Straight Talk Straight Teeth

I was born with a small mouth and waaayyy too many teeth to fit in that mouth. I could not wait until I could get braces and get my teeth straightened. I had rows of teeth coming in at all angles. It was a disaster. And as soon as all three of our kids’ baby teeth started coming in -well I saw how perfect and close together they were..and I knew they took after me. Once they lost a tooth – the adult tooth would come in behind their baby teeth and pretty soon my sweet girls were sitting here with rows of teeth and teeth all over the place. I apologized immediately for giving them this trait, along with the fact that they have such an early bedtime, and then I promptly took them to the orthodontist once they were old enough. It was time for some straight talk for straight teeth.


Eloise had a few teeth pulled and has already completed phase one of her braces and teeth straightening process – and those braces were on for just about a year. I barely recognize her as that sweet girl with the teeth – or barely even the girl last year with the braces. This is how fast kids change.


And now this girl is spitting out molars. Seriously – she opens her mouth and a tooth comes out. She lost three last week. And the sad thing is that she just hands them to me. And I’m all like “Don’t you want to put that under your pillow?” And she gives me a ‘side-eye’ look and walks away. The first time she did this I put a note under her pillow.


Dear Eloise, I heard you lost a tooth and yet you didn’t leave it under your pillow for me. I’m hurt. I’m deeply hurt that you could forgot about me like this. After all we’ve been to each other. In fact, I was going to leave you like $200 for a molar. Your loss. Love, The Tooth Fairy Forever EXCEPT TO YOU.


The next day she handed this note over to me with a hand-written note on it. “Nice try Mom.”


So two days later and two more teeth later I left another note.


Dear Eloise, I know you’ve lost more teeth. Did you know that your friend Sara lost a tooth last week and I gave her Taylor Swift concert tickets? Right? So cool – and that’s what everyone is getting BUT YOU. Love, The Tooth Fairy Forever.


That morning Eloise walked downstairs and just gave me the ‘side-eye’ without even a word.




So after she the rest of these teeth fall out and her adult teeth are in, we will start phase two of her teeth straightening plan. She is lobbying HARD for Invisalign Teen for this phase rather than tradition wires and brackets because she feels it would look better, be easier, and she’s responsible enough to ensure she will wear them as instructed.


This is something we will have to decide soon.  And our orthodontist does recommended them as there are many benefits:

– It’s easier to play sports or instruments without interference as it’s removable

– Your teeth stay cleaner as brushing and flossing is easy as it’s removable and there are no food restrictions

– Invisalign Teen is just as effective as traditional wire braces

– The cost is about the same as traditional braces

And our orthodontist has alleviated my question as I wondered if Invisalign takes longer to complete than braces. This is a myth – as the length of Invisalign treatment is very comparable to braces. This is good news for Eloise. And the other good news for us is that Invisalign is covered by insurance the same as braces on our policy.


Head over to their site for more information on how Invisalign works. And you can also find an Invisalign dentist.


But now for the BEST NEWS! Use the Rafflecopter widget below for your chance to win a FREE INVISALIGN TREATMENT!

Enter the Straight Talk Sweepstakes today!

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Find Invisalign all over social media!

Invisalign Website:
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Have you or someone you’ve known used Invisalign? And if so, what was their experience?


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all thoughts, words and opinions are mine.


Holiday Hosting Tips By Hampton And A Giveaway! #HamptonHoliday

The holiday season is HERE. Oh my gosh – did I say that too loudly? I have so much to do it seems between school parties and activities, shopping, cooking. cleaning, wrapping and just making sure it all gets done! Not to mention guests and the actual holiday!


I remember being little and going to Christmas at my grandparent’s house and having dozens and dozens of people in their home. And not enough bathrooms… And now when we visit relatives for the holidays I admit I like my own space – and with three kids let’s be honest, sometimes it’s nice to have a good nights sleep somewhere else besides on a blow-up air mattress in the living room. I love my relatives – but seeing them at 5:30am in their robes a few days in a row just doesn’t say Happy Holidays to me.


So, we typically book a hotel when we travel now for the Holidays. And a simple night in a hotel room feels like a HUGE vacation for a little kid – so it’s really a win/win for all of us.


This year, Hampton has partnered with Jenny Steffens Hobick to give some amazing Holiday Hosting Tips!

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One Direction World Tour Minneapolis Ticket Giveaway

Congrats to KAITLYN – YOU’VE WON! Watch your email! Thanks to everyone for entering!

Hey One Direction Fans…

You’re insecure,
Don’t know what for,
You’re turning heads when you walk through the door,
Don’t need make up,
To cover up,
Being the way that you are is enough,

Everyone else in the room can see it,
Everyone else but you,


That’s what makes you beautiful…


Okay tween and teen girl moms – who sings that song?? And don’t tell me you haven’t turned the radio up full blast, windows down, and belted out that song FULL ON while driving even when your kids haven’t been in the car… What you too?


I love One Direction. So do my kids – their songs are fun and easy to sing and dance to, and dang they are adorable.

We my kids were excited when the One Direction World Tour was announced AND that Minneapolis was on the list. And then severe depression set in when we realized that we would be out of town during the could not attend.


BUT YOU CAN and I have an amazing giveaway for you today…just wait.

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Listen To Your Mother Twin Cities Update and Ticket Giveaway

We are less than a month away from the inaugural Listen To Your Mother Twin Cities show! Seriously, so if you don’t see me writing very much over the next few weeks it’s because we are getting ready to put on an amazing show for you all as we celebrate Mother’s Day!

I hope you can join us. Have you heard about our amazing cast? We have the best cast ever that features local talented women who will tell stories from the hilarious to the heartfelt as we give Motherhood a Microphone on May 9th in Minneapolis. Our cast will also feature Lorna Landvik – so you must come!


Listen To Your Mother Twin Cities Show Details:

Thursday, May 9th at 7pm at the Riverview Theater

Tickets available for $15 in advance here

(More at the door the day of the show)


So bring your mom, your spouse, your kids, your aunts, your grandma, your neighbors and friends and come celebrate Mother’s Day with us this May.


If you want to learn more about this inspiring show – just listen and watch this three minute video featuring Ann Imig, the founder of LTYM..


And now I know you want to attend – and I have tickets that I’m giving away!!!


Leave a blog comment here and enter to win a 2 pack of tickets to the LTYM- Twin Cities show on May 9th! More ways to win by sharing on Facebook and Twitter.  Then go visit Heather, Galit, and Vikki, AND our LTYM-Twin Cities site for more ways to win. We are giving away FOUR 2-packs of tickets to the show.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


And if you just cannot wait around for a week to find out if you’ve won – well just go buy some tickets now and we’ll see you there for sure!


See you all on May 9th and thank you to everyone for supporting this great event!


Hallmark Recordable Storybook & Disney On Ice Giveaway #twincities

You may have read my post last May where I documented the Five Stages Of Planning A Disney Vacation. You may have also noticed that we are not currently, have not been, nor are currently planning on vacationing at Disney because The Mouse did not make it into our budget this year.


So can I just say that thank goodness Disney travels around the country so we can get some Disney Magic close to home.


Hallmark is sponsoring the Disney On Ice tour that is currently visiting cities across the nation, including our city! Yay! So maybe it’s not a week at the Magic Kingdom but it is a fun few hours for my girls to get their princess fix, amiright? Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic will come to Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul for eight performances Dec. 6-9…and you can get in on the magic too….


Join the celebration as 65 of Disney’s unforgettable characters from 18 beloved stories come to life in Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic!  You’ll be captivated by the one and only Mickey Mouse, the irresistible Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio and all the Disney Princesses.  Be thrilled by exciting moments from The Lion King; Mulan; and Disney/Pixar’s Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Toy Story films; in a skating spectacular filled with magical Disney moments you’ll remember forever as Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic!

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P.S. from Aéropostale™ $50 Gift Card Giveaway!

It comes as no surprise to any of my readers that I love to shop. Of course I love to shop for myself but as any typical mom I tend to spend my money on cute clothing for my kids because everything seriously looks better in kid sizes!

Over the past couple of years my older girls have really started to develop their own style so it’s been super fun to do back to school shopping and holiday shopping and just let them find some amazing outfits. It also means that they have their own opinions about what stores they like. However, I am still the one holding the pocket book – so I still like to assert some of my veto power.


One store that we all agree on is P.S. from Aeropostale. Their styles are amazing, they have trend-savvy items that my kids love, and at a price point that I can live with. What I also love about P.S. from Aeropostale is that it’s a fun store to shop – they always seem to have a fun activity going on and it’s seriously a bright and happy place and easy to find some fabulous items.They have amazing selections for both boys and girls! And great gift ideas!

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Phineas and Ferb Live! Twin Cities Show Ticket Giveaway!

Okay I’ll come out and admit right now that I am a bit of snob when it comes to television programming for kids. But there is one show that I always say yes to and that is Phineas and Ferb. I love that show. It’s just the right amount of kid fun, adult humor, creativity and mischief. (Don’t tell my kids but I’ve actually watched a few episodes while there were no kids around…shhh..).

So I might have been the one jumping up and down with the folks at Feld Entertainment contacted me to tell me that Phineas and Ferb Live! was coming to The Xcel Energy Center  in St. Paul on October 21, 2012 for two shows!! And I decided it would be weird to go alone so I’m even taking my kids to a show with me!

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Trains, Trains and More Trains – and a Giveaway

Well here is something that I bet you never thought I would blog about?




I know, with three little girly-girls you would think I would have no business talking about trains today.


But here’s the thing. My grandpa worked nearly his whole adult life on a train. He would work the trains that brought iron ore down from Minnesota’s Iron Range to be loaded onto the ships in Duluth’s harbor. It wasn’t a glamorous life, but it was a good and honest living. He worked long and hard hours and overnight shifts to provide for his large family.There were pictures of trains in their home, and little models of trains and little play conductors.


When I was in college I worked as a tour guide on the Duluth harbor boats and would tell everyone to wave at the trains on the iron loading docks just in case my grandpa happened to be working that day.


I was always so proud of what he did for a living.


And now watching my girls grow-up and play – I noted how my older two daughters never chose to play with trains or toy cars or action figures. They would migrate to their dolls and markers and their dress-up chests and fairy wings. So color me surprised when Astrid first started walking how she would immediately migrate to someone’s train table..and how the only thing she wanted for Christmas was a toy train set. And now how she knows all of the characters on all the train shows and insists that if we are in the neighborhood that we visit Choo Choo Bob’s Train Store and watch the trains go round and round.


Do you look at your children and wonder who they will favor as they grow – whether by looks, interests and personalities? Well I’d like to think that my grandpa is smiling down every time he watches Astrid play with her trains.


So I was thrilled when Choo Choo Bobs contacted me last week about their live screening and concert in Minneapolis this Saturday! Astrid is going to be in train heaven!

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Confessions of a Scary Mommy Book Giveaway!

Hugging Jill Smokler was a highlight of my trip to BlogHer this year.  I wanted to thank her personally for giving mothers a forum where it’s okay to laugh and to cry and to swear and to make fun of and make light of but still…absolutely love motherhood without having to just display all of the flowery beautiful crap on our blogs.


I may have also asked Jill to be my sister-wife.   She either declined or walked away politely and maybe bought me a drink. I don’t quite remember….


Anyway, Jill’s Scary Mommy blog makes me laugh daily and nod my head in agreement and makes me feel a lot less guilty for thinking how ridiculous some days are when you spend them mostly around small children.


But what I love most about Jill is that through her humor and her very honest take on motherhood – I see her love and passion there for raising thoughtful and compassionate children and it makes me smile and love her even more.


So when Jill announced that Confessions of a Scary Mommy was being published I said “every mother needs to read this book and know that everything will be okay even when you laugh behind your kid’s backs.”

And I knew Confessions of a Scary Mommy would be fabulous when I turned it over and the back cover told me I must recite these vows before reading:

1.  I shall remember that no mother is perfect and my children will thrive because, and sometimes even in spite, of me.

2. I shall not preach to a fellow mother who has not asked my opintion. It’s none of my damn business.

3. I shall maintain a sense of humor about all things motherhood.


A to the freaking men.


Jill’s stories are heartfelt, honest and hilarious. Sometimes I feel like it’s almost a guilty pleasure reading her essays, as how does she know how I feel about motherhood and HOW does she say it all so honestly and openly?   Every mother – new and old(like me) need to read Jill’s book and share it with a friend.  It should become the go-to new mom gift for 2012!


And now it can be yours!  Confessions of a Scary Mommy comes out on April 3rd and you can pre-order your copy here!


However – Jill is generously giving away an autographed hardcopy of Confessions of a Scary Mommy to one of my readers!!!


How to enter to win – Just leave a comment on this post on what makes you a Scary Mommy.


Optional second entry for sharing on twitter or facebook – just leave a comment if you do either or both of these. Heck tweet and fb daily and leave a comment each day. You know you want a personal autographed book from Jill, right?


Giveaway closes on Sunday night April 1st  at 9pm cst and winner will be emailed immediately.


Disclosure: I was provided an advanced signed copy of the book from Jill because I think she is still secretly thinking about my sister-wife offer. (Call me…;)


WIWW – Shabby Apple Lighthouse Dress Giveaway!

First to show you what I wore this week. I own the Matilda Jane Charlie dress is both plum and brown. I can safely call this my mommy uniform – instead of yoga pants and tee I slip on black leggings and a Charlie dress – just add a belt, cardigan, cute boots, a scarf, earrings and go. Amazing for lounging around the house, running errands or even for the office.

pleated poppy

What is your go-to mommy uniform?


Secondly – and more importantly – because I am a dress girl – I am thrilled to offer a Giveaway today for the exquisite Lighthouse Dress from Shabby Apple – an amazing online boutique of women’s dresses!

Shabby Apple’s dresses are all simply stunning and traditional yet flirty and modern. Shabby Apple wants to make women feel feminine and beautiful for what they wear, not what they bare. They offer flirty, stylish dresses a woman can wear just as comfortably in the office, at a family dinner, or on a date. Shabby Apple is a fashion company for women, by women, and of women. Because serving women and families is a core value at Shabby Apple, they devote a certain percentage of our net proceeds to charitable causes serving women and children.


A little about the Lighthouse dress:

Cool layers of white cotton lawn dip and duck into the nipped waist of this Hollywood starlet-inspired summer frock.  Perfect for a cruise, this sunny double layer dress sports an under-bodice of butter-yellow cotton voile with a bright white bow belt. Pleats at the collar and waist finish it with an expertly tailored appeal. This delightfully done-up dress will take you from the upper deck to an evening stroll around the lighthouse in no time.  This dress is made from a lightweight, delicate fabric

Seriously amazing, yes.? Makes me so ready for Spring. – You need  The Shabby Apple Lighthouse dress!!


So here’s how you win her and take her home.

Win it!

Win the Lighthouse dress in your choice of available sizes from Shabby Apple.($89 retail price)


Mandatory Entry:

Visit Shabby Apple’s Women’s Dresses and come back here and leave a comment on this post with your favorite dress!


Optional Entries: (please leave a comment on this post with each additional entry you complete)

Pin the giveaway picture in this post to your personal pin boards

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Giveaway ends Thursday, February 16th at 8pm EST. Winner will be notified via email and is open to US residents only.


Disclosure: The fabulous Lighthouse dress is provided to you directly from Shabby Apple!


Sesame Street Live – Elmo Makes Music Ticket Giveaway!

I remember when Elmo entered our home for the first time. I was hospitalized for a kidney infection when Eloise was 18 months old. I had never been away from her before and I was a complete wreck.  I remember walking down to the hospital gift store – wheeling my IV – oh and stopping at the coffee shop for a proper latte – and found the cutest floppy red and fuzzy Elmo stuffed animal. I bought it for Eloise and gave it to her when I went home later that week. And while at nine years old she doesn’t sleep with him anymore – he still hangs out in her room.


Also – cute fact…when Astrid started talking last year she could not pronounce “Eloise” so she called her “Elmo” instead and now all of us call “Eloise” “Elmo” – only in our home of course. She would die if her friends knew her proper name is now “Elmo.”


So we are so excited to see Elmo LIVE next month!!! Join us won’t you…


Sesame Street Live presents “Elmo Makes Music!”

Thursday, January 12 – Sunday January 15 at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota!



Mark your calendar for a musical event like no other-monsters making music! Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Big Bird and all their Sesame Street friends are taking to the stage to share their love of music in Sesame Street Live “Elmo Makes Music.”



Jenny, an enthusiastic new music teacher, arrives on Sesame Street only to discover that her instruments are missing. Jenny’s new Muppet friends quickly come to the rescue and discover ’instruments’ they never knew existed…rubber duckies, trash can lids and even cookie jars! Elmo and friends teach children that everyone can make and enjoy beautiful music together!


Also now enjoy the NEW Play Zone!
Come and play BEFORE the show! VEE Corporation introduces Play Zone at Sesame Street Live – a fun new way for children to experience their favorite street! Imagine your child sitting in Big Bird’s nest, popping up in Oscar’s trash can, twirling in Zoe’s dance studio or visiting Elmo’s World. A few furry friends may also make a surprise appearance! Families won’t want to miss a single moment of fun. Play Zone opens one hour before the show and – best of all – Play Zone is FREE with your Sesame Street Live ticket!


Elmo Makes Music will be taking over the Target Center in Minneapolis January 11-15th and I’ve got a family pack of four tickets to give away!



Four tickets to Sesame Street Live – Elmo Makes Music at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN – You will receive 4 vouchers that are good for any show during the their run in Minneapolis January 12-15, 2012


Mandatory Entry


Comment on this blog post and tell me why you love Elmo so much. 😉


Optional Entries(please leave an additional comment on this blog post for each entry you complete)

1. Follow me on twitter

2.  Tweet out the giveaway – you may tweet it out twice per day.

Win 4 tickets to Sesame Street Live – Elmo Makes Music #twincities from @sellabitmum

3. Share this giveaway on facebook

Giveaway ends Monday, December 19th at 6pm Central and winner will be notified immediately. Good luck!

Disclosure:I was provided with tickets for this giveaway. Words are mine. Also, I love Elmo.


If you would like to purchase your own tickets – here is a form for you to purchase them at a discount! Enjoy!!



WINNER ANNOUNCED! A Cities 97 Radio Sampler Volume 23 CD – Giveaway!

Congrats to Julie Gardner – I will be in touch today for your mailing addy. That way you also receive one of my holiday cards – it’s like a twofer. xoxo


Thank you to everyone for entering and helping fight breast cancer.


We have a tradition every November. We cross the days off until the Thursday when the Cities 97 Sampler CD is released.

Then Jed gets up super early and goes and stands outside our local Target for a few hours in the cold. I stay home in my jammies with my coffee. Traditions are so awesome. I text him a lot “are you there yet” “is it really cold out” “are there lots of people there” “how far back in line are you” “get 2 – remember to get 2 copies!” “oh and grab me a non-fat latte before you leave” “oh and toilet paper and milk and apples and tampons and cat food”


And Jed texts me back “STOP IT!” “doing this was so much better before texting was invented”


The Cities 97 Sampler CD might be a local Minnesota thing – but the music and the amazing live recordings are coveted by everyone. We are truly collectors of the annual Sampler CD. As should you be.


The Sampler CD is released every November at Target only. They only sell 33,000 copies and 100% off all proceeds go to local Minnesota Charities.  ALL OF IT! Nearly 800,000 just this year!


And this CD is so worth standing in line for – it is all never before heard live recordings in the Cities 97 Studio C by many of the hottest artists of the year.


The tracks on Sampler 23.


Usually we keep one for ourselves and give one to a friend but this year we thought we would give one away to one of my readers…And give back to charity at the same time.  We will match $1 for every comment on this post up to 100 comments(so $100 max) and personally donate that money to one of the Charities that Cities 97 contributed to this year. We have chosen to match up to $100 to the Susan G. Komen For the Cure Minnesota Affiliate.


So here is how you can enter to WIN the Cities 97 Sampler Volume 23 (new in original package – never opened)

Mandatory entry:

Leave a comment on this blog post. Tell me your favorite artist or current favorite musical genre.


Additional entries(please leave another separate comment for each of these that you do)

Follow SellabitMum on Twitter

Tweet about this giveaway  Win a Cities 97 Sampler 23 from @sellabitmum

Share the giveaway on Facebook


Giveaway will close on Monday, November 28th at 6pm Central.

Winner will be chosen using

You must leave a valid email address with your comment so I can contact you as the winner and get a valid US shipping address.

Winner will be notified by email within 24 hours of the giveaway close.

Thank you and good-luck!

Disclosure: We purchased this CD with our own money. Neither Cities 97 nor Target nor anyone who has anything to do with this CD does not know me and is not sponsoring this post or giveaway. It is completely sponsored by me. And maybe my husband since he actually bought the CD – so thank you Jed. Also, I’m still waiting on my latte.


WINNER announced! Fashion Playtes Secret Sale and Giveaway!

Thank you for entering and shopping! And the winner of the $50 gift card to Fashion Playtes is…

Congrats to Jackie – I will be in touch via email shortly!!


November 2, 2011 | 2:05 pm  Edit

I follow via GFC.


Hi, my name is Tracy and I buy way too many clothes for my kids.


I know – awesome right? Never enough. Never enough.


Do you remember last year when I told you about Fashion Playtes -which is an amazing design-it-yourself online fashion destination for girls?


Well I am working with them again with some exciting news!

Maybe you have a young Betsey Johnson or Diana Von Furstenberg in your house? Let me re-introduce you to This clothing design site for girls 5-12 encourages creativity and positive self-expression and is so amazingly fun to use.


First, choose an item of clothing (from dresses, t-shirts, denim jackets & more) and color. Then, it’s time to embellish! Pick from thousands of graphics, appliques, ribbons, tulle underlayers & rhinestones to create a truly one-of-a-kind look. Finished designs can be shared to family & friends. Even better? You can have your outfit made to order & shipped to your house within 2-3 weeks!


My girls still wear the clothing they designed and love to share the news with their friends that they were the designers.  They also now want to make matching clothing for their dolls which is such a great option at Fashion Playtes.

Here’s where it gets good: Sellabitmum(that would be me talking about myself in the third person) & have teamed up for a great Secret Sale. Open only to my readers via a special link below, you’ll have a chance to shop the best of FashionPlaytes at discounts of 40% and more. Their quality is wonderful, so why not jump on this wonderful opportunity!

Here is your special link for this secret savings. Now is a great time for her to design something for the Holidays or for school at a very affordable price.

And more big news – WIN IT!

I am also thrilled to offer my readers a chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate from Fashion Playtes! Here’s how.

Mandatory Entry:

Visit Fashion Playtes, and come back here and leave a comment mentioning the item you would love to design.

Additional entries:
(please leave an additional comment for each entry completed)

2. Follow Fashion Playtes on Twitter.

3. Follow SellabitMum on Twitter.

4. Subscribe to my RSS feed or join me on Google Friend Connect

5. If you already like SellabitMum on Facebook, share this post on Facebook with your friends.

6. Tweet it out once per day and come back here and let me know that you did

Check out the secret sale and enter to win a $50 GC from @sellabitmum and @fashionplaytes

Giveaway ends on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 6pm central.  One winner will be selected at random using and will be notified by email. Please have a U.S. Mailing address.

To find out more about Fashion Playtes – check out their Facebook page!

Have fun shopping the secret sale! I cannot wait to hear all about the gorgeousness you’ve designed.

**Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I just love and am excited to offer this sale and giveaway to my readers.


Dotmine Day Planner Review and Giveaway…WINNER announced!

9/29 Post update:  Thank you all for entering – and the winner is…


Congrats Michelle – I just emailed you!


I am not an organized person.


There, I said it.


I used to be. I used to keep dates, appointments, birthdays, tasks, assignments, telephone numbers and just life in general in this convenient little place that I call my brain. All of it was stored up there. I’ve never been one to own a calendar or write anything down.


Until two things happened to me…1. I had three kids and it turns out they have things going on with school and activities that need to be remembered.(Yes, I am the mom who has forgotten about birthday parties and that I was suppose to pick someone up from a practice…) and 2. I’m getting old and losing brain cells and the capability to hold it all together. I believe important dates are falling out of my ears.


In the last few years I am forgetting birthdays or sending the wrong person a birthday card, I am forgetting to call people back, I don’t automatically remember when our snack day is, and oh gosh I hope I never forget baby music class again!


My husband has suggested using my iPhone as my calendar but I’ve tried that and I am very old school and love to have a calender I can pull out and write an important date or address on.


So I was probably having another awesomely scheduled day that was falling apart and tweeting about how I forgot to buy a snack for school when the lovely ladies from dotmine day planners contacted me and asked if they could send me a family_time.mine planner to help schedule my busy family.  I of course said YES and also asked if they could send me a large box of goldfish crackers.

dotmine day planners was created by two busy moms, Lisa and Sarah who sold their first planner products in 2001..  – I love their philosophy…

At dotmine, our philosophy is simple: create fashionable, functional and affordable day planners to help individuals and families organize busy lives. We start with great art … fun, elegant and sometimes funky. Then, we arrange and design the contents of our planners to serve families, students and professionals.

I jumped at the chance and now love my family_time.mine planner with the gorgeous floating leaves cover. I just started using it when the kids started school two weeks ago and am really liking it.

I love that it gives me a place to write a master family time guide as well as both monthly and weekly at a glance pages.  This planner is an 8 1/2″ x 11″ format so I keep it at my desk or in the kitchen so I can always reference it.

There is also a very cool feature where you can tear off the margins that you write your grocery lists or who to call lists so you can take that with you.   There is a folder in the back to hold papers and some great sections to keep important contact information.  I also love the cute stickers to bring attention to a special date..although I am not sure when I am suppose to use the “date night” and “beauty/spa day” ones.  The spiral binding is also a great feature so you can lay it flat or fold it backwards to reference.


I was also happy to find out their products are so affordable!


dotmine day planners can be purchased online here, but I am so excited to give one away to you!  You will have your choice of any of the full size family_time.mine day planners in your choice of a fashion cover – Coral Sarong, Falling Leaves or Blue Dots!


dotmine family_time.mine day planner giveaway details:

Mandatory Entry for the giveaway:
Go visit dotmine day planners and come back here and leave a comment on what your favorite product is.  Also I would love to know your secret to staying organized…or are you faking it?
1. Follow dotmine on twitter and come back and comment that you follow them
2. Follow Sellabitmum on twitter and come back and comment that you follow me
3.  Follow Sellabitmum on Google Friend Connect and leave a comment that you follow my blog
4. Tweet about the giveaway and come back and comment that you used The Twitter – something like..
Win a dotmine day planner from @timemine and @sellabitmum #giveaway
We would also love if you were fans of dotmine and sellabitmum on facebook, but it is not necessary to enter.


Giveaway closes Wednesday, September 28th at midnight Central
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Winner will be chosen using & announced on September 29th  and contacted via email
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Maclaren Triumph Stroller Giveaway – CLOSED



There are very few items that I have bought for my babies that I keep. The plastic toys eventually make their way to the donation pile, the clothes they outgrow and the board books end up at the neighbors as their baby arrives or in boxes in the attic for my kids to give to their kids one day.  The bouncy and saucer and slings and carriers make way for art supplies, school books, bicycles and scooters.

But the one item we still need is a good travel stroller. When Eloise was six months old I purchased a Maclaren Triumph Stroller. We were going on vacation and needed something more compact then our travel/car seat combo and something that would fold up easily on the plane.  After much research I chose the Maclaren for the reviews, style, price, ease of operation, size, construction and ride.  After trying several – the Maclaren Triumph completely beat out all of the competition for what we needed. (click here to continue to full post to enter)

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A Giveaway for You! Yes YOU!

One of my favorite movie lines ever is from Steel Magnolias..”..the only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize. .”

A to the Men.

Well lucky for you, my dear and extremely talented friend makes some of the most lovely accessories – gorgeous jewelry and hair accessories.

Her very successful and lovely Etsy shop – May Baby – is stocked with hair bows, made to match items for your Matilda Jane clothing items, button bracelets made with vintage buttons, and very fun necklaces.

Each item is handcrafted, completely unique and so fun!  I get compliments wherever I go when wearing her vintage button bracelets.

Well Kristi has so generously offered a $30 store credit to one of my readers!

I know you want to win it and have some fun shopping!

How to enter for the $30 store credit at May Baby on etsy:

1. Go visit May Baby on etsy and come back here and comment on this blog post on which item you love (1 entry)
..additional ways to enter…

2. Tweet about this giveaway (1 entry per tweet, comment here with each tweet for your entry):

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3. Follow me on Twitter (1 entry)(or if you already follow me – leave a comment and let me know)

4. Follow my blog Sellabitmum (1 entry)(or if you already follow me – leave a comment and let me know)

This giveaway will run from now through Tuesday, April 19th 6:00 p.m. CST. Winner will be announced that evening from a random drawing.


Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review or giveaway. I just love Kristi’s work and she very generously and independently is donating this to one of my readers.