40 Years Ago I Turned 4

It’s 12:06am.


I received my Barbie suitcase for my fourth birthday. My mom and aunts sewed all of the clothing. I still have most of it.


When I was 18 and found out that my mom had kept most of my precious toys of childhood – my Baby Alive, my Barbies(including Midge), my Little People, my collection of stuffed animals, and my 45s – I laughed at her and packed it all away deciding that I would toss it all when I bought my own house.


And here I am now 26 years later with Barbies that my kids play with, Little People Astrid sets up almost daily, and 45s that we dance to when we can. (The stuffed animals I threw away though…because yuck).

4 and 44

I don’t have 44 years of wisdom, or 44 things to tell you about myself. Or even 4 for that matter.


I just have two.


1. Listen to your mother. Because even though she seems crazy…it’s just because she’s a mother and one day you will see she knew better. Let her in. She knows stuff.


2. Love your dad. And make your dad play dolls with you and paint his nails, and let him spoil you like his little girl even when you’re not so little…because there’s nothing like a dad.

Oh and one more…

3. Cake and wine really are the perfect birthday treat. At any hour.


And Happy Birthday to my Grandma today! 89!!! Love you Gram and so thankful to be driving up to celebrate together. xo