Project 365 Week 7

My camera rested this week. Michelle and I took a few pictures in Salt Lake last weekend and she even, maybe, got me over my fear of photo-editing and Photoshop. Someday. Someday I will feel I could actual edit a photo. Grow-up, Tracy.


So iPhone -o-matic again. I know – you’re sick of my phone. Me too. Also it makes me want an iPhone 4s as my picture quality sucks.

Oh’s still life.


Valentine’s Day was a smashing success for the girls. Their cards were a hit and they shared their candy with Astrid. And Jed. I’m still mainly off of sugar. Kind of.


This past weekend was a good reminder for me of what’s really important in my role of mothering my kids. My distraction are big – some wanted..some not – but I hope to focus better on what I’m supposed to be doing.


Today we jumped rope. I pretty much kicked their asses. I also am trying to teach them the perfect round-off. They aren’t that coordinated.


After ‘extensive’ Mormon research during my weekend immersion program – I wrote MORMONS EXPOSED! It’s quite revealing. Or not.  I pretty much found out that I could totally be Mormon..except for the whole no-coffee thing. Or something like that.  After I wrote that article my friend Michelle wrote a TRACY EXPOSED post..except I was fully clothed for the whole thing.  She is way too kind with her words for me..and I’ve now sat here for five days and thought of all the thing that she and I never got to talk about. I guess that means I need to see her again soon.


I also gave some tips on buying nice clothing for kids when you are on a budget. You all know I love cute clothing for my kids – so this is very tough for me. I’m slowly letting go though and realizing I can still get ‘cute’ for less.  However, in my ‘personal therapy’ of letting my issues go on this subject – I decided not to pick-out/lay-out the kids clothing during the weekend I was gone. I told Jed to just let them pick out what they want.  Upon my return home and a day of laundry on Tuesday I could not for the life of me figure out what outfits they wore that matched. I was horrified to think about what my kids wore all weekend. Little tip Jed – raspberry and fuchsia do not match. EVER. But here I am letting go not saying a work about it…letting go. Do you feel the release? No?


Did you enter the Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway? I hope so as I announced the winner on Facebook today.


We have two new giveaways on Pin Savvy Social site this week – if you love jewelry you will love this giveaway from Guy and Eva,  and if you love children’s boutique clothing we have a $100 gift card to Tyler and Tallulah! Come enter!


Happy weekend! xo