A Dead Donut Anniversary and Old Princess Proof

A few days ago Jed asked me what day in November last year did our Donut cat die.    It was November fifth.  He asked if we were going to do anything for it for the girls who so loved their Donut cat.   And I said “well what about my feelings – I mean I lost my best blog fodder ever that day.”


So I said that no, I don’t think we should even bring it up and then BOOM! yesterday Eloise said to me “you know Saturday is the one year anniversary of Donut’s death” and I was like – why does an eight year old know this?

So flowers will be purchased and we will each go around and tell our favorite Donut silly story.  Maybe I will make kitty cupcakes too. Maybe.


Also, why are our current cats so damn boring? I’ve got nothing on them. Nothing.


After being worried that Esther’s princess career was ending at six years old – my friend Kristi forwarded the Go Fug Yourself Halloween post.  I showed Esther that even a 40 year old can dress as Cinderella. It’s not the least bit creepy or weird…riiiiiigght…

Go Gwen – but if we even meet on the desert island – please leave Cinderella at home.


The girls’ great bedroom redo is starting this week. We are buying paint and a trip to Ikea is happening tomorrow. Kristi is giving Esther a desk and I am so grateful. HGTV has yet to call..but Mommywords is taking this project under her wing for her new home blog launch!


Only a few more days to enter to win $50 FIFTY BUCKS people at Fashion Playtes girls design destination! Go leave a comment and win – your chances are awesome! Also – they are having a secret sale just for my readers!


This is the last day to link-up your cute Halloween pics – or scary pics – or dog pics – for our Halloween Costume Link-up BOO! In the Blogosphere. Tons of treats to be had – so link them up!!!


I dressed up as The Pioneer Woman.  Still waiting for her to tweet it out or link it on her blog, right?  Okay, maybe I look too much like The Pioneer Woman and Mad Hatter’s Love Child. Maybe.

Have a great weekend and I think it’s time to donate the Halloween candy…well..maybe just ONE more Snicker Bar.