Why I Still Shop At Abercrombie & Fitch

I’m going to talk about Abercrombie because I like to talk about things at least a month or two after all the scandal happens and everyone else has moved on with their lives. I’m like that really bitchy wife, that after you have a fight one time, about two years later she brings up allthatshit again and you are like “what the what!?” because you don’t even remember that fight.

So that’s me, and I want to talk about the controversy surrounding the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch and why my daughter still wears their clothing. First of all, I want to make sure that everyone knows that it’s “Fitch” not “Finch” because sometimes my mom calls it that. Second of all, I think CEO Mike Jeffries’ comment from 2006 was a real douche-hattery thing to say. Seriously. So wrong. He wins the award for biggest Douche-Hattery thing to say of the decade. This is not debatable.


Now, I have a background in marketing and I know that every company has a strategy – just like A&F has their own strategy at the key demographics they go after. I get that…but “..cool..attractive kids with lots of friends…and a lot of people don’t belong in our clothes, and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely.” When did that become a demographic and when did a 60 year old man become such a jerk and no wonder why there are so many things going wrong with our society.

And before I even read Mr. Jeffries crazy-ass statement, I didn’t even like shopping at A&F. Mainly because of the smell of cologne and the loud music and overpriced clothing – it was just sensory overload for me and I had to leave the store or I would pass-out. I’m sure there’s some kind of ‘Mom shopped at A&F and now she’s dead’ syndrome or something. I know it’s happened.


And then…and then..it was the oversexualization of tween and teen girls – provocative advertising and signage and 12 year olds in string bikinis that would barely cover my three year old and her tiny tush.


So when I found myself shopping at A&F last year for the first time – let’s just say that Mama took a step back to try to figure out just what that hell she was doing. So, of course I did what everyone does when they go completely against their value system and what they believe in, I didn’t talk about it. Kind of like the way my grandmother handled the sex talk with her children.

But…but..but… I had no choice.


Because you go and find an affordable pair of jeans that are not from Abercrombie & Fitch to fit my daughter. I challenge you.


My daughter is 10. She doesn’t consider herself a cool and attractive kid. Does she have lots of friends? Sure, but not because of what she wears, but because she is one of the most giving people that I know. She’s a good friend – to everyone, without discrimination. Her main pastimes are reading, writing stories, dancing and playing with her sisters and her cat. She helps out around the house, volunteers to unload the dishwasher and likes to get her sister ready for bed. She plays with the little neighborhood kids and wants to find homes for every stray cat in the world. Her head is full of stories to write and tell, and instead of reading her baby sister a book – she’ll make-up a new story for her. She’s shy and a little self-conscience, but I think happy with herself inside and out, and she’s growing up.


She’s also five feet tall and 56 pounds..and healthy. She’s been in the 90th percentile for height and 5th percentile for weight since the day she was born. She eats..and eats..and eats..healthy stuff and junk stuff..and she is healthy and happy, just with a thin body structure.

But I’ll be damned if I can find a pair of jeans to fit this girl. Gap slim jeans look like baby diapers on her because I have to pull the elastic adjusters in so far. Justice slim jeans don’t adjust so they just fall off her hips. 77 Kids jeans fall apart(sorry, I really wanted to love your store), Target doesn’t make jeans in slim sizes – which is actually quite typical. At one point I went to Nordstrom’s and had her try on designer($100 – WTF) jeans thinking they must be made for slim girls – but no, they hung right off her.


So we found ourselves at A&F to try on jeans….and damn if their slim super skinny jeans didn’t fit her like a glove…and they were not $100 or even $70 or even $50 – in fact they usually have a 40% off code going on and I’ve never paid more than $28 for a pair of jeans from them – and I stock-up when I find them for under $20.


And my girl put those on and almost bounced out of the dressing room yelling “Mom, these fit! These fit! I don’t need a belt, they won’t fall off and I LOVE THEM!!” Not “I’ll be the coolest girl in class with these jeans.”


She just wanted a pair of jeans that she felt comfortable wearing.


Don’t we all?


We always talk about how clothes don’t make us, it’s what’s inside that counts. Are you happy and healthy and kind…that’s what’s important..not what you wear.


But you know, the clothing industry isn’t worth billions for nothing. We’ve all spent time in dressing rooms looking for that perfect fitting dress, pair of jeans and swimsuit. And I admit that I feel better about myself when I know my clothes fit well. We don’t go out naked, and truly clothes serve a bigger purpose than just as a covering in today’s society. Right or wrong.

But my daughter doesn’t shop places for popularity or fame…she shops at A&F because their clothing fits her.


And I don’t need to justify that, because I know what a good kid she is….and she’s so beautiful inside, and that’s what we focus on. But yeah, she’s a good kid wearing a pair of jeans that make her feel good too.

So I’m coming out to let you know that we shop at Abercrombie & Fitch, even though their CEO is a douche..and they sell inappropriate bikinis.


Forgive me.


In Defense of Ms. Sandler

My Facebook and twitter feeds exploded yesterday letting me know how designers are now offering couture for the toddler set. But I already knew all that before yesterday because I read the fashion magazines and have been anticipating some of these designer launches. So today, as expected the articles and blog posts were published talking about how crazy it is to have a $650 dress for a 3 year old, a $2000 coat for a 9 year old, does a kindergartner really need a $800 backpack, and would my 7 year old love some $200 sneakers?


And one mom, Dara Sandler, who was quoted in the article is receiving a large part of the negative publicity for her comment about her 3 year old by saying “I really believe when she dresses like this, she feels better about herself..”


I’ve kept my mouth shut and my fingers quiet because I see the comments – “how selfish” “what are we teaching our children” “material goods should not be our focus” “spoiled brats” – and more.


The reason I’ve been so quiet? Because my immediate reaction to the article and to Ms. Sandler’s quote was  “Will you adopt me and my children!”  Because yes, yes I have no issue what so ever with a $500 dress for my child.


Now maybe I’m a little biased since I’ve been buying European and boutique fashions for my kids now for 10 years. And yes I bought a $250 dress for my child who had yet to be born.  Now, did I buy it for her because ‘she’d feel better about herself?’ – well no, I did it because at the time I had the means to buy it and truly I just really liked it and had every intention of spoiling my first baby girl with beautiful clothing.  And I would never expect to be judged for it.   Now that I don’t have the means I trade photography and blogging for designer duds for my kids or otherwise window shop and perhaps lick the windows thinking about how we should not be apart like this.  Because I like pretty things. Sometimes pretty things with a high price-tag.


My kids have/do wear expensive clothing and yet I don’t consider it exclusive clothing that’s hindering their childhood where they have to just sit in a chair and be pretty in it. They play in it, run around outside in it, and spill chocolate milk on it.  They can trash a $400 dress just as well as the $14 one from Target and neither events is a tragedy for me. Or them.  Their closets are a mix of designer dresses, jeans from the Gap, some basics from Target, bling from Justice, boutique from Matilda Jane and a few things that I’ve picked up at thrift stores.  And I don’t expect anyone to judge my kids for dressing nicely or wearing something that costs a ridiculous amount.  I don’t preach to my kids about the importance of the brand or the cost of the products.


But I honestly do talk to them about looking their best.  I expect them to dress for a party(and for church when we’ve gone). To dress for a plane ride and to dress when we go out for dinner.  I expect them to look their best when they go to school. It can be in an outfit from Goodwill – but it should be clean, pressed and neatly worn. I think that shows respect for your teacher and for your school.


And I’d truly like to give Ms. Sandler the benefit of the doubt that maybe she didn’t mean that her 3 year old necessarily feels better about herself because of how she dresses. I mean she’s 3 and all. That maybe she just meant the clothes can make the girl-no matter what their age. I mean don’t you feel slightly more professional, more confident, more powerful, more sexy, more beautiful when you’re put together in something nice. What’s wrong with that.


I mean sure most of us cannot even begin to imagine spending $10,000 on one child’s Summer wardrobe but most of us cannot even imagine affording a family trip to Disney or buying a new car. It’s all relative.


And I don’t think you’re a bad parent for giving your kids what you can. Nowhere in the article does it say that she doesn’t also give to charity or not make her daughter do chores.


So I say go buy the Gucci shoes, the Christian Dior dress, and the Armani coat for your kids if you can. (Just remember that Astrid is a 3T(98 in Euro sizing) if you have a little extra.) We’re always talking about how we need to stop the constant judging and the mommy wars – so maybe we also need to stop judging other moms for how they choose to spend their own money.



Proper Motorcycle Riding Attire

Esther has been sad a lot lately. If you know Esther like we know Esther – you know she is not our sad child. She is usually the one skipping down the sidewalk, making up songs along the way, while taking notice of the pretty flowers near the path.

Esther giggles a lot and likes pretty things. She’s innocent to a fault and just wants everyone to like her.


And now Esther is struggling physically. We find her in tears because she is now always ‘it’ if the neighborhood kids are playing tag because once she is tagged there is no way she can catch and tag anyone else. She is the slowest runner. Even slower than the littler kids.

She cannot ride her bike. I don’t even think she wants to ride her bike. And we have tried everything and it’s just tears. She can’t figure out how to glide on her scooter. She’s been trying now for four years and she just cannot get it. She cannot do the monkey bars or tricks on the swing. She cannot go upside down on the rings.  Her latest heartbreak is not being about to do a cartwheel. Not even close. I’ve been working with her intensely for 3 weeks and she’s shown no progress. (Also just because you are 43 and you CAN still do cartwheels, front walk-overs, round-offs, and back bends doesn’t mean you SHOULD do them – someone bring this lady some ice STAT!)

This is hard when you are seven and what do seven year old girls do – cartwheel after cartwheel after cartwheel.


She’s stopped playing with kids at recess because she cannot keep up with their physical games.   She’s made no good friends this year at school because she doesn’t play with anyone because she just can’t. And they don’t want to do the ‘boring’ stuff that she does.


She’s been crying a lot lately.   My heart breaks for her struggle.

And yes we’ve made a doctor appointment to see if something is really wrong or maybe she will just never be a very coordinated kid.


I just don’t want her to feel left out just because there are so many things that she can’t seem to do.


There’s nothing worse than feeling left out when you’re seven or unfollowed when you’re 43.


In the meantime we need her to focus on what she can do. She can tell funny jokes and draw great pictures. She can make-up amazing songs and now she can ride a motorcycle.

She can ride it quite well. And there’s pretty much nothing cuter than a little girl with blond curls zipping by on a motorcycle.



Small style:

Leggings by Matilda Jane

Dress from Lemon Loves Lime

Cardigan from Target

Beauty – all her own



I think a good vacation is a bit like flying a kite.

When you are flying a kite you only pay attention to the kite and how to keep it up high. Flying.


One goal.

I think if a vacation is really a vacation you should really just pay attention to the vacation.

And maybe just the people you are with on that vacation.

The wind is so perfect here.


Esther is wearing a dress and track jacket from H&M and shoes from Oilily. Kite from Target. Perfect conditions thanks to the Atlantic Ocean.


Caught in the Half

I read a parenting book about nine years ago when I used to read parenting books..you know with my first child, and this book mentioned something about the cycle of temperaments in small children.  It said that usually they are the most calm, at ease, and go with the flow around their birthdays and then it said that basically everything goes to hell at their half-birthdays.  I’m sure it didn’t really say ‘go to hell’ and instead used some politically correct flowery parenting language…but that was the gist of the information.

I need to write my own parenting book with actual useful terms.


We are currently in the ‘everything has gone to hell’ stage with Astrid.

2 1/2 sucks in more ways than I can count.  It sucks even more for her sisters who are currently in their Winter birthday ‘happy and at ease’ modes.


And evidently I’m doing some awesome parenting with Astrid lately because by the time the day FINALLY ended today – Astrid’s last words to me were ‘please no more mad face at me, mama’ – to which I responded ‘I only make my mad face after you make your mad face ALL.DAY.LONG’  -which I know is super mature but my word let’s just simmer down now child.

She’s doing so many awesomely fun things right now – like asking for things to eat and then refusing to eat them and being potty trained and then deciding how awesome it is not to be potty trained.


Good times my friend.


But I know that in just a short time the upswing of happiness will occur again and I will put away my mad face until next Winter when she tries to again kill me when she is 3 1/2. Because I remember it being the same with my older kids.

But what generally pisses me off about the whole situation is the fact that the touchy-feely parenting book was right.


And I pretty much hate when that happens.


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My urban and mostly angry toddler is wearing:

-Amazingly buttery soft cotton Odette dress from Neige(and it’s currently 1/2 price..you’re welcome)

-H&M Black Leggings

-Her Target purple boots which really haven’t left her feet since October

-Target checked scarf that she took from Eloise(don’t tell)

-Crewcuts headband


How to Buy Nice Clothing for Kids on a Budget…

I admit that I can splurge on beautiful clothing for my kids.

I like pretty things. They like pretty things.  Our closets have exploded in dresses some seasons. I like quality clothing and fine fabrics. I’m a kids clothing snob. I know this. I own this.


I admit to my sins.


But I have reformed somewhat because while I like my kids to look nice and have a closet of pretties..I realize that perhaps paying for college one day should trump buying the finest dresses from France.



Anyway – you can still dress your kids like a princess in the finest boutique fashions on a budget if you truly try harder. I’m trying.

Here are some tips.

1.  Buy used – we have a few great consignment and used clothing shops here. I have also found Oilily and Mini Boden and many other brands at the local thrift stores. Yes, it takes some time to dig but you will get name brand boutique merchandise for pennies on the dollar truly.   I go thrifting and to consignment shops about one per month.

2. Buy on eBay. Now you will not always get a bargain but many times you will be surprised at the deals you can get.  Also if you don’t care about what season an item is from you can score last years ‘must have’ Euro $200 dress for less than $50.

3.  Participate and shop at a local weekend kid clothing swap/sale. These have popped up everywhere over the last few years.

4.  Garage sales. I admittedly am not a huge fan of scouring garage sales as the boutique clothing is few and far between but if you are looking for some basics this is a great way to go.

5. Clothing co-ops – get a group of friends together with your own ‘issues’ with buying upscale kids clothing and organize a shop/buy night for you all to buy each other’s goodies. It’s new to you!

6.  Buy off-season.  Right now most Winter clothing is 50-70% off so you can buy ahead for next year.

7. Sell your kids gently used clothing on eBay. I find that consignment stores don’t pay enough to make it worth my time so I would rather just donate, but my finer items I sell on eBay and then just use those funds to buy next season’s new wardrobe. It’s kind of like free that way, right?

8. Buy quality to hand-down or sell.  As much as I love a cute Target top or cardigan – I also know it’s usually just like throwing money down the drain(don’t tell them I said that). I can usually find a similar(better) item at Crewcuts or Gap or Boden on sale that really doesn’t cost that much more but will last through wash after wash and still look awesome to resell or hand down thus costing less in the long-run.

9. Learn to sew! Upcycling is huge right now.

10. Keep current on store coupons and what will stack and only buy on sale. There are many times that you can stack coupons and sales. Always wait for a sale.

11. Host a party for a brand of clothing that you love. House parties are on the rise again. Brands like Matilda Jane Clothing have local trunk keepers – so invite your friends over and you can earn free clothing for yourself and your kids!

Have fun shopping!! Do you have any other tips you use to buy the best for less?


Linking up to Small Style:

Astrid is wearing an Upcycled dress from Courtney Courtney, Target leggings and Sparkle Mary Jane’s from Lelli Kelly.



Hey Mom, what does LMFAO stand for? (A sidenote to my mother and mother-in-law here..LMFAO is a band)


It’s like LOL – you know Laughing Out Loud – just even more laughing.

But what do the exact letters stand for?


Well…Laughing My Fricking Arse Off is what it really means.

But the Fricking and Arse really are other words, right?


What other words could they be?

Oh you know mom…


No, no I don’t. What words are you talking about?  And how do you know there could be other words.

Well, I’ve heard you say the other fricking word..and I’ve even heard Astrid yell it to the cats…you know because you’ve accidentally said it in front of her. And I’ll just assume by Arse you mean the other ‘A’ word for bottom.


But how to you know the other word for bottom?


Mother, I am like nine. I know these things. I also know about the “S” word the “H” word and the “C” word.

YOU KNOW THE “C” WORD??? How do you know the “C” word?


Dad told me about it.


Well that is just not okay. You are NEVER allowed to use the “C” word! Even when you are 21.


Well Dad told me it wasn’t the worst of the bad words so why not. It’s just a little bit bad?

No, it’s like the mother of all bad words..never to be repeated.


But how is “crap” such a bad word compared to the other ones? Don’t be mad that I just said it.



(Esther butting in) – “Eloise, what are the F and A words you are talking about..can you tell me later because I want to know too.”


Um, Esther you can just wait until you’re in third grade. Six is much too young to hear these things.


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Eloise is wearing:

Harajuku sweatshirt from Gwen Stefani for Target

Tee, skirt and leggings from H&M

Ugg Boots from Nordstrom




How to Pick A Preschool

On January 1st I sat-up instantly in bed and said “OMG I’ve missed it haven’t I – it’s preschool application time isn’t it?! I’ve missed it and now Astrid won’t get into our preschool of choice for Fall.  She will never get into Harvard!”


Okay, I didn’t really say that nor pretend that I was in NYC for the intense preschool process -but I did have some pretty bad memories of just a short six years ago when we entered the preschool market with our first child.


Six years ago the process was intense, the best places filled up in minutes, and prices were high.


Turns our times have changed – I have a feeling it is the economy – but preschools are WIDE-OPEN right now..like Astrid is actually a hot commodity and we are getting marketed TO just to attend their school.


(I like pink tulips and red wine in case you are reading…dear preschool.  Oh and Astrid likes chocolate milk from McDonald’s and cake batter ice cream.)


So we’ve been touring preschools for the last two weeks because my word – CHOICES! And I have to laugh at how I am going about this process so differently with my third child versus with my first.


And I’ve made a list of questions/requirements that have completely changed.


First Child:  Quiz and ask for CPR demonstration from all teachers. Search rooms by crawling on floor to look for objects that child could swallow and choke. Analyze every toy and catalog to check for recalls.  Go down playground slide to test landing. Gives teachers 10 possible emergency phone numbers and s.o.s. signals.

Third child: Child comes to tour with marbles and Polly Pockets in her hands. Hand teacher a box of band-aids. Forget to leave phone number. Drop-off is at 8:55, yes?



First Child: Ask if snacks are organic and healthy choices. Nod and applaud their no-peanut policy.

Third Child: Ask if you could donate a bag of Fritos and that you are totally okay with them just slapping some peanut butter on some bread. Drop-off is at 8:55, yes?


Enrichment Activities:

First Child: Ask specific questions about what they will read, what field trips they take, museums and artists they will study, what toys will develop their creativity, guest artists schedules, is the playdoh homemade.

Third Child: So drop-off is at 8:55, yes? Can we drop-off earlier?


Gross Motor Opportunities:

First Child:  Analyze playground equipment. Measure square-footage per child in the gym.

Third Child: Do you have a Wii? Drop-off is at 8:55, yes?


What Astrid wore during a Preschool tour and shopping with mom last week:

Lagoon tee, Mimi Dress, Miso Sweater and Mac Leggings all from Matilda Jane Clothing. (Did you know I sell Matilda Jane? – Spring launches February 1st – email me and I’ll set you up. 😉 Target Ugg knock-offs and fabulous hat from Nuxie Made.


And now that I look at her…I don’t think I’m ready for my best friend to leave me and go to preschool. No, I think I need her home with me…maybe just one more year. She is my baby you know.  Holding tight.


Small Style – The Difference Between Animals and Sisters..

The big girls went back to school today.  It was a happy day until I realized how much Astrid counts on her big sisters to play with her.


They play ring-around-the-rosie and hours of Candy Land.  They play Little People farm and baby dolls. They sit and read to her and play dress-up.

They are Astrid’s best friends. Her only friends.


And now she is alone. With me and the cats.


She asked me to play Candy Land – which I did – but she needed more people to use the other two ‘guys’ so she made Truffle the cat and her stuffed reindeer play with us.

And then she got really, really sad that neither Truffle nor the stuffed reindeer could pick up the cards nor move their ‘guys’ because – as she said loudly “MOMMY, ANIMALS DON’T HAVE HANDS!!!” And she shoved them away from her game.


And she sat there crying that her stuffed animals and cats could never be that fun to play with because they only have feet and NO HANDS.


So she sat at the window all day just watching for her sisters.  “You know mama, my friends with hands who can play games.”


I told her she was discriminating and it did not make me happy.  Even friends without hands can be fun.

But she insisted she was right by telling me “No mama, animals just aren’t that fun to play Candy Land with.”


I’ll take her word for it.


Damn cats.

Astrid is wearing:

Purple velour dress and tights from Target, very cheap pink sparkle boots from Old Navy, faux fur bear coat from Oilily, and her typical hat from NuxieMade.



She Talks With Her Eyes..

Esther is incredibly expressive. I really need to get her on video because when she talks – she’s not just moving her mouth.We sometimes imagine a future of musical theatre for this child.

She sings when she pees and hums while she eats. She sings herself to sleep and wakes up each morning with a song.

Which is why I do believe her alibi that she was singing showtunes when the incident happened.

Esther is always very random. If you ask her what color the sky is today she will instead tell you about Jupiter and lollipops.

Esther wears a twirly dress almost everyday so she can easily dance and spin, but at almost seven, she is now growing up and wants to look like the big kids. Now maybe she will learn hip-hop.

Which is fine with me – as long as she never stops singing or telling her expressive stories.

I’ve never known how to explain the way that Esther talks. It’s different and always with more than just words…Until we saw my Grandmother last weekend and she looked right at Esther as Esther was going on and on about perhaps the color pink and my Grandmother said “my word that child talks with her eyes – you can hear everything that girls says just by watching them even if you couldn’t hear her words..” Joy.

Happy Friday you all. xo


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Esther is wearing a sweatshirt tunic from 77Kids

Leggings from Target

UGG boots from Nordstroms

Smiles and bright eyes – a gift from above

Oh and I did the braid


WINNER announced! Fashion Playtes Secret Sale and Giveaway!

Thank you for entering and shopping! And the winner of the $50 gift card to Fashion Playtes is…

Congrats to Jackie – I will be in touch via email shortly!!


November 2, 2011 | 2:05 pm  Edit

I follow via GFC.


Hi, my name is Tracy and I buy way too many clothes for my kids.


I know – awesome right? Never enough. Never enough.


Do you remember last year when I told you about Fashion Playtes -which is an amazing design-it-yourself online fashion destination for girls?


Well I am working with them again with some exciting news!

Maybe you have a young Betsey Johnson or Diana Von Furstenberg in your house? Let me re-introduce you to FashionPlaytes.com. This clothing design site for girls 5-12 encourages creativity and positive self-expression and is so amazingly fun to use.


First, choose an item of clothing (from dresses, t-shirts, denim jackets & more) and color. Then, it’s time to embellish! Pick from thousands of graphics, appliques, ribbons, tulle underlayers & rhinestones to create a truly one-of-a-kind look. Finished designs can be shared to family & friends. Even better? You can have your outfit made to order & shipped to your house within 2-3 weeks!


My girls still wear the clothing they designed and love to share the news with their friends that they were the designers.  They also now want to make matching clothing for their dolls which is such a great option at Fashion Playtes.

Here’s where it gets good: Sellabitmum(that would be me talking about myself in the third person) & FashionPlaytes.com have teamed up for a great Secret Sale. Open only to my readers via a special link below, you’ll have a chance to shop the best of FashionPlaytes at discounts of 40% and more. Their quality is wonderful, so why not jump on this wonderful opportunity!

Here is your special link for this secret savings. Now is a great time for her to design something for the Holidays or for school at a very affordable price.

And more big news – WIN IT!

I am also thrilled to offer my readers a chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate from Fashion Playtes! Here’s how.

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To find out more about Fashion Playtes – check out their Facebook page!

Have fun shopping the secret sale! I cannot wait to hear all about the gorgeousness you’ve designed.

**Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I just love FahionPlaytes.com and am excited to offer this sale and giveaway to my readers.


Bacon Butts and Noodle Hair…

I don’t believe in eating small children. Or big children for that matter…but truly toddlers are so yummy.


What is it about them.  They are still so amazingly cute and baby-like but they can communicate and make us laugh and they aren’t old enough to just stink and be gross.

They are at that age where their snuggles are endless and their wonder abounds.


So we have this game.


I ask Astrid “Oh I just need to take a taste of you – what can I taste today you are just so delicious I need to eat you up!?”

And she replies and points “Oh my ear. My ear tastes like sprinkles today!”


So I take a small pretend taste.


And she says “Try my other ear?” and turns so I can taste that too.


Then she says “Try my cheek now” and points and says “this one is peanut butter and this one is jelly.”


I taste them both.


I finish up with her chocolate nose and whipped cream forehead and then she tries to convince me that her hair is noodles and I should try them.


After whipped cream I’m not sure I’m in the noodle mood, but I try anyway and she’s right – noodles hit the spot.

Then she turns around and says “Mama, you want some bacon butt.”


Well I am a vegetarian, but who can resist bacon?


What are some games you play/have played with your toddler that makes/made them giggle?


Astrid is in head to toe Matilda Jane

– Amethyst ruffle pants

June Bug Lap Dress

Miso Sweater

– Custom M2M Matilda Jane bow from etsy by MayBaby

Purple patented shoes from Target



My Kid is Wearing Jeans – Tube Tops are Next Right?

Do you see this sweet girl here.  The six year old who is my sweet sunshine of light each day.
The child who bounces out of bed each morning and nearly tackles everyone she sees with her hugs and snuggles and almost sings a show tune she is so happy for the morning.


The child who randomly holds your face in her hands and tells you how much she loves you.
The child who likes to dress up in princess outfits, wear the twirliest of skirts, and bows in her hair.


The child who has never owned, worn, nor asked for a pair of jeans.
The child who started first grade a few weeks ago and came home asking for jeans.  Because everyone wears jeans.


And I cried. I then considered the cost to buy dresses for the other eleven girls in her class but decided that one simple pair of jeans for Esther would be more cost effective.


So I did.


And she wore them today. Her first time wearing jeans.
Her smile could not have been bigger.


My sweet girly girl is growing up. I hope she will still play princesses with me on Saturdays as I need to get more use of my new pink taffeta and tulle.


Linking up with Small Style today. Esther is wearing:

Straight Leg Jeans from The Gap so help me god

Bunny shirt with d’bling bling and matching scarf from Justice of all places. Please don’t report me.

The outfit saver being the Missoni sweater sold out in all sizes from Target but it can be YOURS for $169.99 – call me

And the piece de resistance – of course the Twinkle Toes from Skechers and yes may peace also be with you. And peace signs of course.