You Need Hi-Rise Jeggings In Your Life

I haven’t written a fashion post in a very long time. If you’ve been reading me for more than a few months, you may remember when I gave lots of fashion advice. Because shopping. And scarves. But then The Cold settled on Minnesota and I’ve honestly been wearing fleece leggings, UGG boots, sweatshirt tunics, and hats day and night. In fact I have trouble even getting dressed in the morning because it’s so damn cold – and all that seems appropriate to but on my body is something that is fuzzy inside. So fleece leggings, shearling boots, and fleece sweatshirts and fleece lined hats have become my complete wardrobe.


My cat is lucky that I don’t put him down my pants because if I could wear him – I totally would.


And nobody really wants to read about cat fashion.


So my fashion posts have been lacking. Well, they’ve also been lacking because each time I do try to take a fashion picture – I get photo-bombed by Astrid. Four year olds are awesome. Always.


However, I left the house and headed to the mall last week and felt that I should change out of my fleece and into ‘real people’ clothing.  And the main clothing article I wanted to show-off were my new favorite jeans.


I’ve complained before how I hate jeans, cannot find jeans to fit my body, and refuse to spend a boat-load of money on them. But I mean who would like jeans if you could choose fleece leggings every day.


But I was browsing online at American Eagle for some inexpensive tops and I saw this little picture with some cute jeans that read HI-RISE JEGGINGS. Now, being a mother of three, having a bit of a muffin top from said children, and an appreciation for anything that can combine my darling leggings with jeans – I was intrigued. And they were only $25.


I bought two pairs. And I just cannot express to you all how much I love these jeans. They are flattering – and can be worn as jeans – not just as leggings – the pockets are awesome, the fabric is stretchy and soft yet holds its shape, and they are so comfortable and look like expensive jeans.


I am now living in my hi-rise jeggings – if I leave the house.


For sizing – just order your typical size. And even though they say ‘hi-rise’ – honestly I consider then medium rise or COMFY rise as in my butt-crack ain’t showing but these are NOT mom-jeans – so no worries my friend.


You will thank me when you wear these. They’ll be like your new best friend. Only better because they make you feel awesome even if they don’t call for days.


Also wearing:

Black tank top from The Gap. I no longer even wear a bra(not that I did a lot anyway – but now I just wear a tank or cami to layer under allmyfleece)

Lucy Black Stay Present Jacket that I now LIVE in – because fleece AND style! YOU NEED THIS!

Infinity scarf  and caute bowling style handbag from a local boutique – Poppy Togs and Clogs

Riding boots from Nine West from a few years ago.


And Astrid is wearing head to toe Matilda Jane with adorable UGG Jorie boots from Nordstrom.

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.

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  1. says

    They only have that jacket from Lucy in a size XS. Since I haven’t worn an XS since 6th grade, I’m out of luck. Boo. The good news is that my son is interviewing for a job at American Eagle this week. Hope he gets it! Discounts for Mommy!
    Hildie recently posted..Preparedness–Week 2–Fat

  2. says

    I need these jeggings. In fact, I saw these jeggings at AmEagle the other day when I was out shopping for my daughter… but as we were shopping for HER and not ME she refused to let me take a minute to try them.

    Andrea recently posted..I keep it on the mantel

  3. says

    hey Tracy.. I know we have a date soon but maybe we should go shop for jeggings. I think I am ready..did you know I have lost 66 pounds??? Anyone reading do you know if they make jeggings in let’s say a sz 18 maybe a 16? I kissed the sz 24/26 goodbye!

  4. says

    I bought a pair of AE’s high rise jeggings on a whim two weeks ago, and immediately ran out and got three more pairs. They are THE BEST jeans I’ve ever owned. Comfortable, flattering, and really, what more is there? So glad to see that I’m not the only one who loves them. Now to get AE to make them in white for spring! Love your blog!