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Our cat Truffle turned three last week so I tried to take birthday photos. To which he said “Are you kidding me?” Because it doesn’t matter how much you might think you can coerce a cat to still still and nicely for you – YOU CANNOT! Unless you drug them, which I totally would never do.


I also don’t believe we will ever know what a cat is saying – because cats are more smart, savvy and cunning than us – which makes them an eternal mystery. And also adorable.


And who wants a predictable pet?


Those crazy dog lovers, that’s who! Seriously, such an ‘easy to read’ animal. And it’s also why you need to get How To Speak Dog  – another awesome book from National Geographic Kids.

How to Speak Dog is a fun, informative, and photographically driven book that helps kids understand what their dog is trying to tell them through body language and behavior. Super-engaging dog photography, along with National Geographic Kids’ signature bold and bouncy design, helps illustrate the key canine concepts. Quick-hit tip boxes, fun facts about mankind’s best friends, and informative sidebars from the experts enliven the text. Readers young and old will respond to the irresistible call of the canine in this delightful book that warms hearts and wag tails everywhere—a must-have in every home where pups are looking for love and understanding.


We love the animal and pet books from National Geographic for our kids. These non-fiction wonders are entertaining while they are education and so fun to read and look at the pictures whether you’re 4 or 44.


And there’s probably not a How To Speak Cat book – because cats are too awesome to be interviewed. Or even look at you.


But if you love cats, dogs or just a good joke – check out National Geographic’s new Just Joking App – it’s a FREE app for kids and we’ve been having a ball with it this week. Here are some Halloween favorites to try on your kids tomorrow!


Q: What happens when a ghost gets lost in fog? A: He is mist.
Q: Why did Dracula become a vegetarian? A: Because his doctor told him “stake” was bad for his heart.
Q: What is a monster’s favorite place to swim? A: Lake Erie.
Q: How do you fix a broken jack-o’-lantern? A: With a pumpkin patch.
Q: What did one ghost say to the other ghost? A: “Get a life!”
Knock, knock. Who’s there? Zombies. Zombies who? Zombies make honey and zombies dont’
Q: Why don’t mummies go on vacation? A: They’re afraid they might unwind.


Disclosure: I’m a National Geographic Kids Insider – and I love taking you inside the Yellow Boarder for fun activities for your families. I am not paid for my time with them – I just love them. And cats.

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    Truffle is adorable!
    Also, fun book. I always wish I knew what my parents’ dogs were thinking. Probably, “we’re resting, stop taking pictures, silly human.”
    Alison recently posted..Not Talking

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