My Friday Favorite Things – Skirts

Last week I posted about how much I love wearing dresses and skirts – especially in the summertime. I listed several dresses that I own and love.

This week, let’s try on some skirts, shall we?

This is my go-to skirt. It is the Disco skirt from Matilda Jane. Easy and soft knit, wash, dry, wear – casual or dress it up, throw it over a swimsuit.  Takes sticky baby hands and washes up like a dream.  Fun and funky paired with my Trailer Trash tee from Vintage Lucy and Cropped cardigan from Target boutique.(you need these cardis in every color by the way)

Most of the skirts I wear in the summer are a light cotton jersey knit – no fuss, no ironing, they feel great on.

Other Favorites:

The Fun Skirt from Boden. They do this skirt every season and I just cannot help myself but grab one. Very fun and versatile.

Sassy Knitwear is a local Minnesota Company. I have purchased some of their kids items and one skirt for me but am in the market for more.  I have my eye on the New Skirt. Their cuts are gorgeous and the quality amazing.  They use organic cottons and everything is simply stunning.

One of my best friends has this roll over skirt from Old Navy and I need to pick a few up for me – easy and cheap summer staple don’t you think?

My good friend bought this Rock Slide skirt from Anthropologie on Monday night. If she hadn’t bought it, I was sure going to.  Stunning, flattering, yummy and awww worthy.  Treat yourself!

This Nusa Rollover Skirt from Altheta was just recommended to me yesterday.  I love roll/fold top skirts as they are universally flattering.

What are your favorite Summer skirts?  Please share!

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Friday Favorite Things – My Cookbook.

WARNING: This is the post that makes all of my foodie friends pass out and unfollow me in shame

Last Friday, I showed you my favorite child’s cookbook.  This week, I will show you mine.

Don’t laugh.

And in all honesty, I am not even going to call it a cookbook – oh yes, I have those cookbooks with delicatible dishes to share with company or even the queen.  There are millions of them out there.

But this cookbook is special. It is the one given to me by my mother when I graduated  (yes, I got a cookbook for graduation and I believe a set of sheets and towels and a one-way ticket on The Greyhound Bus to Duluth.) and she said “Tracy, this book will get you through what you need to know – how to roast a turkey, clean an artichoke, bake a loaf of white bread, or bake chocolate chip cookies.  With this book, you will never have to come home again for a meal and next year you are hosting Thanksgiving.”
Betty Crocker’s Cookbook was the best gift I have ever received.  It doesn’t have any fancy ingredients and no, I wouldn’t even call a lot of them recipes – but it has all of the basics – how to clean/cook/pick any vegetable, basic bread baking, basic baking, roasting of any meats, simple sauces and simple substitutions.    It is the foundation for learning to cook and being comfortable in the kitchen.  It was before processed food took over our lives.

And you can see it has had 20 years of hard labor.  It has been ripped out, spilled on, a few pages have been caught on fire, some have been lost.
It is well used and loved.

Thank you, Betty and thank you Mom.  And go buy one for your daughters and sons, as lordy knows my husband could’ve used this book 20 years ago.


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Friday Favorite – from Stokke

Oh about a month ago, I wrote a post about one of my favorite books.  It was my intention at the time to start a new weekly Friday post called “Friday Favorites” – just random things that I love – as a mom, a woman, a human, etc.  (No one is paying me(ha – as if) or asking me to write about these items.)

Well, since I haven’t posted a Friday Favorite since, my intentions were awesome but my execution was not so awesome.

So here we are again – trying for more continuity.
(those are not cheetos – they are some freaky corn-puff baby concoction – really.)

This Friday – a favorite that I am sharing is the KinderZeat from Stokke. I have never used/bought a traditional highchair for my babies.  Before they are old enough/strong enough to sit in the Stokke, I just feed them in their bouncy or on my lap.  But, at about 8 months of age, they are old enough to sit-up in the KinderZeat.

I bought the Stokke from Prenatal in the Netherlands when I was pregnant with Eloise.  I wanted a child’s chair that would accomodate a baby, look more like a piece of furniture than a piece of plastic highchair, that allowed them to join the table to eat – and never use a tray that was separate from us, and that would then turn into a booster chair.

The stokke has fit the bill perfectly and I had to kick Esther, at 5 years old, out of it to make room for Astrid.  She was not happy.

The Stokke has been pulled up to our dining room table for 7 years now and it is still as awesome as it was the day I unpacked it.  It shows virutally no wear and all 3 of our kids have loved it.

It holds up to 300 pounds – so even Jed could use it if he was so inclined. After the kids are done using it at the table, it will also be a very cool desk chair.  I can see the Stokke going off to college with one of the girls someday. (Well, not with Esther, because she is not going to college. She plans on winning American Idol when she is 16 = awesome.)

Any Favorite items that you want to share with us today?