“Mommy, you always miss my birthday.”


I do.


Every year I have a work commitment on her birthday.


“We will celebrate when I get home. And in the meantime here are 366 kisses…plus another 6 to get you through. And know that you’re on my mind and in my heart always.”


And she held my face tight. She always holds my face tight. She always looks deep inside of me. She always asks me to kiss her extra on her nose(chocolate) and cheeks(peanut butter and jelly) and her ears(made from sprinkles).


I worry for the day when she decides that her forehead is no longer made of whipped cream.


Today I’m missing her whipped cream, yet know we will celebrate big when I seeĀ  her in a few days.


And I hope that at 6 she will still let me tickle her pickles(toes) to make her giggle as she falls into my lap that still holds her so perfectly. For as long as it can.


Because 6 is still little.


Don’t tell me differently.


Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.


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50 Reasons Why I Am Not Blogging

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2. I am not blogging because my cat sits on my keyboard.

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School’s Out For Summer!

This post is sponsored by The Motherhood and Brain Chase.


The girls are officially out of school for the summer. Astrid ended last Friday and the big girls got out on Tuesday.


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4000 Miles Motorcycle Trip - Colorado 2000

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He is a dog person. I like cats.


He rides motorcycles. I drive a minivan.

4000 Mile Motorcycle Trip - Colorado 2000

4000 Mile Motorcycle Trip – Colorado 2000

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He drinks beer. I prefer wine.


He is …


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