What I Could Be Doing

It’s nearly 7am and I’m sitting on the edge of one couch while Astrid fitfully sleeps next to me. Thank god. I hold my coffee like it’s my only tie to the outside world as I delicately balance it in my cold hands as not to spill on her and to also find a place for it to rest on the small side table between the tissue box, the Motrin, my phone and the television remotes as I search around in the dark. Did I also mention that Eloise joined us on this couch a few hours ago because she is now throwing up? Details.

Astrid has been sick since Wednesday night. I haven’t left the house since -well until yesterday when we had to get to CVS for more tissues and Motrin and maybe a dark chocolate bar for me. Okay, and Starbucks is right next store to CVS so I grabbed some lifesaving supplies(read Grande Non-Fat Latte No Foam) and the cute young single people in there without kids noticeably kept their distance from the kid in my arms.


You know, because of the dried yellow and green snot below, on, and above her nose from the 2000 times we wiped it and then it’s like 400 below zero so it just kind of dries there and if you know kids – when you approach them with a wet washcloth they scream like it’s death so you just leave the snot because you are typically at home.


Until you are not.


And then you are one of those people holding a snotty-nosed kid. You know, the mom in her yoga pants and no make-up. I’ve also decided that no matter how awesome 44 is – 44 is still slightly scary without make-up and lack of sleep. Just ask my barista at the corner of Grand and Lex.


I remember being 28 and not wanting(nor admittedly really liking) kids and staying at least 100 yards away from any snotty-nosed kid because ewww. So, I tried to give these cute young people that all knowing looking and kind of pointed at Astrid in my arms and said “Right, gross huh?” but somehow they didn’t believe I was still in their club. I wanted to be their people.


I’m not sure what gave it away. This new club I belonged to? The non-fat? The no-foam? The sick kid in my arms that only I could think was still so beautiful at that moment? How I pulled out a medical card instead of my credit card and 2 tampons fell to the floor while doing that?


So I just took my coffee to go and put it into one of my 10 minivan cupholders and drove away for an afternoon of Doc McStuffins episodes, bleaching down furniture, but most importantly snotty-nosed kisses from my favorite three year old. Oh, and maybe some purse organization.


If you have a kid who is NOT sick this week – here’s some fun things to do in the Twin Cities! I co-compiled an article with Galit Breen for Scary Mommy’s travel guide about all of the awesome things to do with kids here. It kind of makes you want to move here, doesn’t it.


Happy Weekend.