Only Pinterest can Justify My Time On The Internet..

It probably started when I moved to Europe. I would spend a lot of time online communicating with my friends and family back in the States and of course online shopping to get comforts from home.


The funny thing is that when I returned home to the U.S. I spent an crazy amount of time buying beautiful baby clothes from Europe and wishing that Zara had online shopping. For me of course.


I always say that I quit my ‘real job’ over six years ago. You know that professional go to the office job that I used my degree for. The job that had me in meetings and flying this way and that way..but mostly in meetings and preparing Power Point presentations. Does Power Point still exist?


Since quitting that ‘real job’ – I now run an online consignment shop, I write, I dabble in photography, I shop, and have now been a clothing rep for nearly four years.


It seems that I’ve been working all along..and all of it is online. And all of it is visual. And beautiful.


And keeps me home. Where I like to be.


This visual working (and shopping if you must mention it) became even more beautiful when Pinterest came about and I became a full-fledged addict this Fall.


Do you see this beauty? I created this…by pinning all the beautiful things I like and shop for or want to do or want inspiration from or want to create.

It’s all there. It’s the ultimate visual marriage between companies and consumers.


And it’s the fastest growing social media platform on the web.


And I blame it all on Jessica from Four Plus an Angel for making sure I became addicted.


I’m glad she did..because as of today we have now joined forces and created our own social media consulting team based solely around Pinterest.

Today I could not be happier to say that our new venture, Pin Savvy Social, has launched. We will spotlight amazing companies and products in the weeks to come and give you all kinds of Pinterest-centered activities with lots of chances to win new products.

Head over to Pin Savvy Social today for our first fabulous company spotlight complete with an amazing giveaway – $100 gift card from Little Skye Children’s boutique!!

And remember to follow me on Pinterest.


Also, if you are a company who would love to drive traffic to your site, we would love to work with you! Please contact me at or


Thank you so much for all of your amazing support for our new venture. xo


An Inspiring Blogher ’11 Recap…

I was not quite sure what to expect at a Blog conference with 3500 women and a handful of very smart men.   Would it be overwhelming, would it be inspiring, would it be fueled by coffee or wine, would it be dancing on stages with new friends and strangers, would it be wearing McDonald’s bags on your head, would it be getting your picture taken in the bathroom with The Bloggess, would it be trying to cop a feel of Bob Harper during an early morning work-out(not by moi of course), would it be a flash-mob, would it be chaos, would it be fun, would it be exhausting, would it be informative, would there be babies in attendance that made my heart hurt to be home with my family, would there be moments I simply let go and enjoyed just being about me for a change, would I get the chance to read a book on plane and not cut up anyone’s food, would it be blisters, would it be hilarious, would it be calm, would you see most women carrying around a swag bag containing both a vibrator and some scotch tape and a stuffed Elmo, would it be fashionable, would there be tears, would there be laughter that just would not stop, would there be private conversations and large meetings, would there be parties I wasn’t invited to, would there be parties that we all could attend, would there be meetings I did not get, would there be meetings that I did attend and were perfect, would there be hugs, would there be curious looks, would there be sweat, would there be SQUEEEEEEEE’s o’plenty upon meeting some of your best friends or the writer you admire.


It was all of that. And more.

(Jenny, The Bloggess)

It was in a word – fabulous.


It was everything I thought it would be. And more.

(Yuliya, She Suggests – and a California Raisin of course)

It was energizing and inspiring.


It is so much more than a “blogging” conference. It’s a connection conference, a collaboration conference, an alliance conference, a working together conference, a letting go of your insecurities conference and knowing that there is a place for YOU in this scene.

(My Trainer Bob Harper – OMG SQUEEEEEE……)

I am no one particularly special. I’m a mom. I have a shopping addiction. I love fashion. I am a wife. I have three amazing children. I have a blog. My blog is my blog. I have readers. I love that my mom reads my blog as well as a dear friend in France. I have followers. I have comments. I have pictures. I have content.  I am a writer.  I like to laugh.


And I am okay. I am not in any competition to be any better than anyone else. I let go of my “not getting along with other women” thing so long ago. My blog is not in competition with your blog. Maybe my blog and your blog can work together and do great things?

(My twin in Desigual – the lovely Gigi, Kludgymom)

I play well with others. I am a hugger. And a squeeee-er. I talk to everyone. I like feeling connected to others.


In my 40’s I am so inspired by brilliant women who do so much more than I do – and instead of feeling jealousy or want of what they have and do  – I just purely want to go up to each of them and hug them and squeeze them and look them directly in their eyes and thank them for what they are doing for all of us.


As women. Making it a more beautiful place for all of us.


Yes, I’m happy and sappy and BlogHer for me was perfect – because of all of you. And perhaps also because of my mother making me listen to Helen Reddy in the early 70’s.

 (So thrilled to see the incredible Romy Raves again!)

…oh and I met her and her and her and her and her also her and her and her and her and her and her and her and her and her and her and  her saw her again, and then stalked her and her and her and her and her ..shhhh, but they were super nice about it. I roomed with her and her and they are the loveliest ladies EVER. And also I love her and her and her and her and her and her and her and her and her and her and her and her and her and her and her and her and her  and her and her …and more..can I link 3500 people in my post? Oh, and I held and smelled her baby, and met her baby….

 (Team Amazeballs at the BlogHer 5K – clothing sponsored by Champion USA)

Oh, and I finally met my soul-mate in person in this crazy world of connections. I squeeee’d and maybe cried and maybe spanked her ass but also kicked her ass in the 5K. Not that it’s a competition or anything.  Now to convince our husbands that we all need to live together.  She completes me in this space.




Toyota and Bloggers – You asked for it, You got it!

The day that I realized how strangely important a vehicle was to a family came in the early Fall of 1979.  We went to the car dealership as a family…my mom quiet in the front seat.  It was on this day that my mom gave them the keys to her early 70’s pumpkin orange Corolla and accepted the keys to her new 1980 white sporty 5 speed Toyota Celica.

I watched in silence as my mother sobbed as they drove her little orange car to the back of the lot.   She didn’t know on that day, how much in love she would fall for the little zippy Celica – or how it would be the car that both her children would learn to drive at 16 (well her son would – her daughter will kill the damn thing 2,098,708 times before learning to drive a 5 speed).

She didn’t know it would be the car that would sport a license plate that said “mom’s taxi” as she drove us here and there.

She didn’t know that this sporty little Celica would become the car that would make memories of seeing her kids though puberty, high school and sending them onto college.

If she would’ve known that – perhaps saying goodbye to her little orange car would not have been so sad.

Over the past 40 years, a Toyota has found a place in our family’s garage..whether my mom’s cute little Corolla, the red Corona before it, my dad’s old army Land Cruiser, or my current 8 year old 4Runner and my husband’s Tundra that has more than achieved it’s 100,000+ miles.

So imagine my surprise when this Toyota commercial aired this week. (video courtesy of Mollly at the Snyder 5 and read her post about the Toytota ad here..)

..when I caught this commercial during the 10pm news, I was 1/2 listening as I blogged, emailed, tweeted..but the words “we don’t make cars for bloggers” made me look up and pay attention.

Now, I know that is not what they intended to communicate – but that is what I heard and I immediately emailed Toyota to ask for clarification.

There were many bloggers who did the same.  ..and who blogged about it immediately.

But I waited for their answer.  As a loyal customer of Toyota, as well as a blogger, I wanted to wait for their answer – to give Toyota the benefit of the doubt.  I hope I would get the same treatment for the slips of the tongue that I can make. A lot.

I think sometimes we accuse before we respect..we anger before we understand…

Knowing who Toyota is – for 40 years – I felt I needed to give them a chance to make it right.

And they did.  Their response to me was quick and the ad was pulled.  I could not be more proud of how they handled the situation.  A HUGE company responded to blogger and consumer concerns.

The icing on the cake, even getting Tweeted by Toyota on Friday.

The power of social media is amazing..and when used for good, can give me that Toyota “OH what a feeling!”

So thank you, Toyota – I do love what you do for me!