Half Full

I just finished off a jar of peanut butter. Granted there really wasn’t more than two tablespoons left in the jar, so eating it straight with a spoon was completely justified, but still it felt a little indulgent. But maybe the indulgent part didn’t come until after I could scrape no more with the spoon so I had to resort to licking off the last bits from what I could scrap off the top areas with my fingers as I praised god for wide-mouth plastic jars of Jif.


But I’m adding a caveat to this ‘eat straight out of the jar’ habit – you must be taking the last bites and then throwing the container away – as taking a swig of milk or a bite of something directly out of the container and then putting it back for further consumption IS NEVER OKAY. EVER.


And then I wonder how many other people out there let their cats share their spoons when they eat a bowl of ice cream? Or don’t mind when their cat drinks directly out of their water glass. Gross, yes? Love, yes? Probably not recommended, yes? Probably not talked about outside of your home, yes? Undying love for your pet ever questioned, no.


Especially when your cat gets his face stuck in the glass and it takes him a few moments to shake it off – which leaves crazy/scared cat and also big water mess in your living room – but laughter ensued from all spectating parties and cat was freed. So we poured more water for the cat.

He may have also had a bite of my peanut butter – because have you ever watched a cat eat peanut butter? Hilarious.


All of this is to say that some rules are meant to be broken. Like eating straight out of the carton. Life is too short, things can be too good, and something might be missed if you put a rule in front of progress.


Like we have a very strict bedtime of 8:30pm for the older girls, but this week we’ve been going to bed a bit late because I don’t want to miss their snuggles on the couch, their opinions during American Idol, their disgust over the latest episode of Dance Moms, and I need someone to fight with me over that last piece of popcorn in the shared bowl.


And I think about the fact that if they did go to bed at 8:30 on Tuesday night, well they would’ve missed Truffle cat with his head stuck in the glass. Nobody would’ve laughed that hard about it if I just told them that story the next morning.


But for now I’m eating peanut butter from a spoon all by myself because some rules that are meant to be broken are for moms only and this little secret will be kept just between us.


What rules will you break today?

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    Absolutely! I have been letting my little one stay up a little later this week too (no school). It has been a nice relaxing time to snuggle and talk.

    Rules were meant to be broken – sometimes by some people in the comfort of your own home. :)
    Heather recently posted..Awkward Birthday Present Debacle

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    Admittedly I am a Diet Coke fiend. I allow myself one trip through McD’s drive through…per day! No more, because that would just be addictive behavior. Alas…today I broke my own rule. My son and I just had to celebrate the end of Drivers Ed with a second trip. I hang my head in shame…

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    What are cats like when they eat PB? I know my dog loves it. And of course when a French doctor friend (who almost became a vet) scolded me for giving it to him with all the palm oil, sugar, etc and warned me he could contract heart disease – he’s 5 months – I said to myself, “Never trust French people when it comes to PB, for animals OR humans.”
    Lady Jennie recently posted..Life in the Trenches – Chapter 8