Canopy Tour In Nosara Costa Rica

I used to love fast and scary rides. When I was a kid you could not pry me away from the the biggest roller coasters at amusement parks. As a young adult I sky-dived over the beaches in California and believed in big adventures. As I’ve gotten older(and became a mother) I’ve become more cautious and maybe my equilibrium has changed as now I find my feet more firmly planted on the ground. Seriously, I sound like a major boring yawn.  Okay, I’m not that bad. But maybe I close my eyes on rides now.


But one adventure I’ve never taken is a zip-line tour. And not just a simple and small zip line in The States. I mean a full jungle canopy tour in Costa Rica. No matter that my now, somewhat responsible and cautious motherly nature, I needed to take this adventure. Maybe my kids made me. And even my dad(at 69 years old) came along for the ride.


We took a three hour morning canopy zip-line tour with Miss Sky Canopy Tours in Nosara, Costa Rica. It is the LONGEST canopy tour in the world. We traversed almost four miles of lines and went over 20 miles per hour! There were 12 lines in all and we made an amazing stop and hike to swim at a waterfall. After the first line(because OMG what was I doing. And YES I closed my eyes), it was incredible. The feeling of flying was unsurpassed and you would not believe the views of the canyons, the rivers, the jungle and the wildlife. What made Miss Sky so cool is that you don’t travel between platforms – you actually go from mountaintop to mountaintop. The engineer in me kept asking them question after question on how something this magnificent was even planned and made.


Esther and Eloise loved it(Astrid was too young as you have to be five years old)! It was not cheap – but if you are going to splurge on ONE big and fun thing on your visit to Costa Rica – you MUST take a canopy tour. I would highly recommend this family fun activity to really get into the jungle and explore more of Costa Rica. It was super safe – and they have a double line system and the kids were always with an adult. The guides at Miss Sky were fabulous and fun and during our hikes and tour as they also taught us all about the different flora and fauna in the area. My kids can now name many trees and plants local to the area. It was so educational and I think the girls want to do this everyday. Maybe they need to work here when they are older.


Have you ever been on a zip-line? If you come to Costa Rica this is a must-do activity!


Here’s an amazing video of our canopy tour!


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  1. says

    So the girls got coconut water after surfing.
    Do you at least get a margarita after the canopy tour?

    I’d need a pitcher.
    (I’m not a thrill-seeker. But I do love tequila.)

    I also love seeing your family having this much fun. You’re doing life right, my friend.

    And then some.
    julie gardner recently posted..Win Win

  2. BrianT says

    Probably the best vacation of my life was Costa Rica 5-6 years ago. Zip line tours, white water rafting, repelling down waterfalls, volcano hikes, cloud forest hike, beach, along with the worst roads I have ever seen…absolutely awesome….enjoy it all. Your trip looks amazing!!

  3. says

    Tracy, I don’t believe I have ever seen you smile so big! What an amazing place, thank you for sharing it all with us, it’s kind of like being there. Except that I am wearing wool socks and a sweater while I read about your sunny adventures…

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