A Man Goes to the Market..

I have a lot on my plate.  Once in awhile my husband sweetly asks “may I go grocery shopping for you?”  You know, to lighten my load.

So I shoot daggers out of my eyes sweetly reply “really, no thank you, I can manage the shopping.”

I decline, not to be a martyr, but for the love of god, do you know how much work it is to send him to the grocery store?

My shopping list

My phone rings at least 25 times, a minimum of 10 texts come in, the list I have to write takes me 12 hours to write to make sure all details are covered and products are not confused, and he takes about 10 hours to do the shopping and by then..dinner is over!

Same shopping list written for him…but still not enough as the phone continually rings

But I am ever so grateful for his offer.


Jenny Matlock