I Must Be Doing Something Wrong

I think I’ve lost my ability or maybe my will to multitask.


Or maybe I’m just old.

I’ve been away from home for 11 of the last 15 days.  Needless to say my online time has suffered.  I have barely read a blog, I’ve barely written in my own, twitter- what’s twitter?, Facebook updates, what?,  and I apologize if I haven’t responded to your email from two weeks ago because I’m about 14 days exactly behind on emails. No, I don’t hate you. No, I’m not ignoring you. No, I haven’ forgotten about you. No, you don’t smell. Well okay maybe you smell a little bit.


But if you text me – I am so on it! Call me maybe?

It’s a good thing I really don’t get paid for this.  How lucky I am.


Anyway, I’m back home and I miss you all and hope to catch up with what you all have been up to over the past two weeks – pregnant? divorced? lost 5 pounds? won a spot on the Olympic team for diaper changing? new recipe to share?  Tell me your news in the comments  – what have I missed?


Project 365 week 23

Whoa what a week. I actually took naps the last few days because I am just shot. I’m going to blame it on the heat and having way too much to do rather than my age.


The girls had their end of year dance recitals this week as well as their last week of school with many fun activities.  It was an emotional roller coaster, intensely fun, yet exhausting.  Next year I think I will plan for a short weekend getaway to a beach somewhere just to unwind, but mainly so I don’t have to look at the mound of laundry that piled up this week. More details on the events of the week coming soon.


Here are some highlights.  (And yes when you are two and your family is busy pretty much you just take naps when you can.)

In case you missed it I was honored to guest post about wanting our home to be one that my kids want to hang-out in and I guest posted about how I started writing. (If you haven’t been there yet I would love a visit).


In other news – how do you know you’re a parent of a toddler – the signs are easy to spot.


Astrid is still sleeping with her pussy bear and I wonder if you are happy with your right now.


Have a great Sunday. Happy Summer break! Oh and if you haven’t already all the cool kids are liking me on Facebook and you really should too.

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Project 365 week 21 – The Beavers, Braces and Birthdays Edition

May is busy. Every May I wonder how we will get through it all. If you don’t have school age kids yet, you might be wondering what I am talking about…so oh just wait. May is December on steroids.


But it’s a good busy. The busy May is full of happy things – end of school parties, field trips, graduations, Spring sports, recitals, concerts, award ceremonies, teacher gifts and recognitions, finalizing Summer plans – vacations and camps and the like.


School is out in exactly nine days and then we can all breathe a bit easier again.


Do you have a crazy May?


Thus, we had a busy week again – the highlight was my dear friend Kristi’s 50th birthday. Her husband threw her a surprise party which was absolutely fantastic!  There should be more surprise parties in our lives, yes?  Do you like surprises?


Astrid has been potty trained for quite awhile now and I just finally blogged about it. I wasn’t sure if I was even going to mention it because nothing says ‘mom blogger’ like a potty post, you know?


We are trying to figure out how to afford a Disney World Vacation.  This was until we had Eloise’s first orthodontic appointment on Thursday and any plans to actually leave our home for a vacation might be tabled until 2024. But that is another post for another time. Seriously, beauty and braces are expensive!!!


I have to find a new Starbucks to visit as Astrid now hit-on the cute Barista with her beautiful beaver story and we can never show our faces(or our beavers) there again.


Do you have anything exciting planned for the weekend?  We are going to Valley Fair tomorrow – our first time as a family to an amusement park. I hope someone goes on the big roller coasters with me!!!


Have a great holiday weekend.



Project 365 Week 18

I did 100% mom stuff this week. I didn’t work. I tried to stay away from the computer. Mostly. I caught up on laundry. Our dishwasher has been broken for 23 days so I’ve done a significant amount of dishes. I’ve consider resorting to take-out only so there will never be dishes again. I’ve cursed some European dishwasher makers because I hate ours so much.

In the meantime we’ve resorted to donuts only for breakfast. If you live in the Twin Cities you must try Mojo Monkey Donuts (they don’t know me nor will they even tweet me back…as if) but their donuts rock so I’ll continue to stalk them and tell my friends.


I took Astrid to the zoo – TWICE. There should be an award ceremony for that. She rode the carousel at Como Zoo. We were first in line for the first ride of the whole season. I kept waiting for confetti or a key to the city.


Today I took the girls to see their first imax movie in 3D.  Immediately afterwards we headed to Justice to exchange some items. Word of warning to you over 40 – if you watch a 3D imax movie and then enter Justice – YOU WILL FEEL REALLY DIZZY AND LIKE YOU WANT TO PUKE.  It was like a great acid trip from 1985 but with 3 children in your care and a minivan to drive home.


Other stuff we did this week – and a review for you in case you’ve been busy doing dishes also and accidentally missed my blog  – we started a garage band.  I’m still waiting for it to go viral and for Toyota to call me and either say “OMG you’re amazing” or “Maybe you should consider buying a Honda next time and leave us out of it.”


Esther and Astrid’s room redo is finally done. It’s fun to hear the comments on what your kid room-sharing statuses are.


I love when my kids celebrate each other. It’s a parenting win don’t you think? Anyway – I hope they will be there for each other until they are 122 or forever – whichever comes last.


And don’t forget to enter for $100 worth of free house cleaning!


Have a great weekend. Don’t drop acid.



Project 365 weeks 16/17 – National Infertility Awareness Week

I missed posting my Saturday project 365 post last week because we were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary.  And I forgot to come back and tell you all that the special dessert of the night at the restaurant was actually WILD BERRY TORTE(I am apparently psychic). I kid you not. I was nice and told Jed that I thought it was a bad idea to order it. I may have also accidentally called him Peeta.


May I just give a plug to the restaurant where we dined.  We ate at the St. Paul Grill.(they don’t know me nor did they ask that I mention them) I hadn’t been there in probably 10 years. I used to go a lot for business dinners, but in the few times we’ve actually gone out for an adults only dinners in the last decade it hasn’t been on my radar. We like to go to Minneapolis or to try the new hot spot or a new small spot that everyone is raving about. The St. Paul Grill was incredible – the food, the service, the table – everything.  We will be back more often. I had forgotten how much I love that place and just the classic perfection.  It also didn’t hurt that we ran into Jed’s friend Norm.


So here are my random daily phone pictures from the past two weeks.


I look at these and laugh because yeah – Astrid seems to be the star.  Now you know what I pretty much do with my days. It makes me realize that my days would be so different if she never arrived. I cannot imagine.  I need you to know that not a day goes by that I don’t realize how lucky we are because of her.


I had my annual(and by annual, I mean I haven’t gone since Astrid was born) exam yesterday.  My doctor walked in and the first words out of her mouth were “and how is your miracle?”  She remembered. And she followed that question with “you know sometimes I tell my other patients your story…I hope you don’t mind…sometimes I just need to give them some hope when it seems there is no hope to be found.”


I wasn’t sure how to take that.  It’s one of those things that is such a personal struggle for everyone  – one that I’ve barely talked about it here nor at the time did I even talk about it with friends and family.  And it’s one of those things that is so emotional to the core that sometimes I can feel guilty for getting lucky. But during National Infertility Awareness Week I do want you to know I’m sending out so many prayers, hope, love and hugs and support to everyone who has and is struggling with infertility, and I want to raise awareness to the support and friendship that everyone needs during their struggle.


Much love.


Project 365 Week 13

Happy Saturday!


I’ve been wondering a lot this week what the right strategy is – always aiming high knowing that you could face some huge disappointments in life, or settling for mediocrity and letting life just take you along on it’s chosen path with fewer highs and lows.  What is your human heart prepared to conquer, experience and overcome.  What are you teaching your children? What am I.


Deep thoughts for a Saturday morning as I am still working with Eloise on sewing her polar bear and now a seal for it to eat.  Esther received a perfect score on her Lady Gaga biography. Thank you wikipedia.  I laughed when the class list came back with whom everyone studied for their ‘remarkable person’ project – Mozart, da Vinci, Washington, Parks, King, Picasso, Elvis, Franklin, Lincoln, Robinson, Yo Yo Ma, Bush, Obama, Kennedy, Rowling, …and then Lady Gaga.  That Esther..she’s one of a kind.  Thank god I didn’t have to recreate the meat dress.

I do help my kids with their projects – but I don’t wipe their butts anymore or clear their plates or find their eggs. Are you getting ready for an egg hunt this weekend – if so, you should really read my new egg hunt rules for helicopter parents.


My blog turned 4 this week. There was cake and a cooperation from my kids. Did you see the video?  Strange that no press showed up at the event.


Are you comfortable in your make-up free skin. For now I am and no small children have been scared away.


And do you find parenting humorous. Well then you need to read Confessions of a Scary Mommy which hits bookstores on April 3rd. I’m giving away an autographed copy here though. So go enter. I want you to win. And you too.


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Finally(Spamming our business so we can put food on the table here) If you are in Minnesota and want to learn to ride a motorcycle or scooter – then come to Rider Academy to learn!  We are the premier Motorcycle Safety Training School in Minnesota and we opened a month early this year because of this glorious weather and would love to see you join us for a weekend class!   If you mention you saw Rider Academy on my blog when you sign-up I’m pretty sure I can talk my husband into giving you a bit of a discount.;)


We are also planning on a Social Media evening intro to Motorcycling class that is completely free to anyone into social media and/or blogging so look for information on that soon and contact me if you want to be on the invite list!  Check-out and like Rider Academy’s Facebook page for more class information.

(Disclosure: I was not paid or even asked to write this about Rider Academy. I just like food. And Clothing. And a house. And really nice shoes.)


Happy Weekending.


Project 365 Week 3 – Being Lazy Edition?

I’m taking a picture a day – everyday – in 2012. You can see proof at 365 week 1 and 365 week 2.

(Trying to get kitties in the picture. Cat wrangling is almost as hard as cat herding)

This week I used my Canon.  Poor lonely thing that doesn’t get out much in the Winter.

(Ferocious cradle stealing lion)

Also based upon these pictures, we pretty much never left the house.  Except to visit preschools.

(Doting mother after she kicked the cat out.)

Do you remember those days where you would just rather stay home to contain the pee at home?

(Serious business call)

Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve had a two year old in your house.  I would rent mine out but I think I would miss her.

(Mad Panda – oh little panda why so sad – you have an amazing room of your own now)

I was suppose to leave today for a weekend conference.  I didn’t go because it actually snowed and I’m a Winter driving wimp.

(Early morning breakfast and cartoons)

I tell you what though – do I have an organizational tip for you.  If you want to get your fridge full, bills paid, house cleaned, litter scooped, laundry done and put away, floors mopped, and meals planned – just get ready to leave on a trip away from your family. Holy crap did I get it into gear in preparation for my departure.

(Cupcakes. Want one?)

And now I don’t have to lift a finger all weekend because everything is DONE.  So anyway, every Thursday just pretend you are leaving your family on Friday for a long weekend.  Trust me – everything will be done around the house in record time.

(It finally snowed. Sometimes I think God really listens to me. Scary)

It’s like wouldn’t it be nice to know what day you are going to die so you can make sure the fridge is full and the litter is scooped before you go?  Or maybe you are one of those who would get a manicure and have wine with a friend?   I’m not sure I could die without the laundry put away.


Happy Weekend.


Don’t forget to check out our new Social Media Pinterest site. And our first big giveaway.  And keep your big girl panties on. xo



Project 365 Week 2

This is my second week of project 365 a picture a day in 2012. I did not use my Canon again. All of these are from my phone. I’ve now decided that in January photos will be my iPhone…but February….look out – the big guns are coming back out. Dammit.  Also I think I might try shooting in RAW and actually buying a photo-editing program. About time.


In case you were wondering..yes we do live in Minnesota and yes it was in the 50’s this week and we were playing outside in our backyard where there is currently NO SNOW.


Here’s basically what we do all week – eat lots of sugar, take the big girls to various lessons, take baths and go shopping. Repeat as needed.  Sometimes we also vacuum. Sound familiar?


In case you were remiss in reading this week – here’s the recap and two spanks for you for not reading…


You may send me money to buy the entire collection of Oilily Spring 2012


I found out that most of my readers like dogs over cats. I’m not sure what I did to deserve you all. Also some people like that their cats watch them have sex. Weird.


I also found out that Target is an acceptable outing for your toddler and the zoo is overrated and not required.  Costco also counts as a fun outing AND lunch because they have samples.  Must.Join.Costco.


Yes it was 50 degrees here which is why you found me in a cool kid designed Bobiam T-shirt. And I’m giving one away…come enter!


I decided to take on The So-called Mommy Wars because I am so sick of reading about it so I decided to judge you on the important things in life like do you wear Spanx or not AND do you finish your child’s lunch? Join the discussion. It’s fabulous. Like you.


And because Martha Stewart is my middle name I did a craft tutorial and vlog for you. You want to make some felted heart hair clips right?  Even if you do not, you should watch my vlog because I mention roach clips.


And on my mind this week…


I want to introduce you to my dear friend Mark, his husband Fred, and their four gorgeous children.

They have been together for 21 years. They own a home, pay taxes, go on hikes, bake cakes, do laundry, laugh, cry, are legally married, have adopted four amazing kids, and have an amazing extended family and community of friends.  And they are very much in love.


However, Fred is French, his Visas have expired and now faces deportation because immigration officials are barred from recognizing their marriage under the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).


I’m sick thinking about the implications for this beautiful family. We need to do something. We cannot let our laws split-up a family – a legally married couple and kids – because our government won’t recognize them under DOMA.


An excerpt from the CNN article…

Deloizy and Himes represent a growing number of same-sex couples with a partner of foreign nationality at risk of separation under DOMA, according to the couple’s immigration attorney, Lavi Soloway.

“They have sacrificed everything for their family, and the idea that the federal government wants to tear them apart in the name of the Defense of Marriage Act is preposterous and cannot [be allowed to] happen,” said Soloway, co-founder of Stop The Deportations, a campaign to stop the deportations of spouses of gay and lesbian Americans.


You can read more about them on Mark’s personal blog...and keep reading because it’s one of my favorite daily reads. Mark also loves Good Luck Charlie so he’s pretty much a hero in my daughter’s eyes. 🙂


There is also an article on CNN with some details, and their interview on CNN will be aired tomorrow, Saturday the 14th.

Update – here is the CNN Clip..

Mark mentions what we can do to help in this post.  I would also love for you to tweet, share, facebook and spread this story for them. We need to do everything we can to keep them here and together.


And to change this law.



Project 365 Week 1

I’ve decided to join in Project 365 this year. A picture everyday for a year. Actually I guess it’s 366 this year? I decided to do this so that I would spend more quality time with my 5D…but as I find in the Winter…she mainly sits on the desk while 95% of my pictures are done with my phone. Curse that iPhone and the Instagram app..and the fact that my phone is attached to my hand almost all day.


Anyway – I will take more pictures with the good camera – but I would hate to start out strong. It’s better to start mediocre and have room for improvement, yes…So here is some of what we did this first week of 2012.


We just lived. The not-very-exciting-everyday of just life. A lucky life.

1. Homework, 2. Backseat drivers, 3. bus stop, 4. American Girl Dolls, 5. Wii Just Dance, 6. Swimming, 7. Hanging out, 8. cookies


And in case you are not a visual person ..but a reader and somehow missed my blog this week in your blur of taking the tree down.


Let’s review…

We are making plans to visit New Jersey to see their Jews.

My kids gave me 10 New Year’s Resolutions that I am not sure I can live up to.

I reminded you that I had a birthday last month – in case you forgot to send flowers.

Astrid pondered why cats don’t have hands and thus makes them useless for playing boardgames.

I gave you a lecture on writing your thank you notes. Or Eloise did. Let me blame my child.


…and on my mind…

I still cannot comprehend the tragedy of the Christmas fire that took Madonna Badger’s three daughter’s and her parent’s lives…and how she goes on. It’s unimaginable. Reading her eulogy tells me how she does go on.  “Love without service is not enough.” If you haven’t read her words yet..please do.


Life and love are such a gift. Live like you mean it. Live like you know it is. Live for today. And love. Love big. And serve.


…and take lots of pictures….of just what seems like boring life…car rides, homework, play…life…love.


Have a great weekend you all.

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