Project 365 weeks 16/17 – National Infertility Awareness Week

I missed posting my Saturday project 365 post last week because we were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary.  And I forgot to come back and tell you all that the special dessert of the night at the restaurant was actually WILD BERRY TORTE(I am apparently psychic). I kid you not. I was nice and told Jed that I thought it was a bad idea to order it. I may have also accidentally called him Peeta.


May I just give a plug to the restaurant where we dined.  We ate at the St. Paul Grill.(they don’t know me nor did they ask that I mention them) I hadn’t been there in probably 10 years. I used to go a lot for business dinners, but in the few times we’ve actually gone out for an adults only dinners in the last decade it hasn’t been on my radar. We like to go to Minneapolis or to try the new hot spot or a new small spot that everyone is raving about. The St. Paul Grill was incredible – the food, the service, the table – everything.  We will be back more often. I had forgotten how much I love that place and just the classic perfection.  It also didn’t hurt that we ran into Jed’s friend Norm.


So here are my random daily phone pictures from the past two weeks.


I look at these and laugh because yeah – Astrid seems to be the star.  Now you know what I pretty much do with my days. It makes me realize that my days would be so different if she never arrived. I cannot imagine.  I need you to know that not a day goes by that I don’t realize how lucky we are because of her.


I had my annual(and by annual, I mean I haven’t gone since Astrid was born) exam yesterday.  My doctor walked in and the first words out of her mouth were “and how is your miracle?”  She remembered. And she followed that question with “you know sometimes I tell my other patients your story…I hope you don’t mind…sometimes I just need to give them some hope when it seems there is no hope to be found.”


I wasn’t sure how to take that.  It’s one of those things that is such a personal struggle for everyone  – one that I’ve barely talked about it here nor at the time did I even talk about it with friends and family.  And it’s one of those things that is so emotional to the core that sometimes I can feel guilty for getting lucky. But during National Infertility Awareness Week I do want you to know I’m sending out so many prayers, hope, love and hugs and support to everyone who has and is struggling with infertility, and I want to raise awareness to the support and friendship that everyone needs during their struggle.


Much love.