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It’s December 10th really and we haven’t even put our tree up. I was at Target today and saw a pinkish fake tree on one sale for $69 and I was ‘this’ close to buying it but pictured Jed giving me a ‘whatthewhat’ look when he came home to the homage to Avon sitting in the middle of our living room. Living with four women is pink enough.


But my dream is to own a true vintage pink flocked tree. Let me know if you’re getting rid of one.


In the meantime we will still buy a real tree – typically we go out and cut down a Christmas tree when it’s about 25 below zero – because that’s a fun holiday tradition with three kids.


But no matter if we cut down a tree or talk Jed into a pink one – a tree has yet to enter our living room. Nor any decorations and the elf will not move this year…because he’s tired of this job.


I also haven’t started Christmas shopping and honestly just realized that Christmas is just two weeks away.


And it’s not like I’m not in the Holiday Spirit. I am. I just don’t have time for the extra things – decorating, shopping, baking cookies, hanging mistletoe. And I wonder if we could push it all out until January.


The weird thing though is that my kids haven’t even asked about the tree – if or when we are getting one – or even about decorating and baking.


It’s strange when your kids get bigger and they have other things going on  – school, dance, sports, friends, homework, etc…and they don’t just sit at home begging for Christmas crafts and activities(thank god).


Their Christmas lists remain empty(except for the talking scale). So daily I pester them to give me which they reply “Meh, I’m good.”


So instead I’m planning a shopping trip for all of us for Toys For Tots this weekend and I’m thankful this season that there’s not one thing in a catalog they are asking for this year.


I think of simple days – of one or two gifts – not the tens that kids can get today – or the hundreds of dollars spent.


I love my friends who do four gifts for each child – “Something she wants, something she needs, something to wear and something to read” – and I know my girls would love this idea.




Simple like a pink aluminum tree on sale at Target right now.


Now I just need to convince Jed that I haven’t lost my mind.


Just write.

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  1. says

    I have thought of that. Truly we should do that. But I think I’m not ready to give up seeing the look on the kids faces when they see loads of presents under the tree. Perhaps it’s because they never get anything other than clothes when it’s not their birthday or Christmas so I think – this is my chance.

    I love the pink tree. But my husband would be like No. Way.
    Lady Jennie recently posted..Step-by-Step Instructions for Making an Opéra

  2. says

    I WISH I had a pink flocked tree to get rid of.
    Except then I’d keep it.

    Which wouldn’t really help you much.

    I’m especially glad that you’re in the holiday spirit but not overdoing it with ALL THE EXTRA stuff right now.

    Christmas lives in our hearts, not in the cookies or crafts.

    Okay. I do like a good Christmas cookie.
    So maybe in a couple of days, you could get to baking.

    julie gardner recently posted..The Write Words

  3. says

    The rule of fours is such a great idea. All the gifting stresses me out a bit because our families go overboard even though the boys really just want one or two things. We finally got our tree and put it up this weekend but I’d really love that pink tree instead.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Holiday Gift Guide

  4. says

    I’m feeling some of that lack of holiday spirit right now. There are still painted turkeys on our fridge and nary a Christmas decoration in the house. Maybe I’m getting perspective – or maybe I’m just getting lazy – but I don’t mind so much. We spent a snow day today reading and doing puzzles and playing outside and that felt like the best gift of all right now. xo
    Kristen @ Motherese recently posted..Mother-Writer: Alice Munro

  5. says

    The pink tree is great! Men are very steeped in tradition and it is hard to turn them sometimes. I love the simple rule of four, too – but, like our tree tradition (all the ornaments on every.single.year), to my family it just wouldn’t be the same without too much stuff to open. Maybe someday…
    Andrea recently posted..Old School Blogging, Holiday Edition

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