this is me…

this is me…


-my body is strong from hard work


but still


-my belly is soft as it keeps a warm reminder of holding seven babies – of which three land in my arms each day


-my arms are long and lean and admittedly weak but strong enough to hold me up each day


-my tattoos are like memories etched into my body forever. of a certain place. or time. or man. and i treasure them as marks made of a life well lived


-my hips are wide and my torso is short, inherited from my mother’s side – maybe not my favorite trait – but i see my body in my mom’s and in her sister’s and it reminds me of where my inner strength comes from each day


-my face is angular with high-cheekbones that remind me of the distant Native American heritage passed down through my father. along with my dark eyes that mirror his. his eyes are deep, quiet and kind and i treasure having the same


-my legs are long and travel great distances just like my paternal grandmother did as she exercised each day and showed her beautiful legs off well into her 70s


-my fingernails are ragged and unkept because my hands are always busy and it show the real me. just like my brows will always be wild and not in fashion and my hair needing a trim because i believe there are more important matters to attend to


-my hair is thin and sparse like my maternal grandmothers, so i think of her each morning as i brush my hair with a daily reminder of my loved ones gone like silver flashes of light through the clouds on a dreary day


-my hair is also gray and this week, after months without a color appointment, I smile at as the top of my head shows a new hue publicly. and i’m okay with that


-my face is serious and lined with experience, heartache, bravery, and calm from a life so full that it allows the bad in because without it, the good would not feel so fresh and unexpected


-my laugh matches my brother’s, as it should because no one can mirror your childhood like your sibling


-my body has taken me far and it knows the journey is still in its infancy


-my body is mine, and the finest thing i own. from the first touch by my parents on the day i was born, from holding my new babies on my stomach, to today as i reflect at the middle-aged woman i’ve become – this is me


-my body has beauty and faults and it encompasses my whole life and where i came from – giving me pieces of ancestry like little gifts that i appreciate each day when i catch the reflection of my true self. my beautiful self


-my body is sexy and perfect and strong – no matter the tiny imperfections that only i really see


-my body is a reflection of my life lived. a house of memories that no one else has




this is me



For #ThroughTheLensThursday with the prompt Reflection

About Tracy

My name is Tracy Morrison and I live in sunny Minnesota. I'm neither British nor a nun - I'm just a Midwesterner with a headache. This is mainly a humor and lifestyle blog that documents the lighter side of parenting. I am an ex-corporate ladder climber turned freelance writer, social media manager, world traveler, and marathon runner. I would love for you to contact me at

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  1. kristin says

    Wow. Sitting in the airport in tears. Thanking God for bringing such of a fabulous woman into my life. We should all be so lucky to see ourselves that way. Thank you for sharing YOU … and thus, helping us. ♥

  2. Michelle says

    Tracy, this is beautiful! You are truly BEAUTIFUL inside and out! Thanks for sharing, for being vulnerable and as always your honest AMAZING self!!!

  3. says

    Gorgeous – the words and you. When I wrote my post about being 45, the first picture that I took for it was of me in the bathroom naked but I didn’t have the courage to post it. Brava.
    Vikki recently posted..Fox Faux News

  4. says

    I think (and always have) thought you best kind of beautiful. The raw, honest, without makeup or dressed up..and even better when you are…kind of beautiful.
    If I looked inside you, or tried to describe one of your hugs, I’d say, “she’s one of the most exquisite women I know”

    I loved reading this, witnessing you you seeing yourself in a beautiful light.

  5. says

    So beautiful, Tracy!

    I inherited a short torso from my mom’s side of the family, too. It’s probably my least favorite trait, but also one I know I can’t change, so it causes me less grumbling than other parts.
    Shell recently posted..Numb: Things They Can’t Say

  6. says

    Gorgeous. What a wonderful gift to give yourself – an appreciation of who you are. My favorite line: “My body has taken me far and it knows the journey is still in its infancy.”

    How true – our body bears the time, and it knows just how to pace itself.

    Just beautiful.
    Andrea recently posted..As Charged

  7. says

    Good God, woman. Your writing gets more and more spectacular each day. This writing is stunning…because you are so gorgeous in every way. And I’m not just talking about being pretty (because you are SO pretty), but because when you smile, your heart shines all over your face. GORGEOUS. xxoo
    Katie recently posted..Erin Asks Away!