I Heart Faces – Beautiful Eyes

Finding the catch-light in the eyes was my first lesson in photography. No matter how awful I mess up the white balance, or overexpose the image, or capture the moment relatively out of focus – I cannot stop looking at their eyes.

When we go outside and I say “look up and give mommy a big smooch” – I see it – that light in their eyes. And I melt a thousand melts of motherhood.


It doesn’t get much better.


Bright and Vivid –

My middle daughter owns my heart. I don’t know how to explain it. I love all of my children equally – that is a given.

But this child knows how to enjoy life.  This is the child I worry the least about. This is the child who lights up a room.  This is the child that when she does cry, I know it is serious.

This is the child that never complains and will take the smaller piece of candy to make sure everyone else has enough.  This is the child that doesn’t even have her own bedroom and doesn’t care. She accepts hand me down clothes, bikes and backpacks from her sister without a word.  This child asks for nothing but a few snuggles a day, a bow in her hair, and a bowl of fruit to eat.

This child sings all day long and likes to skip instead of walk.

This child makes my heart hurt from her simple goodness.  My wish for her is to always be good.

And not just for what she is wearing, but for how she IS every single day – I am entering this photo in the weekly I Heart Faces photo challenge… Bright and Vivid.


I Heart Faces – People’s Choice..

I didn’t win for my yellow last week. The entries were truly amazing.  I feel so inspired when I look at the winning entries. Beauty. Talent. Wow.

This week we post our favorite picture from May.

Catching a quick kiss between Astrid and her daddy was a winning moment for sure.


I Heart Faces – Yellow

Linking a picture up with I Heart Faces this week. The challenge is Yellow.

I think yellow is an underrated color. Rarely do people say that yellow is their favorite color. The girls like pink and purple..the boys blue and red..the grown-ups green and maybe black or gray.

There aren’t enough yellow houses or yellow dresses or yellow cars.  The yellow crayon is not so heavily used. No one except children appreciate a dandelion. Somehow the bright and beautiful color of the sun gets left out.

Sometimes I think living in a yellow house would make me smile everyday when I got home.  Cheerful.

But maybe it is just too bright. Too hard to stare at for long periods. Annoying like you cannot really look at the sun.

Like the sun, maybe yellow is good in moderation.

What do you think? What is your favorite color and why?


I Heart Faces – Motherhood…

Linking the b&w picture below with the I Heart Faces photo challenge this week.

Do you ever scare yourself when you talk to your mom on the phone and you hear yourself talking back to you. And you are both getting so old that you cannot remember if you are really talking to your mom or just to yourself. Yeah that.

Just when we don’t think it’s going to happen – we turn into our mothers.

Not completely though – I’d like to think that the female species is an evolving and smart creature. We learn from our mother’s unfortunate choices and we do just a bit better.  Maybe by the next generation, we will truly rule the world. I can almost taste world peace all wrapped up in joy with an Anthropologie dress some smart flats from Tory Burch and a Louis bag for all.  Happy communes of women with pool boys serving champagne as we care for each other’s children.

I have my mother’s fierce determination, her sarcasm and her quick laugh and ability to cry at the drop of a hat. We wear our emotions on our sleeves and don’t apologize for it.  I can scream like you’ve never heard a scream, but I will be your most loyal friend and keep our whispers of secrets silent forever in trust – a trait I inherited from her.

Thankfully though, I don’t keep ketchup from 1998 or buy 50 cake mixes just because they are on sale.

I love how the face of motherhood has changed in my generation.  When I was a baby – most mother’s were young. Just out of high school, just out of college.  Now first time mothers are easily found in their 40’s.  Even so I’ve still been confused for Astrid’s grandmother.  So I try to keep up with the Nutrisse nights and I bought the Botox Groupon.

And when I am really a grandma, holy shit will I look the part.

And because I am actually in the photos for once(thank you self-timer)..I am also linking up with Mommy and Me Monday.


I Heart Faces – Cell Phone…

I haven’t submitted a photo to I Heart Faces for several months.  I kind of decided to just take pictures for me..well, and for you and started getting all freaked out about taking just the right photo for the challenge and never feeling I got it right and then getting all disappointed for “losing” every week…lol, like it mattered and then I started the craziness all over again and OMG I like have this oldest child competitive crap going through my old effing head and I am not even an oldest child.

So I decided that linking up photos was NOT for me.  But this week, the challenge is taking a pictures with your cell phone.  I take pictures with my phone every day. Heck, Esther takes pictures with my phone every day.  So for the challenge, I decided to do NOTHING. I would not plan a picture, think about a picture, obsess about a picture. I decided I would just take pictures like a regular, non OCD, competitive person and on Sunday night, I would just pick my favorite. If there was one.

It was actually pretty easy – because my favorite captured our life this weekend. Lazy, happy, messy and of course – perfectly adorable.

I don’t know how I caught my dad holding Astrid, while Astrid held hugged her doll and looked in the mirror saying “baby baby baby”, while my house in the background and foreground was a weekend of messiness, while the light from the window just shined like pure happiness on this beautiful moment – but I did.   It was the highlight of my weekend.  How’s that for excitement in the Midwest.


I Heart Faces – Chalk

Using one of my favorite pictures from this summer for this week’s challenge…

The saggy diaper is my favorite part. Totally saving to show at her wedding someday.


I Heart Faces – Photojournalism…First Steps…

This week’s photo challenge at I Heart Faces is “Photojournalism” – using a photo, or a set of photos to tell a story.

Well do I have a story this week – perhaps I should just let Astrid do the talking..I mean WALKING.

Baby’s First Steps.
I now need a moment to cry.

Also linking up with Sweet Shot Tuesday…
Sweet Shot Day


I Heart Faces Weekly Challenge – Pets

I am entering a photo this week for the I Heart Faces weekly challenge.
This week the challenge is Pets.

This was the only week I wish I had a dog because they listen.

Donut doesn’t listen or really give a damn what you want to do or what you say.  He is worse than a baby to photograph.

So I felt pretty lucky to get him mid-lick.

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Play – I Heart Faces…

I am submitting a photo again to I heart faces for their weekly photo challenge. This week’s challenge is “play.”

I think this photo shows playing in such a pure and serene scene.  I love when my kids play in the kitchen while I cook.



I Heart Faces – Yellow

I am submitting a photo again to I heart faces for their weekly photo challenge. This week’s challenge is “yellow.”
I caught Eloise reading on the porch Saturday morning.  She is working her way through the Anne of Green Gables series that Kristi has lovingly loaned us.  She continues to amaze me with her reading ability.  Now I just need to teach her some boundaries, as she has started reading my emails.



Faces & Flowers

I have been reading and ooohing and aaahing at the I heart faces site for the past few months and am finally entering their weekly challenge.  This week’s challenge is Faces & Flowers.

My goal this Summer is to really improve and work on my photography – from lighting to composure from posing to editing.  I really want to do more with this art.

So here is my entry – do you think I will be the only one with a scowling baby?

xoxo, t