November 29th

The fingerprints on my laptop are disgusting. It has layers of dust from the unexpected kitchen construction this week. And when do I have time to open this laptop? Again, tonight at 11pm when all I really want to do is head to bed. Pretty sure I won’t have time this week to dust off my laptop…so the fingerprints will remain.


I woke early to run and head to Target before 8am to get there when they opened. We were out of toilet paper, paper towels, toilet cleaner, and cat food. All critical items. I got there and got in and got out and got back before anyone else was up. That was my plan. The rest of the morning was spent doing a homework project with Astrid, finding and constructing a costume for Esther’s play this week, putting together proper funeral outfits for all of us, and working with Eloise on some pretty tough sudukos. This was followed by piano and a few loads of laundry.


Then I took seven kids to see Mockingjay Part 2. Astrid came with us too as Jed was working. Never thought I’d take a six year old to see Mockingjay…but since she has seen the other movies already…well, why the hell not. Parent of the year. I watched my group of 11/12/13 year olds from across the theater. Of course they would rather not sit by me. I don’t blame them.


After we met Jed for dinner, we got home and finished some homework, and now here I am with nothing to write about. It’s going to be a busy week. I have my last Matilda Jane launch of the season. Eloise turns 13. My grandma’s funeral in Duluth. My brother is flying in. Esther’s play. A Haiti reunion party. The kitchen project continues. Decorating for Christmas. Good thing this writing every day thing is ending soon.


Things sound busy and crazy. But things are good. And happy. I’m happy.


About Tracy

My name is Tracy Morrison and I live in sunny Minnesota. I'm neither British nor a nun - I'm just a Midwesterner with a headache. This is mainly a humor and lifestyle blog that documents the lighter side of parenting. I am an ex-corporate ladder climber turned freelance writer, social media manager, world traveler, and marathon runner. I would love for you to contact me at

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