Small Style – The Difference Between Animals and Sisters..

The big girls went back to school today.  It was a happy day until I realized how much Astrid counts on her big sisters to play with her.


They play ring-around-the-rosie and hours of Candy Land.  They play Little People farm and baby dolls. They sit and read to her and play dress-up.

They are Astrid’s best friends. Her only friends.


And now she is alone. With me and the cats.


She asked me to play Candy Land – which I did – but she needed more people to use the other two ‘guys’ so she made Truffle the cat and her stuffed reindeer play with us.

And then she got really, really sad that neither Truffle nor the stuffed reindeer could pick up the cards nor move their ‘guys’ because – as she said loudly “MOMMY, ANIMALS DON’T HAVE HANDS!!!” And she shoved them away from her game.


And she sat there crying that her stuffed animals and cats could never be that fun to play with because they only have feet and NO HANDS.


So she sat at the window all day just watching for her sisters.  “You know mama, my friends with hands who can play games.”


I told her she was discriminating and it did not make me happy.  Even friends without hands can be fun.

But she insisted she was right by telling me “No mama, animals just aren’t that fun to play Candy Land with.”


I’ll take her word for it.


Damn cats.

Astrid is wearing:

Purple velour dress and tights from Target, very cheap pink sparkle boots from Old Navy, faux fur bear coat from Oilily, and her typical hat from NuxieMade.