If Erica Kane was my Mother and other Favorites..

April 16th and we have snow.  Oh I know I love Winter but my kids are mad and want to wear their new shorts, tank dresses and flip-flops.  Okay, I actually want them to wear their new clothes.  They really do not care.  I knew I made the closet transition too early.

I swear we had on Spring dresses just days ago.

My husband is already out in the snow teaching motorcycle safety classes this morning. What a better way to learn then to have to deal with the Minnesota weather surprises your first time on a bike.

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Some of my favorite reads this week..

*My dear friend Michelle made me sob with her post and photos of this gorgeous family.  If you don’t know Michelle – she is the most beautiful person I know inside and out and her photography and writing is award winning. She inspires me to be a better mom and a better person daily.

*Sweet and lovely Elaine writes about baby pangs and how do you know your family is complete. Her post made me sob with it’s loveliness. I want to be neighbors with Elaine.  Also it is not snowing in Louisianna.

*Marinka talks about writing humor and what is funny. Love this post and the comments. As someone who is sarcastic this is a difficult subject for me on what is appropriate to poke fun at and how to write humor.

*Cheryl guest posted at Gigi’s place this week. If you have daughters, you need to read this beautiful post. Sob worthy and oh so beautiful.

In shopping news – did you see my post on All Things Chic(you do know I’m a contributor to this amazing lifestyle site, oui?) about St. Barth Calypso collection coming soon at Target?  Yeah, I pretty much need to own all of it.

Also, I just set-up a Facebook fan site for Sellabit Mum – would love for you to like me or even pretend that you like me.  I have no idea why, but all of the cool kids are doing it.

Lastly, even thought I haven’t watched All My Children since 1991 I still feel like Erica Kane was meant to be my fabulous yet completely whacked out mother who I totally hated but she would buy me diamonds and amazing dresses and trips to Paris. However if she was my mom, I would now live in a penthouse alone with my 2200 persian cats and a two million dollar therapy bill. I could afford botox though. She saw me through my college years and I feel like a part of my childhood is now ending.

Happy Weekending! xo


Simple, Happy and Random Things…

I made this on Thursday.
It may not be perfect. But I made it. I can paint.  Not sure about Kristi…
We went to The Creative Connection Event and were awed and inspired by the incredible, talented and beautiful women in the world. I feel the need to create something big soon.

We had lunch with Ree, The Pioneer Woman. I love her because she doesn’t own a glue gun or a sewing machine. I wish she drank red wine vs. white wine…but I can’t ask for everything I guess.
And felt so inspired I came home and made her bread for dinner the next night.  Awesome, easy and made me smile.

We sat with the The DIY Dish girls. The were gorgeous and humble and I want to be their neighbors and bake cookies together.  Would that be too forward to ask?

I bought amazing jewelry from Allora Handmade.

I had dinner with a gorgeous writer from Texas. Jennie writes for Segullah. I stalk cute Mormons in case you were wondering.  Everyone needs a hobby.

I cut my own bangs.  I haven’t had bangs since 1978.  What do you think?  Nice, oui?

I bought this book for $2 and I think it is worth about $250 – but I want to keep it for my girls to read. It is precious and Eloise Wilkin’s Illustration are incredible.  Worth every cent and more.
My cute baby wore this hat.  An old, pink fleece hat from Zutano. I bought it for Eloise when she was 9 months old. Eloise wore it, Esther wore it and now Astrid wears it.  I never do hand-me-downs.  I purge everything.
I am glad I saved the hat.

With my Gap 30% coupon I bought this shirt ..

and this shirt for myself and wore them this weekend.

They are AMAZING. Perfect.  The right material, the right fit, the right length, the right color.  Dreamy soft.  I am NOT a mall shopper, and frankly I am overwhelmed with how much I love these shirts. Perfect and simple for Fall.

Kristi made a new bracelet for me.  How can I keep loving them more each time? There is still time to enter to win a bracelet for yourself. Go here.

Simple things.

What random things made you happy this weekend?


New Kotex Commercials..

Well, new to me.  Have I been hiding under a rock that I have never seen these until tonight. Oh my word they are awesome.

So awesome that I am totally switching brands.  See, they work?

..and my personal favorite…

xoxo, t