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Thank you for connecting with me. My name is Tracy Morrison I would love to hear from you. You can comment on any of my posts or contact me directly

I love working with brands and companies that I believe in. I am very open to advertising or sponsorships, as wells as product, service or travel reviews and opportunities. I also am open to freelance writing opportunities, social media management, brand ambassadorships and sponsored posts.

I appreciate the visit to my blog to find out if your product is a fit for us. By reading me you will know that I am a mom of all girls, we live in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, I am a former world traveler who now wishes she could travel more, I love to shop and am fashion obsessed for myself – but especially for my children.  My husband is an avid motorcyclist and we are small business owners.
As a prior corporate marketing manager, I know the importance of great relationships and strong endorsements.
Please contact me at anytime. I have a large readership and social media following and am happy to share more information with you.

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