She Talks With Her Eyes..

Esther is incredibly expressive. I really need to get her on video because when she talks – she’s not just moving her mouth.We sometimes imagine a future of musical theatre for this child.

She sings when she pees and hums while she eats. She sings herself to sleep and wakes up each morning with a song.

Which is why I do believe her alibi that she was singing showtunes when the incident happened.

Esther is always very random. If you ask her what color the sky is today she will instead tell you about Jupiter and lollipops.

Esther wears a twirly dress almost everyday so she can easily dance and spin, but at almost seven, she is now growing up and wants to look like the big kids. Now maybe she will learn hip-hop.

Which is fine with me – as long as she never stops singing or telling her expressive stories.

I’ve never known how to explain the way that Esther talks. It’s different and always with more than just words…Until we saw my Grandmother last weekend and she looked right at Esther as Esther was going on and on about perhaps the color pink and my Grandmother said “my word that child talks with her eyes – you can hear everything that girls says just by watching them even if you couldn’t hear her words..” Joy.

Happy Friday you all. xo


Linking up with Small Style

Esther is wearing a sweatshirt tunic from 77Kids

Leggings from Target

UGG boots from Nordstroms

Smiles and bright eyes – a gift from above

Oh and I did the braid