This is Childhood – Three

We are continuing the This Is Childhood series today with three.

I have one of those right now. A three year old. Three is hard. But three is beautiful. And three is truly one of the most magical ages, so don’t ever wish it away.


Nina writes with such heart, honesty and love as she tells us about THREE. Please visit her today and share some love with her. Comment are closed here.


Let’s all take some time today to really celebrate the wonder that is Three.

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Three Is Hard

I let Eloise stay home from school last Wednesday. Sure, I let her believe that she was staying home because her teeth hurt from her new retainer...but in all honesty I welcomed the thought of having her home to help me a bit.


I was my sickest on Wednesday and Astrid was on day eight of being sick and whiny. So ever-loving-omg-only-a-three-year-old-can-possibly-be-this-whiny.


And I hadn’t left my house in eight days and I wanted a little company who could follow a conversation and not want to watch anything animated.

By the time the day ended I pretty had decided to homeschool Eloise because 10 is so easy and brilliant and I do proclaim it to be the most perfect age ever and now want to put her in my pocket and keep her 10 forever.


Or maybe it’s just because three is so sucky. I mean sure three can have it’s awesome moments. But three is hard.


And now I have proof that three is hard – because after just two hours of being at home, Eloise said “Mom, Astrid makes it really hard to just relax!”


And I said to Eloise “Motherhood makes it really hard to relax! My job doesn’t ever stop, Eloise…but yes, yes. Three is hard! Even you, sweet Eloise – were hard at times when you were three.”


Eloise replied “Well I’m sorry about that now. If I could do it again, I would be a much happier and easier three because after experiencing this long today with Astrid I think everyone should just go ahead and apologize to their mothers for when they were three.”


We’ve decided to contact Hallmark with card ideas.


“Dear Mother, So sorry three sucked. But look how awesome 30 is! Here’s a vacation to Hawaii for you!”


“Dear Mom, Roses are red, violets are blue, didn’t three suck even more than two! Sorry about that!”


“Dearest Mother, You should be sainted because I was tainted – let’s never do three again!”


“Dear Mom – Do you remember three – all about poop and pee – and you never said ‘wheeee’ – instead you were curled up in a ball saying ‘woe is me’ – well now I’m 40 and use the potty!”

Anyway, I just wrote this post to let you know that we are all feeling better, have actually left the house, and I think the best way to curb teen pregnancy is to give all teens a sick three year old for a week.


Rule Follower

Eloise was two and a half when she moved out of her crib. This week she is 10 and I’m going to tell you a little secret and please don’t tell her that I told you this…but she won’t get out of bed without permission. Do you want to know why? Because on that night she moved into her big girl bed almost eight years ago I kissed her goodnight and wished her sweet dreams and just simply said to her gently “Now remember, you have to stay in your bed until Mommy comes and gets you in the morning, okay.”

And she is basically still waiting for me to come get her.


Even though a few years back it dawned on me that she never got up without me coming to get her and I said to her “You know Eloise, you are like almost eight now – if you want to get out of bed on your own in the morning you totally can.”


And she said “No thank you.”

So basically I’m writing this to let her future dorm roommate know that she needs to get Eloise out of bed each morning and I’m also giving her future husband this fair warning.


Sometimes I hear Esther whispering to Eloise “I think we should get up and go downstairs.” And Eloise always replies “I think we should wait for Mom.”

This all because of a sweet little sentence I said to her so many year ago. I promise, I did not duct tape her to the bed.


Now Astrid is three and a half and has asked to remain in her crib for as long as possible. I have no issue with that. I mean it might be troublesome when she’s 12, but for now I think she is safe from ridicule. And frankly, I think Astrid might be my one kid who would get up and come downstairs on her own and maybe make pancakes. I’m not sure how I would handle that.  I mean if she made my coffee, I would move her to her big girl bed today.

But she doesn’t seem to like coffee yet and that is kind of a bummer.


I want to thank you all who read and supported my article at Mamalode yesterday. Thank you thank you. Pancakes and coffee for you all.  Also, my ‘Why I Blog‘ post was mentioned on the Huffington Post this week. And then I died. Okay, not really died but I did start sweating more than usual.


Oh, and did you see Babble’s list of the Top 100 Mom Bloggers that came out this week?  I’m sharing it because so many of my dear friends are on this list and if you don’t read them – well then you need to…please go check out Marinka, Kelcey, Alexandra, Fadra, MamaKat, Jill, Casey, Ilana, Ann, Katherine, and Amy.


Rumour Has It

Do you ever have the most amazing and happy and fabulous and life-changing experience ever and then something comes crashing in at the end and you just want to hit delete delete delete until it could not possibly exist. And then you are just kind of pissed off about the whole thing.


But their isn’t a delete key when it comes to life.  It’s like my Apple is just lying to me with that key sitting all cute up there on the right upper side.


I went to my high school reunion this weekend and wanted to come home with some seriously funny fodder and crazy stories.


Because it was fun. And amazing. And everything it should be.


Until the last five minutes of my trip.


So instead I come home with a heavy heart. Trying to decide who I am really mad it. If anyone.


Because Rumour Has It. Right?


So while I try to figure out what this all means, if anything, I thought I would just share Astrid with you. She loves ‘Rumour Has It’ by Adele and only wants to listen to it in the car.


And I wonder if maybe, just maybe, she’s got it all figured out.


Because Rumour Has It



LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar


Upload a video of your kid jammin’ & learning with Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar for a chance to win a $500 gift card. Visit for detailed contest information and rules. #LFtouchmagic #spon


Last week I told you about the LeapFrog Touch Magic Bus. Astrid absolutely loves it – however, she is even more excited about the LeapFrom Rockin’ Guitar we received.  I believe this means one of two things – either she just loves music so much that she can relate to the guitar and prefers playing with it, or when she’s a teen she will join a rock band as their lead guitarist and she’ll become famous and provide for her mother in her old age. (I can only hope..maybe)

[Read more…]


First Cut

How will we ever cut off these blond curls. Curls that when wet go all the way down the middle of her back.

It took her two years to even get hair how could I ever sweep any away when it drops to the floor.

Yes it could use some ‘evening-up’ and shaping…

…but I cannot do it yet.

She’ll be three next month. THREE!


And she’ll be greeting that birthday with untamed wild blond curls because that’s just the girl she is.

Stubborn. Just like her mother.



The Wish

“Look at all of the wishes, Mama!” Astrid says as we pass by the yard that needs to be mowed.


I love that she doesn’t call them dandelions or even flowers. Just wishes because that is what you do with them.


“Mama, I can make hundreds of wishes today just standing right here!”


And she does. She blows and blows and blows her wishes.  (I try to usher her quickly along on our walk before the homeowners come out and complain  that we are perpetuating their weed problem…how do I explain to them that it’s necessary for wishes).

Astrid’s wishes are simple as she doesn’t know much about anything to even know what to wish for. She doesn’t know about riches and real castles or fast cars and mansions.


She wishes for chocolate milk at lunchtime and for us to find where to buy more candy reindeer poop for her dispenser. (HELP!)  Sometimes she wishes for a new stuffed kitty and a trip to the zoo.


How nice to have such simple wishes.  So free of jealousy, greed and want.


There’s so much we can learn from a toddler on how to just live and not worry about the next best thing. Sure toddlers are inherently self-centered but in such a pure way because what do they need the most….just simply you. Your time, your love, your extra kisses and maybe chocolate milk for lunch once in awhile.


So my wish for Summer is simple. I’m going to spend a lot of time with my girls. We’re going to go to the pool and the zoo and we’ll have days just hanging around the house. There are pictures to draw, bikes to ride, cookies to bake, lemonade stands to man, and of course laundry to fold.


So I may not be around here that much. And it’s my wish that I’m going to be okay with that. I also may not visit your place as much. I’m considering turning off comments for the Summer too. Maybe. We’ll see.   Because my wish lately is that there is more time in the day..but maybe that’s not the right answer. Maybe the right answer is just to prioritize it better.


“Look Astrid, at the hundreds of wishes I see in that field. Let’s go make some come true.”


Linking up to What I Wore Wednesday.

– Striped tank and black cami both from H&M

Gauze blue skirt from Anthropologie(buy it – trust me)

-Black sandals old from Born (I’m old and need comfort)

-Glasses from Target

-Necklace from a local art fair



You Know You Are A Parent Of A Toddler When

I find that most of my friends in my age group have moved well past the toddler years and instead find themselves attending more graduation parties than playgroups. While my girlfriends are buying gorgeous new accessories and handbags that don’t have to be toddler proof, I find my typical accessory is still simply my toddler either balancing on my hip or hiding behind my right leg. (But at least we match)

It’s a rare occasion that I find myself out without kids so I try to act like the mature adult that I believe I still am. Until I realize that there are some tell-tale signs, no matter how hard I try, to tell that I am still a parent of a toddler when I’m out in public.

1. Upon entering a home and invited to sit down, I immediately sit on the floor instead of on a comfortable chair.
2. I speak to other adults in the third person “Tracy would like another glass of wine now.”
3. I use the word “potty” instead of “bathroom” when I excuse myself to go.
4. I find myself cutting my food(and maybe your food) into tiny pieces before I start eating.
5. I have a gut reaction and find myself blurting out “NO!” to every question asked.
6. If you are a guest in my home I will occasionally pour your coffee into a sippee cup.
7. I will randomly praise my adult friends for doing a good job. “Great job Sandy on clearing your own plate!”
8. I find myself fastening your seat belt when we get in my minivan(yes, minivan).
9.  When we go shopping and my adult friends pick-up something breakable I immediately snatch it out of their hands while yelling “Don’t touch that!”
10.  Instead of talking about interesting articles I’ve read lately at the Huffington Post or Wall Street Journal, I will ask if anyone has seen the Yo Gabba Gabba episode starring Anthony Bourdain or if they caught Katy Perry on Sesame Street.

Are you a parent of a toddler? What gives you away in adult only social situations?  Maybe I just need to get out more.


In other news I am guesting posting at Debi’s place today – The Truth About Motherhood.  I got to know Debi last Summer when I bought her BlogHer ticket. We’ve been friends every since. She’s an amazing lady and I love her dearly and would love for you to visit me there.


Better Than A Beaver Story

She’s already proven that she can’t be trusted at Starbucks.  The nerve – sharing beaver stories with the baristas.


Now we cannot go shopping to any stores ever again. Or perhaps we will just stay home until she’s 13.

I mean it’s bad enough when you’re in a dressing room at Anthropologie and your two year old is saying very LOUDLY  “Mom, why do you have a fuzzy butt?” (and you realize that you shouldn’t wear string thongs without a full Brazilian), but it’s also the “Mom, why is your tummy so squishy like my bear’s tummy?” and “Mom, what are these marks on your thighs?” and “Mom, why are your ‘nickels’ bigger than mine and shaky?” and “Mom, why is that wrinkly?”


And you wonder where our body self-confidence has gone? Well completely out the window when you have a toddler pointing out every little flaw and flab you have and announcing it over the PA system to all of the hot 22 year olds shopping at Anthro.

Two year olds are loud.


But my favorite thing that Astrid said this week was when we were at the bank and she said to the teller in a voice loud enough that it carried to Egypt  “You know when I grow bigger I’m going to have a string hanging out of my butt just like my mommy does.!!!! Won’t that be fun!!!”



The Rude Girl in the Bicycle Dress

It was so awesome last week when we were walking out of Eloise’s classroom and Astrid, after being silent the whole time we were there, said  “you know, I don’t really like Mr. Porter.”   And instead of being like “OMG Astrid that was so mean!” I said “She SPOKE OUT LOUD IN PUBLIC!” And Mr. Porter was like “she is just so adorable that I think her sisters need to tickle her extra hard tonight.”

Astrid pretty much hates talking to anybody. But when she is home we cannot shut the girl up.  And damn she is funny. And opinionated. And wordy. And pushy. Oh and two.

Anyway, all of my girls started out shy. Hiding behind my legs. Hiding into my shoulders. Making me talk for them.


It’s never bothered me. It’s normal.

So when they reach a point where they do talk to other people and say things in the company of strangers then I honestly will even take the rude things.


And correct them later.

Because having others see that this adorable personality exists and watching my baby girl gain confidence is totally worth it. Even with the mean words.

Because in seven years when Mr. Porter is her teacher…he’s SOOO going to remember that comment and then she will totally get hers.  HA!

It’s never too early to learn that paybacks are a bitch.


Favorite photo prop. Remember this one last year?

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Astrid is wearing an upcycled dress(OMHELL I love this) from Courtney Courtney

Lelli Kelly Dolly Mary Janes from Nordstroms

Felted flower clip from Coco Penny



Astrid Two and a Half…

There was a time that I chronicled every month of Astrid’s young life.  Some of my favorites are here and here. I cannot believe how bald that child was.

(awesomely exposed snow picture with no editing.ahem.if I do say so myself)

And since monthly updates now seem ridiculous I thought it was okay just this once to document what she is doing as today she is fully two and a half.


Likes:  Sushi, cats, books, games, CANDYLAND – ONE MORE TIME MAMA! Trains, cars, buses, Zambonis(OBSESSED WITH THEM), hair bows, marshmallows, hats, gymnastics, her thumb, music, layering sweaters(okay, I like them maybe more),lettuce, talking to ‘Ben’ the dog on my iPhone, D’amico’s penne pasta, pushing shopping carts, going down slides, DOING EVERYTHING MYSELF MAMA!, ignoring strangers who talk to her, painting, trying my coffee, baking, singing, Little People, sisters, Katy Perry.

Dislikes: When I’m on the computer, taking showers when the soap gets in her eyes, vacuum cleaners, bananas, chocolate ice cream, when her cats steal her toys, orange cheese, socks on when she sleeps, when I leave, sleds, going far away from home, when people talk to me, when someone sits on my lap that isn’t her, hot food.

I have to say I love this age. I love two year olds. It’s the three year olds that usually challenge my patience. So I know how much I need to enjoy the next six months.


Happy Half, Astrid.


Bacon Butts and Noodle Hair…

I don’t believe in eating small children. Or big children for that matter…but truly toddlers are so yummy.


What is it about them.  They are still so amazingly cute and baby-like but they can communicate and make us laugh and they aren’t old enough to just stink and be gross.

They are at that age where their snuggles are endless and their wonder abounds.


So we have this game.


I ask Astrid “Oh I just need to take a taste of you – what can I taste today you are just so delicious I need to eat you up!?”

And she replies and points “Oh my ear. My ear tastes like sprinkles today!”


So I take a small pretend taste.


And she says “Try my other ear?” and turns so I can taste that too.


Then she says “Try my cheek now” and points and says “this one is peanut butter and this one is jelly.”


I taste them both.


I finish up with her chocolate nose and whipped cream forehead and then she tries to convince me that her hair is noodles and I should try them.


After whipped cream I’m not sure I’m in the noodle mood, but I try anyway and she’s right – noodles hit the spot.

Then she turns around and says “Mama, you want some bacon butt.”


Well I am a vegetarian, but who can resist bacon?


What are some games you play/have played with your toddler that makes/made them giggle?


Astrid is in head to toe Matilda Jane

– Amethyst ruffle pants

June Bug Lap Dress

Miso Sweater

– Custom M2M Matilda Jane bow from etsy by MayBaby

Purple patented shoes from Target



When do I get my tantrum…

She woke up in a mood.  Immediately demanding her blankie then throwing her blankie and yelling “no blankie!”


Asking for a mama snuggle then squirming down from my lap and onto the floor screaming “no mama snuggle!”


Requesting an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba and then once it was on screaming “me wanted Fraggle Rock!” All old school like that.

Telling me she wanted a waffle, then throwing the waffle and asking for cereal, then dumping the cereal and yelling “no me want FRUIT MAMA!”


As I yelled back “NO SOUP FOR YOU!”


And I watched her back into the hall closet and try to shut the door but she could not shut the door because she was in the way of the door so then she hit the door and cried even harder. I admit I giggle as I turned my back to her.


And I started all “oh sweet baby what is so wrong”  and “oh my dear girl what do you need” and the ever popular “hey look at this fun coloring book/block tower/beer bong/crack pipe/porn movie there must be something cool to distract you sweet baby” technique. But I was foiled by the three hour tantrum that she decided she needed to have on this Monday morning just.because.she.can.

So my sweet motherly nothings turned into “Dude, what the hell – you have shelter and food and clothing and a mother’s lap just waiting to hug you so you need to like totally get over yourself!”


And she cried harder which really sucked.


I ate a waffle and soggy cereal and snuggled with the cat as I watched DJ Lance Rock with the volume REALLY loud so I could hear over the screaming toddler still trying to wedge herself into the closet.


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