Do Opposites Attract?

He is a dog person. I like cats.


He rides motorcycles. I drive a minivan.

4000 Mile Motorcycle Trip - Colorado 2000

4000 Mile Motorcycle Trip – Colorado 2000

He eats meat. I like kale.


He drinks beer. I prefer wine.


He is a saver. I like a nice handbag. And shoes. And a new lamp. Maybe a cute new area rug. And I give to charity. A lot.


He leans right. I lean…no I am…left.


He is a night owl. He married an early bird.


He is a bicyclist. I am a runner.


He is Carthartts. I am Nordstrom.


He is hostels. I am a private shower kind of gal.


He is Game Of Thrones. I am Kimmy Schmidt.


He is going out. I am staying home.


He likes to just drop by. I like to make plans weeks in advance.


He is New England. I am Midwestern.


He is always late. I am always early.


He is Liberal Arts and Ivy League. I am night school and State school.


He is depth charge. I am au lait(skim).


He is naked. I am sleepinallthefleece.


He is Dave Matthews. I am SO.NOT.


He is Valdez. I am Paris.


He is lacrosse. I am golf.


He is racquetball. I am tennis.


He is “pure” – (his word). I am tattoos and piercings.


He is a scuba diver. I like to hang on the beach.


He likes dirt. I like soap.


He is milk. I am dark. (chocolate of course)


Yet, we have made a life together. 17 years ago we met on an airplane heading to Bangkok. His first line to me was “I went to Middlebury.” And my response was “Where?” And we laughed and talked for the 20 hour flight. He’s educated me on Middlebury. I’ve moved him to the Midwest.


I will not say that our life is one of compromise, but it is one of deep understanding and appreciation of what the other likes. And yes, sometimes I motorcycle..and yes he had to stay in a hotel in Paris…with a private shower. And he steals my dark chocolate while I sneak sips of his depth charge.


I think the key to our 17 years together and our 13 years of marriage(TODAY) is our willingness to try new things for each other, while buying beer for a spouse and falling in love with a nose piercing. And maybe sitting through a Dave Matthew’s concert.


You have to celebrate, appreciate and understand someone’s past before you can build a common future together.


May our love, our life, our appreciation, and our adventures continue together.


Happy Lucky 13. xo



On Writing

It’s been almost four months since I’ve really written anything. After seven years of blogging(yes, my blogging anniversary came and went last month without a mention from me), I’ve never been quiet for so long.


Even this morning, …

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Twenty Six Minutes



Located or living underground.




Enclosed or nearly enclosed by land.


Esther calls out 20 more vocabulary words from the backseat, getting 20 more responses from Eloise in the front. Astrid sings FourFiveSeconds


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