into the van and I asked who wanted a sweatshirt. I went back into the house and grabbed three sweatshirts and threw them back to my crew as I got into the driver’s seat.


Immediately Eloise asked “Mom, didn’t you grab a sweatshirt for you too?”

Well no. I replied. I guess I just didn’t think about it when I grabbed yours. I’ll be fine.


“You do that a lot you know.” Eloise said. “You do stuff for us before yourself. Our dinner is on the table before yours. You don’t eat lunch until we are done. Our clothes are hung neatly in our closets while yours are a disaster. You buy us new things before you’d ever do it for yourself.  You always have the least amount of gifts at Christmas. You sleep the least amount.  You make sure we get our haircuts and when was the last time you got a haircut?  And now you make sure we are warm when I know you’ll be cold.”


Eloise paused for a moment and then said “So the next time it’s cold I’m just going to run upstairs and grab your sweater for you and don’t you stop me because if you can’t think of yourself once in awhile then I’ll be the one to do it for you.”

Oh my heart.


What I wore Wednesday:

-Old Navy ruffle dress from last Summer

-Belt from H&M

-Wedges from Dansko – about four years old


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What I Wore to #BlogHer12

Okay so here’s a BlogHer fashion and party recap. If you want the humor recap about vibrators and breasts – you can read this BlogHer recap.  There’s nothing about fashion there. Trust me.


Here’s what I wore:

On the plane flying to NYC (okay this picture is not actually from Thursday – it’s from last September but I forgot to take a picture of myself so I found this one)

What you will find in this recap is that I tried to be good wear/shop my closet without buying a lot of new. Seriously it’s so hard to be good. Anyway – this dress is from Matilda Jane Clothing and I’ve had it forever.


I had 20 minutes to change once I got to my room for the SocialLuxe party and then onto the AMAZING CAbi Style Suite(which was awesome) and then I ended the night at the BlogHer People’s party.   This is what I wore…

It’s a brown strapless cotton dress from JCrew. It’s so amazing AND it even stays up on my 32A boobs! I wore these stunning and such fun shoes from Fossil from 6PM. My bag is Louis Vuitton and was my 40th birthday present. OMG am I over 40? How did that happen. Gold belt is from Target.

The next morning I went to lunch with this amazing group of women. Seriously I was so honored to be included(Amy, Kristen, Ann, Me, Maggie, Heather, Ellie, Katherine)

As you can see I wore my Anthropologie Bicycle dress which I just adore! I wore it the whole day for the conference sessions I attended as well as to a fabulous Microsoft luncheon with 5MinutesForMom.


I then went back to my room to freshen up and changed into THE dress – remember THE dress that I bought. Well I wore it and LOVED it and received many compliments.

So I guess I’m not all that old after all.  That night I went to a fabulous event hosted by MomTrends and Zutano, then listened to BlogHer’s Voices of the year, and then had a wonderful dinner hosted by MommyShorts and UrbanSitter. I tried to go to the Hasbro party but it seemed completely cray-cray so I smartly headed back to BlogHer for Listen To Your Mother and some Sparklecorn!

The next conference day I wore the Spearmint dress from Matilda Jane Clothing and it was such a great choice. It’s super comfortable and cool and doesn’t wrinkle.  It was so comfortable that I didn’t even change for the evening parties. I think by Saturday night I was just exhausted.  I had a great Saturday attending Getting Gorgeous, the Dodge event, Lands End Back to School event(which was amazing) and then I headed back to the hotel for BlogHer’s amazing Come as You Are party which was hosted by The Mouthy Housewives and Aiming Low. Followed by the most amazing fashion show ever. May I just say that the fashion show was my favorite BlogHer sponsored event of the weekend. So well done, full of energy, actual good food and FASHION! I hope they do this every year!


Early Sunday morning I caught my flight…

I wore a ruffle dress from Garnet Hill which I love and is so comfortable yet flirty. I wore it with a cute black belt from Anthropologie. It was hard to say good-bye to BlogHer but oh so fabulous to see my kids again.


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Attention Shoppers

(If you have followed my updates on Facebook over the past week I apologize for the redundancy of my life stories)


I went shopping for a new dress last week. I went into a small local boutique to see what they had in stock. Admittedly the average age of the clientele there is about 23ish but I’m no idiot and try to dress ‘age-appropriate’ if you will. And by age appropriate I mean that I do not wear or say slacks or comfort shoes nor do I wear va-jay-jay showing mini skirts with hooker heels.  I believe I dress somewhere comfortably in-between unless I’ve had a few glasses of wine. Then it’s slack all the way baby!


Anyway, I found a dress that I really liked and thought it looked good on me but wanted just one more pair of honest eyes.  I summoned the sales associate into the dressing room of doom and asked her a question and I really wanted an honest answer. I’m am totally okay with someone telling me I look like a fool in something because it saves money and future public humiliation, and I truthfully don’t want anyone fawning over how great something looks when it really doesn’t and they just want the commission.

(this is not the dress mentioned in this story)


So my question to the associate was “I know this dress is just a little short but not horribly short BUT if your mother wore this dress would you make fun of her?”


Was her answer:

A. Oh gosh no, it’s totally hot yet age appropriate. If you still got it, rock it!

B. Maybe it’s a little short so let me show you something that might work better on you.

C. Um yeah, I would totally not be seen with her if she wore that.

D. Well it’s hard to say as my mom is probably several years younger than you are.


(again, this is not THE dress)

So did I?

A. Punch her in the face.

B. Cry in the fitting room over the loss of my youth.

C. Go around to the other ‘youths’ in the store looking for a second opinion from someone who MIGHT have a mother older than I am?

D. Buy the damn dress BECAUSE IT IS HOT! I’ll show her.

Now will I actually wear the dress to BlogHer this weekend. We shall see….

Now this dress – which again is not THE dress, is a dress I bought at an awesome local boutique called Karma. The shoes(Fossil) and belt are from there too. Worn to a family reunion last weekend where thankfully the medium age was about 73 so they kept calling me ‘kiddo!’


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What To Wear To A Blog Conference

You want to know what to wear to a blog conference?  The answer is quite shocking…


…you should wear what you are comfortable in, and in a way that you want to present yourself.


I saw a huge range of fashion at Type A this past weekend – from shorts, jeans, and leggings to sundresses and skirts. From fancy to casual.  And truthfully it all worked.


I am a dress girl – even at a motorcycle rally on a Sunday…so guess what I’m comfortable wearing and guess what I wore all weekend….dresses!  It works for me.


So here’s what I wore to Type A Parent Conference:

On the plane:

Sweater from Anthropologie

Black tank top from H&M

Wrap skirt from Anthropologie

Belt thrifted

Coral Abagale Wedges from Fossil purchased at Karma


Out to Dinner with Brica

I just changed my skirt to my favorite Kayla gauze skirt from Anthropologie because it was wickedly hot in Charlotte.

Coral belt from H&M


Friday Conference sessions

I wore the bicycle dress from Anthropologie that I love

Belt from H&M

Wedges from Fossil that I wore on the flight


Friday night 80’s Just Dance party sponsored by The Clever Girls and Ubisoft. I was on an 80’s dance team and decided to reclaim my 1987 style and hair.

Remember this girl from 1987?

(photo credit – Tracy from Lost in Suburbia)

Anyway  – shirts that our team leader painted for us

Socks, earrings,  and Converse from Target

Legwarmers from Matilda Jane Clothing

Scrunchie from Esther’s hair accessory bin(don’t tell her)

..and wait for it – Neon Green fringe skort from Justice. Oh yes I did wear a skirt from Justice. Please don’t tell on me. (Also don’t tell Eloise that the next time she sasses me that I will wear this puppy in front of her friends. Oh yeah!)

By the way – our team rocked it and we came in second place and I still can move like Jagger or something like that.


Saturday Conference sessions

Cupcake Dress from Matilda Jane Clothing

Belt from Anthropologie

Gold wedges from Nordstrom Rack


Sunday Conference Sessions(and home on the plane)

Spearmint Dress from Matilda Jane Clothing

Gold wedges from Nordstrom Rack


So what do you wear to blog conferences? Please don’t tell me neon green skirts from Justice. (but you can totally borrow mine)


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Um Yeah – THE Anthropologie Bicycle Dress – A Fashionable Father’s Day Post

Our gift to Jed on Father’s Day was that we would do anything he wanted to do ALL.DAY.LONG.

(there is lemonade in their cups…not beer)

When you’re a dad of all girly girls you sometimes find yourself getting a pink pedicure, shuttling gossipy girls to dance classes, and spending a ridiculous amount of time braiding hair.

(all photos of me were taken by Eloise)

So Jed spends a lot of time alone in the garage with oil and parts and metal and lifts and tools and stuff.  Garage stuff. There may also be a small fridge with beer out there.


Anyway, after a required visit to Dunn Brothers for his morning coffee(Jed’s been there 4000 mornings in a row!) he said he wanted to go to a bike rally.


So I dressed for the bike rally wearing my Anthropologie Bicycle dress from this season…because DUH, and then made the girls coordinate in blue and white and we were ready to go look at bikes.

Jed did not get the wardrobe memo nor realize that “proper dressing and coordinating” was required for a bike rally. It’s like he doesn’t know me.

Anyway, it wasn’t a ‘bike rally’ – it was a ‘bike rally!’

It’s like I don’t even know my motorcycle man.


I won best dressed.

Astrid begged Jed to buy her a purple motorcycle. I have this feeling a purple bike will show up in our garage this Summer. Jed likes bikes like I like dresses.  Guess which costs more?

Did you know I used to have a purple motorcycle? I called it the ‘Purple Nurple‘ because I wasn’t a mother yet. Maybe someday I’ll post some motorcycling pictures of myself. Or not.

Anyway, then we went to a classy little neighborhood bar called  The Nook for dinner(the best burger in town or so I’ve heard since I don’t eat meat) because kids eat free on Sundays and they all kind of yell “Jeeedd” when we walk in. (Also if you ever want to meet us – come to The Nook at 4:30pm any Sunday – trust me..we are there).

And because Jed just had his 15 minutes of fame as he talked about the importance of motorcycle safety on our local ABC news affiliate – I thought I would share the video here. Jed’s the tall guy with the beard who is talking Rusty through getting started on his bike. See, he totally exists – as I know I’ve gotten questions before about my mystery husband.

Mainly I don’t blog about him because he refuses to dress like us.


Anyway, I’m linking up to What I Wore Wednesday with The Pleated Poppy because isn’t this a fashion post?

Bicycle dress – sold-out from Anthropologie

-wedges from JCrew – also sold-out

-my new cruiser bicycle is a Felt Cafe from Boehm Cycle in St. Paul. Don’t you love the color?


The Wish

“Look at all of the wishes, Mama!” Astrid says as we pass by the yard that needs to be mowed.


I love that she doesn’t call them dandelions or even flowers. Just wishes because that is what you do with them.


“Mama, I can make hundreds of wishes today just standing right here!”


And she does. She blows and blows and blows her wishes.  (I try to usher her quickly along on our walk before the homeowners come out and complain  that we are perpetuating their weed problem…how do I explain to them that it’s necessary for wishes).

Astrid’s wishes are simple as she doesn’t know much about anything to even know what to wish for. She doesn’t know about riches and real castles or fast cars and mansions.


She wishes for chocolate milk at lunchtime and for us to find where to buy more candy reindeer poop for her dispenser. (HELP!)  Sometimes she wishes for a new stuffed kitty and a trip to the zoo.


How nice to have such simple wishes.  So free of jealousy, greed and want.


There’s so much we can learn from a toddler on how to just live and not worry about the next best thing. Sure toddlers are inherently self-centered but in such a pure way because what do they need the most….just simply you. Your time, your love, your extra kisses and maybe chocolate milk for lunch once in awhile.


So my wish for Summer is simple. I’m going to spend a lot of time with my girls. We’re going to go to the pool and the zoo and we’ll have days just hanging around the house. There are pictures to draw, bikes to ride, cookies to bake, lemonade stands to man, and of course laundry to fold.


So I may not be around here that much. And it’s my wish that I’m going to be okay with that. I also may not visit your place as much. I’m considering turning off comments for the Summer too. Maybe. We’ll see.   Because my wish lately is that there is more time in the day..but maybe that’s not the right answer. Maybe the right answer is just to prioritize it better.


“Look Astrid, at the hundreds of wishes I see in that field. Let’s go make some come true.”


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– Striped tank and black cami both from H&M

Gauze blue skirt from Anthropologie(buy it – trust me)

-Black sandals old from Born (I’m old and need comfort)

-Glasses from Target

-Necklace from a local art fair