A Summer Trip To Mall Of America™ and a Giveaway!

It’s not a secret that I like to shop. It’s also not a secret that my daughters are getting older, finding their own sense of style, and also love to shop. I’m an equal opportunity shopper in that I love to shop online, in small local boutiques, and also at our local malls. However, when it comes to making the whole family happy – with a good selection, activities, food and fun – well the Mall is where it’s at.

So consider us about the luckiest shopper family in the world that we have Mall Of America in our hometown! Mall of America has pretty much everything, which is why I find myself visiting there at least once a month if not more. And I don’t go there just to grab the latest fashions and sales from my favorite shops at MOA™ (that’s what we all call it), it is a great morning outing for me and my toddler on a quiet Tuesday (Toddler Tuesday® offers fun events just for the little guys!) when we are looking for something to do, a perfect and central place to meet for dinner with my girlfriends, the place that I take all visitors to our city, and a place for everyone to find something truly special and fun to do whether it’s a snow day, a rainy day, or even a sunny day.  MOA is THE destination to hit whether you are a resident or a visitor…and in the 20 years I’ve been heading to MOA, well I’ve never been left to wonder what I should do for fun or shopping during my visit!   Here are some of our favorite spots!   If I’m shopping for me – I love the unique offerings and shops at MOA. A trip to MOA is not complete without a stop at Sephora, Desigual, Athleta, JCrew, Nordstrom (and also Nordstrom Rack!), the Loft, and lululemon athletica. MOA is also one-stop shopping for finding the perfect shoes, accessories, handbags and gifts for just about anyone. Selection is huge, sales are great, and remember – TAX FREE for clothing in Minnesota!

My kids also love Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack – but love to check-out the latest Euro-fashions at H&M, be trend ready at the best prices at both p.s. by aeropostale and Ruum, love the tween vibe at Justice, and the classic stylings of Crewcuts and Gap. For my little one, I love naartjie kids and for my older girls it seems that a lot of Abercrombie is in our future.

I also have to mention how lucky we are to have an American Girl store at MOA – sometimes we visit the Mall JUST for AG – to see the latest dolls and clothing, for their fun events, or for a very special meal or ice cream treat. All my girls (and ME) love the American Girl store!

If you aren’t in the shopping mood (as if…), you will find plenty to do – like being a fighter pilot at A.C.E.S, screaming on a roller coaster at Nickelodeon Universe®, trying the ropes course (Ghostly Gangplank), winning a game of mini golf (at Moose Mountain), hanging with the sharks SEA LIFE® Minnesota Aquarium, or catching the latest flick at the Theatres….Trust me, you could spend days at MOA and never do it all. So tell Dad and your husband – that you don’t have to be a shopper to visit MOA, you just have to love some fun! And if you’re looking for a quieter time – well Barnes & Noble at MOA is a great place to read a good book, or see what’s happening at the MOA rotunda – from bands, concerts, book signings, star sightings, and cultural events – there’s always something to see and do.

Need to rest those feet? Well MOA is home to some of the best restaurants for everybody’s palette…from sushi to burgers, from sit-down to fast-food, from great wine to milkshakes, from a much needed cup of coffee to some frozen yogurt – well you won’t leave hungry at MOA.

Worried about parking or directions – one of the best things about the Mall is that it’s just minutes from the airport, you can take light-rail to visit, or find ample parking in the huge lots and ramps. And if you really don’t want to worry about parking and want to take your time to fully enjoy your MOA experience – well the Radisson Blu has recently opened at MOA, so now you can enjoy a full-service hotel with a pool, restaurant, bar, parking, and fabulous rooms while you spend time with family and friends at MOA – talk about a full and worry-free and fabulous fun vacation!

And now I want you to go to Mall of America this Summer (and next Winter too) – as it’s truly a great destination for the whole family!   So… Enter to Win a $100 Mall Of America Gift Card!   Easy to enter by answering this question in the comments of this post….   “What is your first stop when you arrive at Mall of America?”


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This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.

The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 5/13 – 6/9.

Be sure to visit the Mall of America page on BlogHer.com where you can read other bloggers’ reviews and find more chances to win!


Disclosure: I was compensated for my time for this BlogHer sponsored post, but all words, opinions and fashion choices are purely my own.


Where I Wear Pants Instead Of Binders

I’ve always been comforted by the fact that I have daughters because the promise that has been whispered to me by the generations before me is that my daughters will take care of me when I’m old.


I can just hear the conversations that they will have about me when I’m 92. “No Esther, you take mom this week to her hair appointment because she drives me crazy…all she talks about are these binders that they used to keep women in back in 2012!”

(What I wore on Tuesday for carpool/dance/working from home – pants from Boden, clogs from Born, tank and cardi from Gap, scarf from The Pleated Poppy)

But now I’m not so sure they will be here for me because Eloise is already worried about my changing appearance and how I could really embarrass her when I’m old.


Just yesterday Eloise said to me “Mom, if you ever start wearing those pants that go way up high above your waist that you tuck your shirt into and then belt really tight…well, can I tell you to stop wearing those? And will you promise to listen to me?”

(What I wore out shopping – Gap jeggings, Gap tank top, Gray sweater and silver flats both from H&M)

I told her that she had nothing to worry about – I will not be caught dead, alive or old in ‘mom jeans’ but she wasn’t convinced.


“But Mom, if it does happen I just need to know that I have the right to get you some decent pants!”


“Yes Eloise, you can buy me pants.”


“So Mom, I also want to talk about your hair. Will you promise not to get that weird short ‘mom’ cut when you get really old? I want you hair long or at least shoulder length.”

(What I wore on an average Saturday – Gap black skinny jeans, Coach wedges, striped sweater from H&M)

“Eloise – why do you care how I wear my hair?


“Well Mom, as soon as you cut your hair it’s like you’re admitting you are old.”


“But I will be old, Eloise.”


“Yes, but you don’t have to totally give-in to it Mom!”

(What I wore on a bum-around Monday – Boots and poncho from Hot Mama,  Gap boyfriend jeans, Tee from Loft, scarf from Poppy Togs)

Fine, pants at our below my waist and hair at least to my shoulder. If I do these things you know you have to take care of me when I get really old and cannot take care of myself anymore?”


“Unless you lose your teeth Mom – that would be a deal-breaker for me.”


Linking up with What I Wore Wednesday because I WORE PANTS, which if you know me like I know me, I never wear pants.


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The Justice Mom Creed

This is for all of you moms with daughters who have spoken those seven life-changing words…

“Mom, will you take me to Justice?”

The Justice Mom Creed

*I understand that grade-school girls all eventually have sonar that leads them to Justice, and I will accept this as our shopping truth until these girls discover something, by hopefully fourth grade, called TASTE!

*I promise not to wear my sunglasses upon entering Justice, nor will I sing “It’s all about the bling-da-bling-da-bling!” nor start acting like I know how to hip-hop inside the store.

*I swear when you pick out the fuzzy-neon-leopard-print-sequined pillow, I will not tell you it is gaudy. I will say “how cute!” and buy it for you.

*I will not yell “$40 for a neon green skirt with the fake crystal trimmed belt, you’ve got to be kidding!” I will instead say “what a bargain and you will look just like the cute stars from the Disney Channel!”

* I will buy my daughters the shorts with the word DANCE across their butts and be in complete denial that this is indeed what leads to the words JUICY on their behinds in just five short years from now.

*I must ignore that one single piece of ugly clothing may contain sequins-feathers-neon-fur-lace-graphics-rips-layers-fringe and instead accept it for being the most awesome article of clothing ever to my daughter.

*I will ignore the fact that the tank-tops in a little girl’s size 6 come with a built-in bra because WHY????

*I will accept the fact that peace signs are in – especially in silver glitter – and will be on every item we buy from Justice.

*I will buy the bag of skittles at the counter since my total is already $200 so why the hell not add 50 cents in candy?

*I promise not to buy cute sporty dresses from Crewcuts and Nordstroms and hang them on a Justice rack and say “Oh look how cute this dress is!?” I know you will never fall for that.

*I will become addicted to collecting “J-Bucks and Fun Cards” and find myself late at night making outfits for my 9 year old on shopjustice.com just because I’d hate to waste a coupon.

* I will accept that even though my girls currently want to dress like a cheap Disney Star, it does not mean they will dress like a teenage hussy soon, right?

*I will buy fuzzy neon thong slippers for my children JUST BECAUSE I CAN – and I will buy the matching fuzzy monogrammed journal and feather pen because ..well duh!

*I will refrain however from yelling “OMG can you believe they made a t-shirt in pink neon with Justin Bieber on it in silver sequins as a cropped tee that I can layer over a built-in bra camisole AND IT COMES IN MY SIZE!” Because even though maybe I can fit into Justice clothing..doesn’t mean I should buy Justice clothing for myself EVER because it’s meant FOR CHILDREN!

*But mainly I will accept that my kids are growing up and want to make their own style choices. It is at this time I will remember my Boy George sleeps with Michael Jackson and has a love child named Madonna phase with my one-gloved-hand, leg warmer covered legs, neon ripped shirts, pink converse on my feet, lace headbands, drag make-up and pink hair, and let my daughters pick out their own clothing just knowing that in about 15 years we can look back at this phase together and laugh.



Four Eyes…

Esther came home last week with her glasses smashed. She’s newly seven and slightly oblivious to things, so in her defense she had “no idea how this could even happen!”


Which was actually fine with me because truthfully I never liked her old glasses that much.


And this gave us an excuse to go shopping. Any excuse to shop is a good excuse. Unless you hate shopping. Which is so unfortunate for you.


But leaves more to choose from for me.


So bless you.

I took all three girls to the store to find Esther’s new frames.  It was a glance into our future of shopping at the mall when one girl comes out of the fitting room and we all get to vote and say nasty things about the heinous dress the other one is wearing. OMG I CANNOT WAIT.


So pretty much how this went down was…

Esther would try on a frame

Esther would try on a purple or pink frame.

Astrid would say “I don’t like that!”

Eloise would say “I would look so cool in glasses. Why can’t I get glasses?”

And then Eloise would say “You need a neutral color.”

And then I would say “OMG $159 NO WAY!”


Six hours later we found a frame we all agreed upon.


Dress shopping when they are 15 could take 10 days. OMG I CANNOT WAIT!!!Photographers Note:  All of these images are straight out of the camera on jpeg mode.  Two weeks ago I started shooting in RAW and I bought Lightroom and I WANTED TO SHOOT MYSELF and honestly I think was part of the giant funk I was in BECAUSE OMG after 4 years of trying to take pictures I SHOULD BE BETTER at this and I am truly not. I suck. I suck and I am MAD. MAD.


So two days ago I deleted LR off of my computer and set my camera OFF of RAW took a deep breath and am starting over again and decided I’m not going to edit a picture for the whole month of March because it’s truly just another thing I found I suck at and need to devote time to it that I just do not have.


Anyway. I took these pictures and I love them. And my girl.


She’s beautiful and RAW could never help her in that department.


Deep breath.


Wordless Wednesday linked up with Dumb Mom and Angry Julie.


The Day Missoni for Target Took over my Life

I sat in a blog conference session last Saturday. During that session the presenter made a football reference THIRTY-SIX times in a 45 minute presentation. There were about 50 women and 10 men listening to this presentation and the other women seemed to know what he was talking about. They were saying things like Gophers and Badgers and Hawkeyes, oh my.  I started filing my nails and now have no idea what blog subject we were even talking about. I had to the urge to stand up and yell VAGINA just to see if we could change the subject.


But I didn’t.


And then I realized that football was his thing. And I let him have his thing. Now there is no way in hell you will ever find me tailgating in a parking lot, painting my stomach purple, wearing horns on my heads, or god forbid wearing anything resembling a jersey EVER  – I need to respect the fine folks who do that…because today was a very good example of me exercising my rights to obsess and talk about something right into the ground – shopping.

I am pretty sure I sent out no less than 150 tweets about Missoni for Target today – and that doesn’t count the Facebook appeals, the direct messages, the texts, the phone calls, the tears, the newspaper interviews(yes my lack of THE sweater IS newsworthy) here also(and a nice link back),  or the many chat boards conversations I participated in.


I have basically dedicated the last 24 hours of my life to Missoni for Target and I still DO NOT OWN THE sweater

or THE Pillows

or THE throw

That I covet.  Oh my hell  I am not sure how I will ever sleep.  This first world problem has put me in a very dark place of shopping hell.


But I don’t blame Target for it. I love them for it. This thrill of the hunt, the haves and have nots, the elusive and hard to get product. OMG it’s orgasmic and I want MORE!  THIS, THIS is what I love to do. The rush. I am fashion obsessed.


Of course it’s always nicer to end the shopping hunt with your sought after items – but even after a loss like today, I admit it is still almost as awesome to just play the game.


(However – if anyone out that finds that sweater in a Small or X-Small – call me! I admit that I’d be a wee bit happier owning that sweater.)


So did you shop for Missoni today? What did you get? Please don’t tell me if you got the pillows and throw as we can no longer be friends..or if you find them missing it like totally almost wasn’t me who took them. If you are bored with my fashion tweets, talk and have now unfollowed me on twitter – what is your one thing you obsess about?



Small Style and Emotional Shopping…

I’m doing some emotional online window shopping today. Window shopping as I’m trying to be good and not physically spend anything. Sitting on my hands doesn’t seem to be working. Also it’s hard to tweet.

So, if there is anything you are shopping for and you need someone to spend four hours browsing the internet for you, I’m your girl.  I even will prepare a detailed report with sites, prices, options and recommendations for you. That is how much I need to keep my mind busy.

I also love to spend other people’s money.

Maybe you can even buy me a present at the end. Or a pony.

I am also busy trying to list about 400 items on ebay over the next week.  It is now that I figure out that I shopped too much before so perhaps window shopping is the way to go.

Doing ebay over Memorial Day Weekend is pretty much what is on your plate also, yes?  Screw those picnics when there is ebay to be done.  I’m feeling very American these days.

Speaking of obsessing about clothing – I am linking up with Small Style again this week because it’s a safe place for me to find others with similar obsessions.

Esther is wearing a Gap Girl NYC shirt that was sold exclusively at Gap Canada.  Her skort is from Justice(I know, I know) and I LOVE these basic skorts. Mis-matched socks and shoes from Target.

Astrid is in head to toe Matilda Jane with her signature Nuxie Made hat and jeweled Lelli Kelly mary janes.

Eloise is wearing a Gap Girl Paris shirt that was sold exclusively at Gap Canada. Her shorts are from the Gap and her sweater and peace flip-flops are from Target.


Top Ten Reasons to Shop Online

Top ten reason I shop online:

10. I like my house. I have small children. I don’t like taking them places. Especially nice stores. No one gives me dirty looks at home when my kids pull clothing off hangers or lick the mirrors.

9. I can drink hot liquids while shopping online and do not fear spilling on the clothing. And if I do spill on the clothing BONUS: I already own it.

8. I have a very small child who is not patient for me to browse in a store. I can browse online when she is sleeping and “shop” stress-free. Or if I browse online while she is awake, PBS kids can entertain her and no one can hear her screams.

7. I like to wear holey yoga pants without underwear. No further explanation needed.

6. I get better deals online as it’s easier to comparison shop thus enabling me to buy more better deals thus stimulating the economy and ending the recession single-handedly.

5. I like my skinny mirrors at home.

4. I don’t think there are any security cameras in my bathroom. I don’t like being watched while trying on clothing. Can you imagine that job?

3. No one offers to spray cologne on me.

2. I don’t feel pressured or uncomfortable walking out a a store without a purchase. No one can see me exit out of a website. Right? This is true, right? Can they see me?

1. My UPS man is HOT and the more I buy the more he visits.

Do you do most of your shopping online? Why or why not?


Friday Favorites to get me out of a Funk..

Let’s just get through the whine immediately. I have been in a funk this week.

My lap is cold without my Donut Cat, my front window is empty. I mourn. It seems I mourn alone.

I am on week 3 of my period. Seriously.  I curse my OB daily. Hourly.  When I had my final c-section 15 months ago, I begged her to just take it all out. I was going on 41, what could I possibly ever use all of that for again.  I pleaded. She sewed me up intact. Now I curse her every month for the better part of a month. I don’t want to buy tampons anymore.  I don’t even want to wear underwear anymore.

I feel busy, but I am not that busy. I am a hamster running on the wheel, a dog chasing her tail, a mother sitting on her ass reading twitter instead of making dinner.

So today, I did what any smart-mined woman does to get herself out of a funk – I window-shopped online and found beauty in things, because being shallow is better than being in a funk.

Anthropologie has their holiday decor available.

These carolers are going to be the girls ornaments this year.

And this yarn skein ornament will be mine.

I think I need a ruffled Christmas stocking from Gussy Sews.

This color green/blue from the Gap makes me happy. Arctic Star. Perfect for the Holidays.

Astrid now has this set…

Eloise this one…

(Esther already has too many clothes…)

I need the Rich Red rosette necklace for Christmas from Allora Handmade, yes?

What beautiful things are you obsessing over this week? Send me links, send me beauty.  Erase my funk. Please.

*I was not compensated for or asked to write about any of these products. I just have on-line shopping addiction issues.


My Talented Friends…

I have to share more of my friend Kristi’s recently opened Etsy shop – May Baby!
Kristi can do just about anything – from sewing, to knitting, to amazing home dec and design, while also managing the finances of their family business.  She is a gourmet cook, should be a decorated baker(did you see Astrid’s bday cakes…yes made by Kristi…), and she can mix a drink to put a smile on anyone’s face.(and she made Astrid’s hat too….)


Her parties are amazing, her gardens inviting and lush.  She hosts baking camps for my kids and gives sweet little gifts to us through the year – that you almost hate to open as the packaging is a gift itself.
I could go on and on..but I won’t, as we are from Minnesota and bringing attention upon ourselves or gushing it on others is highly inappropriate.
But I have to say just one more thing…when I buy a cute dress – many times matching jewelry just appears.  The magic in that makes me want to buy more dresses. *wink wink*.
Kristi makes the most amazing and unique jewelry.  And she has opened her own Etsy shop – stocking it first with gorgeous button bracelets – made with vintage buttons(some from my own and her own grandmother’s stashes), new buttons, fabric covered buttons and even some made to match bracelets for Matilda Jane.  I have become quite addicted to them and my collection is growing.

I could not be more proud to show off my dear friend’s many talents.  Go shop for yourself!..and if you see something you like, you better buy it immediately as they are all one of a kind and get snatched up quickly. (Also go read this sweet post from Kristi’s sister, Heather.)

…and not to be outdone by her talented husband, Mike.  Mike makes movies…do you remember Esther’s birthday movie.  Yeah, awesome. I am tearing up all over again…

Well, I have to say that I pretty much HATE the Minnesota State Fair.  But Mike’s movie actually got me thinking that I need to give it another try.  Amazing.  Thanks Mike.  What a great end to Summer.

Happy Labor Day everyone.


Yes I did buy the designer Pampers…

I shop at Target.  Not surprising. I fit their demographic.  I cannot leave Target without spending at least $100, even if I just stopped by for the $8.99 Northern bath tissue jumbo pack on sale.
It is a drug. We all know that.  We sign up for it and give basically hand over our credit cards at the doors.  If was ever so apparent when just last Spring there were over 100 women who looked pretty much like me, lined up by 8am on a Sunday to shop from Target’s new Liberty of London collection.  It was crazy. Women running, carts filling, clothes tumbling, smiles galore.  Madness.  Pure blissful, shopping madness. And have you seen my cute wallet and scarf?  They match my new dinnerware and rain boots!  AWESOME.

So of course I was intrigued when I heard a few months ago that designer Cynthia Rowley had designed  a new line of Pampers exclusively for Target!

But vacations happened – vacations with NO TARGET STORES(or Starbucks).  It was awful. We even had to visit the Walmart.  Astrid seemed pleased. She received a time-out for that smile.

Immediately upon our return home, after downing 14 venti non-fat lattes from Starbucks, we shopped Target to buy the coveted designer diapers.
I know, I know – designer diapers – you are asking are you really going to pay 40% MORE than regular pampers just because they are pretty.  Your child is going to POOP in them.  Really?  And my answer – HELLS TO THE YES I AM!!!!  They are gorgeous and I do agree with their marketing statement….

“It’s the first  piece of clothing your baby will ever wear….Why not make it special?”

You have seen that in the Summertime my poor child is HOT and is pretty much only  in a diaper only at home – so I want to see a cute bum.  With pretty flowers and perhaps a bit of toile.  Indulge me a bit – these sweet diapers make me happy.

And I need to smile more when I am changing poopy pants.  So don’t judge me.
Just send me more Pampers from Cynthia Rowley.  As I am now officially addicted to this cuteness.


Indiana – Just like Mexico but without the Beaches…

I quit my real day job 5 years ago today.  I had a 15 year high stress, high flying, high travel, high hours, ego-boosting, high paying corporate job that I LOVED. LOVED.  I ate, breathed, slept, dreamt, drank and LOVED almost every moment of it.

Until I had a child.

After said child, I went back to work yet somehow work didn’t seem that high flying, ego boosting or that important anymore.  High travel and high hours sucked. High paying was awesome, but not enough.  I ate, breathed, slept, dreamt, drank in my child and HATED going to work.

And then I had another child.  And I went back to work.

For 6 hours.  And walked out 5 years ago today.
Oh sure I miss that paycheck.  Anthropologie misses that paycheck.  Nordstroms sometimes cries about that paycheck and still sends me love notes and random phone calls like a sad stalker ex-boyfriend.

What I miss the most though are the benefits.  Oh sweet health benefits.  As a family, that was the hardest part of quitting my job, letting those go.  We own a small business, really small, and are self-insured.  God Bless America – for a tidy sum of about $15,000 a year.  That is for high deductible, no prescription drugs, no dental, no vision, no well visits, no preventative care. Yes, thank you I am over 40 and my costs and my yearly needed tests just went up again.  Oh joy.
So it is no wonder I only visit the eye doctor every 3 years, the dentist yearly – maybe, and my yearly “womanly”(love that word, eh?) exam is now every other year, as it isn’t always in the budget.  Living in the city makes it worse – as costs for care are even higher.  And I love my city, but sometimes I cannot afford my $4 latte and need to be happy with my nickel coffee.

Oh I loved the days I lived in Europe and had awesome health care, prenatal care and a great dentist for pennies…but I digress…

My retired grandparents wintered in Yuma, Arizona.  Living on a fixed retired income they filled prescriptions and got new glasses in Mexico.

Now I do the same –  but my Mexico is very small town Indiana.  Where I can go to the dentist for a cleaning and xrays for $45, my kids get an eye exam for $55 and glasses that cost even less, and that yearly pap is a true bargain.
So my yearly vacations to Indiana may not be exotic, I don’t get a tan, and no one has yet brought me a margarita.  But I can still enjoy my of south of the border health care bargains.

Heck I even make sure to get my car’s oil changed while I am there as it is 1/2 price.

Now they just need to move the ocean a little closer to Indiana and I would totally move there.


Fashion Playtes Boutique Review

I was given the opportunity to review Fashion Playtes, where girls are fashion designers.

If you are a long-time reader of mine, you know I have a bit of an obsession love for childrens boutique clothing.  So, shopping at the on-line boutique,  Fashion Playtes was the perfect opportunity for me.
I have to say that my girls had a ball.  It was my intention to just grab a simple outfit for Eloise, but both girls wanted to design something, or course. And being the pushover fair mom that I am – I let them both design and purchase an outfit.
We all sat down at the computer together and they had an absolute BALL!! Seriously, they designed clothing for almost 4 hours.
The website was super easy to navigate. Even Esther, my 5 year old was able to do almost everything by herself on the site.
You can chose the style – different tops, bottoms or dresses and then the color, and THEN the possibilities are endless with trims, ribbons, embellishments, graphics, appliques, custom tags.  Seriously addicting, gorgeous and fun fun fun!!!!  I had to pry them away to eat dinner…and we have visited the site many times since and will be purchasing more for Fall.
The clothing arrived in about 2 weeks times which I thought was great as it was custom made for you.  Upon opening the package, I was THRILLED with their merchandise. The fit was perfect, the quality of the details was amazing and the cotton fabric was very high quality, soft and lovely.  The styles were both perfect for my girls.
Both girls stripped down immediately and put their personal custom designed sets on along with huge smiles..and the best review was from Eloise who said after putting on her set “Mom, can I design all of my clothes now as I think I love this outfit the best of all my clothes and I hope I can wear it every day!”
I think that says it all.

I highly recommend visiting Fashion Playtes.  They have girls clothing targeting girls ages 6-12.  And for my readers get $10 your next order from Fashion Playtes using coupon code   sellabit10

*I was provided a $30 coupon towards my purchase at Fashion Playtes for this review.