Another School Year

I’m just going to go ahead and sum up this school year with one word. Meh.


In full disclosure,  I don’t really think it’s my business to talk about the school year. It’s not my school, not my teacher, not my friends, not my daily routine. It’s theirs.

But I’m still going to give this school year a ‘meh’ as last year was such a ‘WOW’ that this year just seemed to fall a bit flat for both my girls. It’s bound to happen I guess. Some years are just so awesome and some years are just ‘meh’ and you hope to hell that the years of ‘really sucked’ are very, very few. Eloise had a ‘really sucked’ during her first grade year, and thus far Esther has been lucky to live in the mainly ‘WOW’ category, with now one ‘meh.’ Not bad in my opinion.

First Day Of School/Last Day Of School

My kids love school. They don’t get excited about Summer. They like structure and seeing friends every day. They like to learn new things and be challenged. They don’t like bugs and honestly being outside is not their favorite thing. They’ve spent the first three days of Summer mainly reading books. Eloise read 400 pages today and we took a trip to Half Price Books and bought 12 more books. They did spend two hours gardening this morning, and after each of them received about 10 bug bites, they declared that being inside really is usually the best answer. Did I mention my girls hate sports and love ballet? Also, being in a classroom all day every day is their version of a good time.


I asked both of my girls four questions about their school year… 1. What was your favorite party of the year? 2. What was your least favorite part of the year? 3. What subject did you like the most or what did you like learning about the most? and 4. What subject wasn’t your favorite?


Esther – 2nd Grade

1. Favorite part – “My teacher is super nice and always likes to give hugs and also smiles at me every morning.”

2. Least favorite part. “My art teacher yells at my friends and that makes me sad. She’s not a very nice lady.”

3. Favorite subject or learning experience. “I loved writing original poetry and wish we had more time to write more poetry. I’d like to buy some poetry books to read this Summer.”

4. Least favorite subject. “I’m not sure I will ever use math. Math is seriously no fun. Do people really like math and who are those people?” (Um, YOUR MOTHER DOES!)

Eloise – 4th Grade

1. Favorite part. “I love my teacher because she is super awesome, just real and super nice..and she really likes me.”

2. Least favorite part. “Sometimes I felt like there was a ‘lack of class control’ and my teacher had to spend more time getting kids in control rather than spending that time on actual education. I feel like our class size was way to big for one teacher to really do a good job, and I feel that with fewer students we would’ve had more time for more projects, more subject matter and really more instruction time. Sadly, I feel like I didn’t learn as much as I wanted to this year.” (WHOA)

3. Favorite subject or learning experience. “We wrote an actual ABC picture book for little kids. I wrote mine about bears and it was really awesome to publish an actual book with all of the writing and illustrations. The best part was taking it home to read to Astrid as she was my target market. She loved it!”

4. Least favorite subject. “I did not love learning about the Greek and Latin roots of words because there were too many tests and seriously it wasn’t that much fun. I mean I understand the importance, but it was super boring.”

So now let’s bring on Summer! Linking up with Memories Captured.

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  1. says

    Whoa is right! Those were all some impressive answers.

    And isn’t Half Price Books the bomb? It’s pretty much the only place we shop for books unless we have gift cards to the B&N.

  2. Kathy says

    Tracy, if Esther is interested in poetry, I recommend Caroline Kennedy’s new poetry book, “Poems To Learn By Heart”. It is great for all ages. I just bought a bunch of copies to give as birthday gifts.

  3. says

    Whoa indeed! That was quite the answer! Hopefully next year will be more wow than meh and yes bug bites really really suck. I’m like a mosquito magnet. When I’m out with other people no one gets bitten but me!

  4. says

    Absolutely love the pictures, so much joy in their eyes.
    My kids love school as well and are not excatly over the moon for summer, but we’re making bucket lists and I’m determined to enjoy this summer before they’re too old to find me cool enough to hang out with.
    (P.S. – I also hated Latin and had to take it for 5 years, but it ended up being one of the most important things I’ve ever learned)
    Kerstin @ Auer Life recently posted..Capturing memories – and a bucket list

  5. Amanda C says

    I love their faces in the last pic! I am so jealous you’re done. We aren’t done until June 28! It always makes me smile that your kids and mine are exact polar opposites..they are all about swimming, mud, bugs and running around barefoot all summer. My kids act like they’re dying if I mention reading! Here’s to a great summer!

  6. says

    I love so many things about this post. As a teacher, I adore how well-spoken your girls are! I would LOVE to have them in my high school literature classes some day. Maybe I should move to Minnesota and get a teaching job :)

    I love the pictures too! Esther changed the most, I think. she looks a LOT like Eloise (and you!) in her more recent pic.

    This is such a fabulous idea, Tracy! One I am tucking away to start this fall when Eddie starts preschool :)
    Katie Sluiter recently posted..The Memory Keeper’s Daughter {a review}

  7. says

    Your girls are my type of girls. I would love to spend the summer curled up with a good book. You should be so proud of your girls what intelligent and well thought out answers.
    Julia recently posted..Leaves and Love

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