Holiday Hosting Tips By Hampton And A Giveaway! #HamptonHoliday

The holiday season is HERE. Oh my gosh – did I say that too loudly? I have so much to do it seems between school parties and activities, shopping, cooking. cleaning, wrapping and just making sure it all gets done! Not to mention guests and the actual holiday!


I remember being little and going to Christmas at my grandparent’s house and having dozens and dozens of people in their home. And not enough bathrooms… And now when we visit relatives for the holidays I admit I like my own space – and with three kids let’s be honest, sometimes it’s nice to have a good nights sleep somewhere else besides on a blow-up air mattress in the living room. I love my relatives – but seeing them at 5:30am in their robes a few days in a row just doesn’t say Happy Holidays to me.


So, we typically book a hotel when we travel now for the Holidays. And a simple night in a hotel room feels like a HUGE vacation for a little kid – so it’s really a win/win for all of us.


This year, Hampton has partnered with Jenny Steffens Hobick to give some amazing Holiday Hosting Tips!


A few that I love…


1. Be the best OFF-SIT host ever.  As I said, let’s be honest…you love your family, but cramming everyone into your house for days at a time can be stressful. How about hosting them in a comfortable space like your local Hampton? With more than 1900 locations – it is the perfect place to stay!


2. Be prepared with snacks – don’t stress out about having so many huge meals – adults and kids alike love snacks(even healthy ones like veggies and cheese) – make things easier on yourself and make sure you get to leave the kitchen!


3. Don’t stay inside - Go out and get some fresh air. Invite your guests on a walk after dinner to check-out holiday decorations. Guests at Hampton can also get energized and make time for a workout as most locations have a fitness center and pool. Actually – we are heading to see family this weekend and are specifically staying in a hotel so the kids can swim!

On the Run™

4. Stock up on extras – whether your guests are staying at a hotel or at your home, Take a cue from your local Hampton and stock up on extra necessities like shampoo, soap, and toothbrushes! Little baskets for your guests are so welcome to receive!


5.  Plan fun games – for the kids and the kids in all of us – host a Christmas Carol Sing-Off, a Gingerbread House Competition or a fun game of Holiday Trivia!


So how about you – do you stay with family or typically book a hotel room when you travel for the holidays?


To help you in your travels this next year – today I’m giving away a ONE(1) free night stay at Hampton Hotels to my readers! You can enjoy one night at any Hampton Hotel in the USA with a “Be My Guest” card which will be mailed to you!


Just enter using the super easy RaffleCopter form…
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Giveaway ends on 12/27 and the stay is at a US Hampton Hotel property only.


Hampton Hotels is all about celebrating the little moments that make a big difference through Hamptonality. Hampton Hotels have 1,900 locations and provide an amazing free and hot breakfast with your stay as well as free high-speed internet and their signature Clean and Fresh Hampton Beds. Choose Hampton Hotels for high-quality and consistent accommodations and amenities.


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Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Hampton Hotel via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Hampton or Momtrends.

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  1. Jennifer Marie says

    We do not have guests staying with us this year. Sometimes my brother in law from Colorado comes to stay with us, but not this year.

  2. Elizabeth says

    We used to be the ones making the trek to the grandparents and setting up air mattresses in the basement (and wow, the grudges and hurt feelings over who got the guest rooms and who had to take the basement!). This year we’ll be at home and we don’t have anyone staying with us. I admit I like it like that. :)

  3. Les says

    We stay at a Hampton when we go visit my grandmother…she’s funny…she doesn’t like people staying with her ALL day! Ha

  4. colored pencil grandma says

    We will be travelling to Stamford. WW and I will drive home Christmas night and Amy will stay at the Hyatt as she has an early appt. in NYC day after Christmas

  5. Beth says

    We are visiting relatives on both sides of our family with our four children for a total of seven days this holiday season. We need a hotel!

  6. says

    We stay home around the holidays, but I think hotels are so important for kids. My stepdad joked that many parents teach kids how to survive in the woods, but knowing your way around a room service menu is equally important ;)
    Amanda recently posted..The Weight is Over

  7. Jeanne says

    I would always prefer to have guests stay away from my house (the dog, the low thermostat, my introversion), so we booked a room for my cousin when he flew into town for my mother’s funeral many years ago. The room went unused though, because he is extrovert to my introvert and choose to stay with my brother, instead because “That’s what family does. They stay together.” Maybe that can be your next post. Stay at a hotel so that the introverts can heal from too much company!

  8. kittie says

    We don’t travel for the holidays, but when we travel to visit family in the summer we always book a hotel room. It’s nice to have a change of scenery for the kids and let them have some peace and quiet to wind down for bedtime.

  9. wild orchid says

    We don’t have anyone staying with us during the holidays.

    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  10. Jacob says

    Not this year – this time I’m the guest, but if I win I could be the best kind of guest; the kind that stays at a hotel!

  11. Jacqueline says

    I celebrate Chanukah and had an endless parade of family members on my couch and sleeping in my spare room this year! It was insanity with all the dogs my cousins brought! I have a bunny and he really suffered the most this holiday season because he had to sleep in the bathroom to avoid getting eaten!

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