I planned to write this post last night, or very early this morning before she woke-up. But life got busy and I haven’t had time to really sit down to write in weeks. I was going to go on and on about Five and how she’s oh-so-Five…or maybe how I’m not quite ready for Five…or maybe talk about how big Five is…or maybe even talk about what she’s doing that is so special at Five. But none of that matters really, because what she reminded me today was that she is writing her own story each and every single day with her own experiences, words, and love of life.


If I had written about her last night I would’ve missed talking about how she woke up this morning. “Mom, look at my toes peeking out lower than my blankies. I think I’ve grown just overnight just like that!” She almost screamed when I went in to wake her. “Measure me right away Mommy so we can see that I’m really now big because I’m Five.”


Quickly followed by a quick snuggle on my lap with tears of “Mommy, I don’t want to be Five because soon I will have to leave you forever. If I stay four we will always be together. I don’t want to get big.”


But then she later tells me not to hold her hand down the steps to dance class because she’s big enough to go anywhere without holding hands. She then pushes doors open that seemed so heavy just a day ago exclaiming “See how strong am I now? It’s because I’m Five.”


And then there’s the mouth. Not from a sweet Five year old – but a teenager that came to reside in her body today. Telling me that she needs to wear a character shirt(Oh Dear God) instead of the (NICER) outfit that I picked out the day before, because now that she’s Five  – she can wear what she wants and when she wants. And if that means wearing a shirt from Target every day for the rest of her life – WELL SHE CAN DAMMIT!


Okay, she didn’t say dammit – but I’m kind of expecting it to come out of her mouth tomorrow.


And at one point today she rolled her eyes at me when I asked if she needed to help with something, and then she sighed and said “Mother, really.”


Her sisters just laughed. And I told her that I was letting it slide today, but tomorrow she’d be in trouble for talking to me like that.


And she had a beautiful day turning Five with friends, family, gifts, and cupcakes.


“Mommy, how old will I be tomorrow when I wake up?” She asked as I tucked her in tonight, ending Her day.


“Five still, sweetie. But Five and one day.”


“So even bigger?” She asked. “It just keeps happening doesn’t it. I’m not sure it will ever stop.”


“Nope, you’ll get bigger every day until one day you’ll be bigger than me.”


“Wow, well I’ll be sure to tuck you in bed when that happens, okay Mommy.”


Happy Five, Astrid. You brighten our days every day and every night just because you’re you.



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