Aventura – Feel Good About Looking Great #AventuraLife

I haven’t done a fashion post forever – between Listen To Your Mother, spring cleaning, and MAY – THE OMG there’s not enough time in the day because of all the end of year school things – well fashion hasn’t been front and center lately. It’s more like “Crap – we’re late again so let’s just throw something on to cover our bodies, hope it’s clean, and let’s RUN before we miss the bus!” Also, it was still winter until like a week ago so our wardrobe was still down coats, boots and mittens.


But summer finally came, and the calendar turned from May to June(thank god), and I’m ready for some fun, fabulous, easy, and comfortably wearable summer fashions. So expect not only great writing(ahem), humorous stories, and glorious summer pictures from me – expect a few fashion posts over the next few months because I’m wearing new things – and there is currently no down stuffing involved!


I have super exciting news too – I am an Aventura Blog Ambassador. What this means is that I’ll be sharing some fabulous outfits and promotions from Aventura while sporting some of their seasonal fashions. And sharing some amazing discounts with YOU!


Who is Aventura clothing?


Aventura clothing is a lifestyle apparel brand based in the beautiful Sierra Nevada’s.  They design, make and sell comfortable clothing with an active focus while being thoughtful to both people and the environment. Their mission is to help the earth one garment at a time. From fabric swatches to photo shoots their clothing is designed by women for women for a great fit.

They’re passionate about creating fashionable clothing with low environmental impact. The eco-friendly styles not only prevent synthetic fertilizers and farm chemicals from polluting the soil, they look and feel amazing!

They have produced over 100 styles of sustainable clothing. Their goal is to demonstrate that using sustainable fabrics to make clothing doesn’t mean your outfits have to look like (or feel like) they’re made from a potato sack, and they’re proud to say their eco-friendly line is cute and comfortable, not itchy and frumpy.

Using sustainable fibers decreases impact on the environment and creates a lighter eco footprint. The purpose of Aventura Clothing is to educate not only employees and customers, but our community. One step isn’t just a movement forward, but the beginning of a journey. And every step counts as a lighter mark on our planet. A planet for tomorrow is something we live for today.

And the clothing is not just eco-friendly – it’s GORGEOUS and wearable and almost every piece can be worn from the playground to an evening out – or to work. Every item is suitable for layering and the color matching is perfect for a complete mix-and-match wardrobe.


Some of my favorite pieces(that are shown in some of my pictures above) so far are the Tacey Fedora(which I wear EVERYWHERE), the Waverly Maxi-Dress(Maxis are so in this season – this is a MUST have), the Catina Hi-Low skirt(great for daily wear or adorable as a cover-up), and their scarves are fabulous! My yellow Perla Scarf is worn almost daily now, and my white Presley scarf matches everything!

I would love to give YOU the opportunity to own some Aventura Clothing too – so I have several 60% off discount cards – YES – you get 60% off your total purchase – so just leave a comment below if you want a code for 60% off OR email me at tracy@sellabitmum.com and I’ll send a code to you. This is a great way to look great and feel great about knowing your clothing is eco-friendly and low-impact. I am truly in love with this company and what they stand for and would be honored for you to try them!

*Disclosure- I am not paid as part of the Aventura Ambassador program, but I do receive free clothing to try – but all words and opinions are mine.



Why I Still Shop At Abercrombie & Fitch

I’m going to talk about Abercrombie because I like to talk about things at least a month or two after all the scandal happens and everyone else has moved on with their lives. I’m like that really bitchy wife, that after you have a fight one time, about two years later she brings up allthatshit again and you are like “what the what!?” because you don’t even remember that fight.

So that’s me, and I want to talk about the controversy surrounding the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch and why my daughter still wears their clothing. First of all, I want to make sure that everyone knows that it’s “Fitch” not “Finch” because sometimes my mom calls it that. Second of all, I think CEO Mike Jeffries’ comment from 2006 was a real douche-hattery thing to say. Seriously. So wrong. He wins the award for biggest Douche-Hattery thing to say of the decade. This is not debatable.


Now, I have a background in marketing and I know that every company has a strategy – just like A&F has their own strategy at the key demographics they go after. I get that…but “..cool..attractive kids with lots of friends…and a lot of people don’t belong in our clothes, and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely.” When did that become a demographic and when did a 60 year old man become such a jerk and no wonder why there are so many things going wrong with our society.

And before I even read Mr. Jeffries crazy-ass statement, I didn’t even like shopping at A&F. Mainly because of the smell of cologne and the loud music and overpriced clothing – it was just sensory overload for me and I had to leave the store or I would pass-out. I’m sure there’s some kind of ‘Mom shopped at A&F and now she’s dead’ syndrome or something. I know it’s happened.


And then…and then..it was the oversexualization of tween and teen girls – provocative advertising and signage and 12 year olds in string bikinis that would barely cover my three year old and her tiny tush.


So when I found myself shopping at A&F last year for the first time – let’s just say that Mama took a step back to try to figure out just what that hell she was doing. So, of course I did what everyone does when they go completely against their value system and what they believe in, I didn’t talk about it. Kind of like the way my grandmother handled the sex talk with her children.

But…but..but… I had no choice.


Because you go and find an affordable pair of jeans that are not from Abercrombie & Fitch to fit my daughter. I challenge you.


My daughter is 10. She doesn’t consider herself a cool and attractive kid. Does she have lots of friends? Sure, but not because of what she wears, but because she is one of the most giving people that I know. She’s a good friend – to everyone, without discrimination. Her main pastimes are reading, writing stories, dancing and playing with her sisters and her cat. She helps out around the house, volunteers to unload the dishwasher and likes to get her sister ready for bed. She plays with the little neighborhood kids and wants to find homes for every stray cat in the world. Her head is full of stories to write and tell, and instead of reading her baby sister a book – she’ll make-up a new story for her. She’s shy and a little self-conscience, but I think happy with herself inside and out, and she’s growing up.


She’s also five feet tall and 56 pounds..and healthy. She’s been in the 90th percentile for height and 5th percentile for weight since the day she was born. She eats..and eats..and eats..healthy stuff and junk stuff..and she is healthy and happy, just with a thin body structure.

But I’ll be damned if I can find a pair of jeans to fit this girl. Gap slim jeans look like baby diapers on her because I have to pull the elastic adjusters in so far. Justice slim jeans don’t adjust so they just fall off her hips. 77 Kids jeans fall apart(sorry, I really wanted to love your store), Target doesn’t make jeans in slim sizes – which is actually quite typical. At one point I went to Nordstrom’s and had her try on designer($100 – WTF) jeans thinking they must be made for slim girls – but no, they hung right off her.


So we found ourselves at A&F to try on jeans….and damn if their slim super skinny jeans didn’t fit her like a glove…and they were not $100 or even $70 or even $50 – in fact they usually have a 40% off code going on and I’ve never paid more than $28 for a pair of jeans from them – and I stock-up when I find them for under $20.


And my girl put those on and almost bounced out of the dressing room yelling “Mom, these fit! These fit! I don’t need a belt, they won’t fall off and I LOVE THEM!!” Not “I’ll be the coolest girl in class with these jeans.”


She just wanted a pair of jeans that she felt comfortable wearing.


Don’t we all?


We always talk about how clothes don’t make us, it’s what’s inside that counts. Are you happy and healthy and kind…that’s what’s important..not what you wear.


But you know, the clothing industry isn’t worth billions for nothing. We’ve all spent time in dressing rooms looking for that perfect fitting dress, pair of jeans and swimsuit. And I admit that I feel better about myself when I know my clothes fit well. We don’t go out naked, and truly clothes serve a bigger purpose than just as a covering in today’s society. Right or wrong.

But my daughter doesn’t shop places for popularity or fame…she shops at A&F because their clothing fits her.


And I don’t need to justify that, because I know what a good kid she is….and she’s so beautiful inside, and that’s what we focus on. But yeah, she’s a good kid wearing a pair of jeans that make her feel good too.

So I’m coming out to let you know that we shop at Abercrombie & Fitch, even though their CEO is a douche..and they sell inappropriate bikinis.


Forgive me.


WINNER announced! Fashion Playtes Secret Sale and Giveaway!

Thank you for entering and shopping! And the winner of the $50 gift card to Fashion Playtes is…

Congrats to Jackie – I will be in touch via email shortly!!


November 2, 2011 | 2:05 pm  Edit

I follow via GFC.


Hi, my name is Tracy and I buy way too many clothes for my kids.


I know – awesome right? Never enough. Never enough.


Do you remember last year when I told you about Fashion Playtes -which is an amazing design-it-yourself online fashion destination for girls?


Well I am working with them again with some exciting news!

Maybe you have a young Betsey Johnson or Diana Von Furstenberg in your house? Let me re-introduce you to FashionPlaytes.com. This clothing design site for girls 5-12 encourages creativity and positive self-expression and is so amazingly fun to use.


First, choose an item of clothing (from dresses, t-shirts, denim jackets & more) and color. Then, it’s time to embellish! Pick from thousands of graphics, appliques, ribbons, tulle underlayers & rhinestones to create a truly one-of-a-kind look. Finished designs can be shared to family & friends. Even better? You can have your outfit made to order & shipped to your house within 2-3 weeks!


My girls still wear the clothing they designed and love to share the news with their friends that they were the designers.  They also now want to make matching clothing for their dolls which is such a great option at Fashion Playtes.

Here’s where it gets good: Sellabitmum(that would be me talking about myself in the third person) & FashionPlaytes.com have teamed up for a great Secret Sale. Open only to my readers via a special link below, you’ll have a chance to shop the best of FashionPlaytes at discounts of 40% and more. Their quality is wonderful, so why not jump on this wonderful opportunity!

Here is your special link for this secret savings. Now is a great time for her to design something for the Holidays or for school at a very affordable price.

And more big news – WIN IT!

I am also thrilled to offer my readers a chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate from Fashion Playtes! Here’s how.

Mandatory Entry:

Visit Fashion Playtes, and come back here and leave a comment mentioning the item you would love to design.

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Giveaway ends on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 6pm central.  One winner will be selected at random using random.org and will be notified by email. Please have a U.S. Mailing address.

To find out more about Fashion Playtes – check out their Facebook page!

Have fun shopping the secret sale! I cannot wait to hear all about the gorgeousness you’ve designed.

**Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I just love FahionPlaytes.com and am excited to offer this sale and giveaway to my readers.


What I Wore Wednesday – What is Age Appropriate?

I wore this outfit last Saturday as just my “bumming around on a Saturday” outfit.  It’s comfy yet stylish.  I think we went to the pet store and grocery store. Big day. Because I’m fun like that.

Plum Charlie dress from Matilda Jane Clothing

Brown Clarissa leggings from Matilda Jane Clothing

Brown shoes from Indigo by Clarks

Brown wrap sweater from Athleta

Turquoise drop earrings from Stella & Dot

Gold and Tan Infinity Scarf from The Pleated Poppy – with a flower pin from Matilda Jane Clothing


While at the grocery store a lovely young women approached me from behind and said my kids were beautiful.  I thanked her and as I made eye contact with her, her look changed a bit and she asked if I minded if she asked how old I was.  I told her not at all – that I would never be embarrassed by my age… and I told her that I would be turning 43 in a couple of months. (strange to round-up, yes?)  I also checked my hair as I know my gray is a bit crazy right now and I need some color.


She replied that I was older than her mother and that she sure hope she looked like me when she was “my age” and would still wear fun clothing.


I guess I will take that as a compliment – even when it does have the tag line “at your age” at the end. I’ll assume she didn’t think I was dressed too youthful and maybe she thought I was too young to have children? I’m sure that was it.


I’ll take anything these days. Gray hair and all.


But it made me wonder – are there things you will not wear now because of your age? A certain heel height? A length of skirt? Sleeveless tops? Pony tails? Or do you think there are looks that just should not be worn by a woman of a certain age?


I draw the line at flowers in my hair. Such a bad look for me..at my age.    I also have retired my bikinis.  What won’t you wear because of your age?
pleated poppy

One more day to enter to win a free pair of shoes from Naturalizer! Enter now!


Juley Jules Review and Giveaway…WINNER Announced!

Thank you all for entering! The winner is Heather King from the Extraordinary Ordinary! YAY Heather!!!!


It may come as no surprise to you…but I REALLY like children’s clothing.  I KNOW. Take a moment. I did.


I like to say that I have taken complete advantage of raising three girls to be as fashionable as possible.  Why not, right?  Everyone needs a hobby and shopping for fun girls clothing is just good clean fun.

Besides just shopping the trends though – I like to teach my girls about getting good quality for what we spend. I want to buy clothing that I can pass along down the line and get value while still having amazing quality through many washings and wear..AND have clothing that is fun yet functional for school, the playground or acceptable to wear to an event or outing.


Of course I also like to only buy clothes that my kids will choose to wear and love!


So I was so thrilled when Romy from Juley Jules contacted me to do a review and giveaway! Juley Jules has amazing girls clothing in fun fabrics and styles that are easy to wear and care for…and so dang adorable!(click to continue reading for the giveaway!...)

[Read more…]


Small Style – What my kids wear and a confession..

In honor of my post last night about the frenzy that is shopping for the must-have kids item of the day, I must make a full disclosure..I AM ONE OF THOSE SHOPPING MOMS.

I am obsessed with childrens fashion.  Obsessed.

And I don’t feel bad about it.one.bit.

Two Reasons:

1.  There are worse things to be obsessed/addicted to.  My obsession, while ridiculous is LEGAL and relatively healthy.  I do have many awkward conversations with people..like they may just say “oh what a pretty dress your daughter has on” and instead of saying “thank you” – I go yammering on about the designer, the fabric, the new line coming in the Fall, the cut, the color, the matching shoes, the best hair bows, similar styles, how her sister has the coordinating outfit, how much it goes for on ebay. ahem.

2.  It’s my only “thing” – I don’t spend money and time on salon visits, manicures, hair cuts, fancy cars, nice furniture or decor.  So I justify my one thing. Right. Work with me people and nod in agreement.

So today I am linking up with Small Style to discuss what my kids are wearing because I CARE. I like REALLY REALLY CARE WAY TOO MUCH.

See more pictures of their outfits here..

Eloise is wearing a super cute and simple dress from H&M – only $7.95 people! And a bow sweater from Crewcuts(the childrens collection from Jcrew).  Some people think JCrew is expensive – but I buy most of their Crewcuts from the sale section AND at least once a month there is an extra 20-30% off coupon.

Astrid is wearing this dress from Tea Collection. Don’t get me started on how much I love Tea.  Like I would marry them if polygamy was legal. I would clothe the world in Tea if I could.  Her cute felted clip is from Coco Penny.

Esther is wearing a white ruffled tank and bubble skirt from Crewcuts and the most adorable Olivia Cardigan from Matilda Jane.

Thank you so much for putting up with my fashion post today.  If you want to chat on and on for about 2 days about more details on what they are wearing, feel free to email me as I have serious issues.


Small Style Post – What did they wear on Easter

I thought it would be fun to link-up to Small Style with Morgan on Mama Loves Papa this week.  As many of you know I have a “small” shopping obsession for my kid’s clothing so perhaps at least weekly you can hear what they are wearing. Because I know secretly you all check our tags from afar. I’m honored.

I know –  this is all very life changing. Maybe next week I will talk about World Peace. Or a Royal Wedding recap.

Esther: Check dress from Crewcuts, Bow sweater from Abercrombie Kids, Leggings Gap, Mary Janes from Target.

Astrid: Vintage print dress thrifted for $2.99!(thought it twas perfect for Easter/the zoo), Cardigan a few seasons ago from Mini Boden, Roya Dot Leggings from Matilda Jane, Sparkle shoes from Lelli Kelly, Hat from NuxieMade.

Eloise: Top and Cardigan from Abercrombie Kids, Leopard headband from Target, Skinny jeans from The Gap.

Worn at our Easter morning jaunt to the zoo.


A Note to my Neurotic Self…

Dear Tracy,

So here is the deal.  Your thing is clothing. We know that.  You treat planning and prepping clothing like a gourmet chef plans and preps for a meal. Slaving for months, weeks, hours – the sweat, the tears, the stress.  The food though is gone in a matter of minutes, while your creations can live on in your closet.
That is why your thing is AWESOME.
Two months ago when you saw the dress – you knew it. It caught your breath, a small tear ran down your face and you whispered “that is the one, that is the dress my baby girl will wear for her first day of kindergarten.  It is perfect in every way.” Thank you Matilda Jane.
You then proceeded to sketch out the perfect socks, shoes, lunchbox and hairstyle to match the dress.  And of course a little sweater in case of cooler weather.
You have fretted for 2 months – will Esther love the dress? Will the weather cooperate?  Will I achieve focus with my camera?  Will her feet grow?
You planned for the perfect argyle knee socks and black mary janes.  Esther rejected the black shoes. Because they were black and boring.  Pink was her only request.  And because you are neurotic but not cruel, you caved on the pink.  But only if they were made in Spain and had cute puppies on them.  Everyone was happy. The day was saved.
You fretted because you could not find the right shade of pink for her hair bow.  So you bought another dress and cut it up for a matching bow….and bracelet to be made.  You have issues.  But I do believe it was the right thing to do.  And now other little girls can get matching bows and bracelets too. See you are neurotic and sometimes silly, but not without character and deep thoughts.
And it all worked.
You did the standard cheesy fake smile picture – knowing this would be her only first day of school pictures with that gorgeous full set of baby teeth.  You did the standard stand in front of the front door picture.  Even the celebratory ice cream after school picture. Including a big drip of it on the front of her dress.
You picked your baby girl up from school today and she actually came skipping out of the classroom towards you with a huge smile on her face.  You started crying because she was so happy and beautiful and totally rocked her first day of school outfit and you seriously just wanted to eat her up like a well prepared meal.
And you patted yourself on the back for accepting your many issues and neurosis and just enjoyed the perfection of that child giving you a hug. That child just saw a loving mom, not an obsessed and over-shopped one.
Love, Me

..now off to plan tomorrows conquest…I mean outfit…


I Heart Faces – Babies!

The weekly photo challenge at I heart faces this week is Babies! 

And I was like “OhemmGEE – I HAVE one of those!!!”

AND I just took a picture yesterday that cracked me up!
I was taking some photos for a clothing boutique of one of their Fall lines.  They had some size 6 month samples and I was like “Hey, I have an almost 11 month old who will fit those samples”- and voila – itty bitty angry baby is in pictures!

Problem is – 11 months old are very hard to photograph for clothing – because you kind of need them to stay still. 

Things I found out:

-They don’t stay still

-They don’t react to bribes to stay still – like candy and presents, as they do not understand enough English

-They don’t stay still – and try to crawl around in new clothing that YOU DO NOT OWN

-They need to be entertained to sit still and even with 2 older sister squeezing toys and singing songs, etc…

– They don’t stay still

-And when you try to MAKE them stay still – they cry. Babies.

-And then they scream and throw stuff at you and throw themselves onto the ground.

-And then you are done and give them a lollipop anyways because you are tired, beaten and angry.

-And then they rub the damn sticky thing all over you.

The End.