Wordful Wednesday – The Joneses

I kind of love when kids are too young to understand the relationship of things.

Like what money can buy. No one is rich or poor. No one has a better car or a bigger house.

But now they get it – the “rich” people behind us. The homeless men at the freeway exits. The kids in the class that cannot afford to bring in their own notebooks. The kids eating free hot lunch every day. The kids with the latest and coolest tennis shoes.

So I explain it all – but it still doesn’t make sense to them completely – grasping this need for money to buy things, and that you need to earn that money – the bank doesn’t just give it to you. (damn)

And by the way – this story has absolutely nothing to do with these pictures. My child is just so damn cute, you needed to see her again, oui? Don’t fight with me. It’s my blog.

So our fucking lovely, new and rich neighbors had an $11,000 “swing set” professionally assembled in their backyard and my kids have MAJOR swing set envy. “Mom, why can’t we have that swing set” “Mom, we need that swing set” “Mom, they must be really rich to have a swing set like that” “Mom, can you ask them how much it costs and where they got it” “Mom, do you think they would just let us play over there because it is HUGE?”  These poor children stand at the fence with drool dripping down their chins.

So I explain that we need a new car, roof, braces, gas, FOOD more than we need a “swing set” in the backyard…our 8 year old one is just fine. Really.

So far I am not very convincing.  Thank goodness for playgrounds nearby.

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