What I Wore Wednesday – What is Age Appropriate?

I wore this outfit last Saturday as just my “bumming around on a Saturday” outfit.  It’s comfy yet stylish.  I think we went to the pet store and grocery store. Big day. Because I’m fun like that.

Plum Charlie dress from Matilda Jane Clothing

Brown Clarissa leggings from Matilda Jane Clothing

Brown shoes from Indigo by Clarks

Brown wrap sweater from Athleta

Turquoise drop earrings from Stella & Dot

Gold and Tan Infinity Scarf from The Pleated Poppy – with a flower pin from Matilda Jane Clothing


While at the grocery store a lovely young women approached me from behind and said my kids were beautiful.  I thanked her and as I made eye contact with her, her look changed a bit and she asked if I minded if she asked how old I was.  I told her not at all – that I would never be embarrassed by my age… and I told her that I would be turning 43 in a couple of months. (strange to round-up, yes?)  I also checked my hair as I know my gray is a bit crazy right now and I need some color.


She replied that I was older than her mother and that she sure hope she looked like me when she was “my age” and would still wear fun clothing.


I guess I will take that as a compliment – even when it does have the tag line “at your age” at the end. I’ll assume she didn’t think I was dressed too youthful and maybe she thought I was too young to have children? I’m sure that was it.


I’ll take anything these days. Gray hair and all.


But it made me wonder – are there things you will not wear now because of your age? A certain heel height? A length of skirt? Sleeveless tops? Pony tails? Or do you think there are looks that just should not be worn by a woman of a certain age?


I draw the line at flowers in my hair. Such a bad look for me..at my age.    I also have retired my bikinis.  What won’t you wear because of your age?
pleated poppy

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A Compliment in Disguise…

Friday at the bank cashing a check…

Very Young Male Teller: I’ll need your ID for this..

Me: No problem. (digs in 50 pound purse looking for the drivers license that has not been asked for in 15 years. Find it among the goldfish crackers and wipes.  Take it out, blow on it and wipe it off. Comfort child who is now screaming for a pink lollipop.)

Teller: (Looking quite seriously at my ID) WOW – you look like really young in this picture. Like you are 23 or something.

Me:  Oh, thank you. It is a good one.

Teller: Yeah, wow it must have been taken a really long time ago.

Me: Well, it does expire this year – so yeah I guess it was taken almost four years ago.

Teller:  Wow – the difference is incredible. You were really hot.

Me: Um, thanks? I think?  Can I have a lollipop please?

Note to women in their mid-thirties – your face evidently goes to shit at 40, so enjoy the few good years you have left.


For an actual compliment – sweet Alison at Mama Wants This has me at her place today for her Guest Star series.

Come visit and tell me how great my skin looks “for my age.”  Or just come visit and leave a sweet comment and meet Alison.