Why We Have An American Girl Doll Collection

I posted this picture on Facebook immediately after Christmas. The girls had just opened American Girl Dolls #10 and #11(and I admitted having dolls #12 and #13 already purchased still in boxes ready for the next holiday).

And the comments came as expected..

“That’s not a doll collection, that’s a mortgage payment!”

“Call me next time before you buy so I can buy stock in Mattel!”

“I don’t see dolls, I see dollar signs.”

“That’s a crazy amount of money sitting there!”

And then the simple…




and a few

“Adopt me!”

“Can I be your child in my next life?”


“Don’t show this to my girls as they will want every single one of those!”


And to all of those comments I say “No kidding! I completely agree!” I think I look kind of crazy….

We seem to have an addiction and a love for American Girl Dolls.Β  Are they expensive? Yes. But are they worth it? Very much so.


And with three daughters and now six years of buying dolls – well 11, and soon 13 dolls doesn’t seem all that crazy to me.


You want to know why? It is the only gift my girls ask for each year – for their birthdays or Christmas. They ask for a doll or some clothing or accessories…and that is it. They are the only gifts they find under the tree each year and the only store they ask to visit at the mall.


And if I have an almost eight year old and a newly 10 year old and they don’t ask for nor do they own – iPods, iPhones, iPads, phones, TVs, gaming devices, iTouches, DS’s, laptops, computers, or any electronic device AT ALL – but they ask for dolls to play with…well they are going to get dolls. And they want dolls that come with books and stories and they sit and read with their dolls…are you kidding. This is beautiful.

I played with dolls until seventh grade and I can only hope the same for my kids. The longer they love imaginative play how amazing for them, right? Let them be little girls and have positive messages to carry them into their tween and teen years.


Even if it means that their dolls have a better wardrobe than I do.


It’s worth it. Every dime I spend at American Girl is worth it.


And if it’s the only gift they ever ask for and ever get – well it doesn’t seem like that much money to me.

My Living Room Is Now American Girl Doll Land

But it doesn’t really matter what I think. Or what you think.


It’s what they think – and watching them play with their dolls and watching them tuck them into bed each night, well…..


I think another visit to the American Girl Doll store is in order.


Because I have this three year old who is still going to be playing dolls for at least another 10 years. And I guess she will look a little crazy-spoiled with 13 dolls in her sole possession once her sisters leave for college. But she’s my baby…..so I’m hoping it all seems quite normal.

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My name is Tracy Morrison and I live in sunny Minnesota. I'm neither British nor a nun - I'm just a Midwesterner with a headache. This is mainly a humor and lifestyle blog that documents the lighter side of parenting. I am an ex-corporate ladder climber turned freelance writer, social media manager, world traveler, and marathon runner. I would love for you to contact me at tracy@sellabitmum.com

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  1. says

    My daughter has been building a collection of the mini dolls to go with her book collection for a few years now. She loves them.

    She is nine, and the one thing she asked for for the last three years is a My American doll. We pooled together all the Christmas and birthday money that came in from relatives this year, and were finally able to buy her one for Christmas. She is pretty much the happiest kid on the planet. And I’m the happiest mom. And right now she is sitting on her bed reading a book out loud to her doll.

    I agree with you completely. Compared to all the electronic gadgets you might have bought, you aren’t spending a lot of money. And the fact that this toy is something all your girls can play with together, and something that encourages imagination and reading and good values…that makes it perfection.
    Tracie recently posted..Wrapping Up 2012

    • says

      Oh Tracie – I am so happy she got her doll. Seriously, my 3 girls play with their AG dolls every day and I love that it’s something they can do together. xo

  2. says

    Ya know, I’m with you. They’re your kids and it’s your money and your business how you want to use it. I’d rather see it being spent on American Girl dolls than pageants…just sayin!

  3. says

    I just adore that last photo! It is about the cutest I have ever seen! Your AG Doll living room looks pretty amazing & it is so sweet to imagine all of the playing & caring & nurturing that happens there. Just what childhood should be! (We currently have a Cars 2 Lego theme going on in our living room & a sweet 3 year old voice pouring over the booklets asking, “Next can you get me this one for Christmas, er, my birthday?”) And I totally agree with you, I hope my girls will enjoy playing with dolls for many, many more years! As childhood “addictions” go, I can think of far worse!
    I spy Makenna & her cool double decker bed! Darcy received Makenna for Christmas & has been deep in discussions with her grandpa for the commissioning of a similar loft bed!

  4. Becky says

    I’m responsible for the “I don’t see dolls, I see dollar signs” comment and this post is SO so helpful in understanding why so many kids and parents take part in the American Girl culture. We have an almost three year old girl and another little girl on the way and I have three nieces that have tons of AG dolls and AG accessories and I keep saying “never in my house.” But you know where that and my comment on your photo comes from? It comes from this deep struggle of how can we spend all this money on toys (whether it’s AG dolls, electronics, Legos-another great toy, etc.) when there are families in our community who can’t even put food on the table let alone buy their kid one toy for Christmas. If our girls end up getting into the AG dolls and I’m pretty sure it will happen with my nieces around, we will find a way that teaches them about a balance between receiving and giving (and saving up their own money!) That is something we will teach them regardless of what toys they get into though. I really appreciate this post and how it’s opened up my eyes to a different view:)

    • says

      Oh Becky, It is very true..they are not cheap and counting up 11..well it’s a lot and I fully admit that. And yes, my kids save birthday money to buy accessories for their dolls and anything they get from us is only as birthday or Christmas gifts.

      We teach kindness, charity, and love everyday and my kids are some of the most generous kids that I know – thinking of others, doing for others, buying for others – and I don’t see making a few of their dreams coming true with an AG doll each year can take away what’s in their hearts. xoxo

      • Becky says

        And I can totally see that about your girls and your family values through what you share online, I hope my comment didn’t sound like I thought you didn’t teach them those things. It was more of me talking through my thoughts about my hopes for our girls, not at all accusing or saying anything malicious about your family.

        Thanks again so much for an open forum to discuss (and change my mind) about a subject I have been very ignorant about! πŸ™‚

  5. says

    your post reads exactly like a conversation my sister and I had two days ago. Why do people act like AG dolls are so expensive when they are buying video games and such? Crazy cakes. I heart AG. I’ll be linking to this post.

    p.s. I bought my 12 yo niece an AG doll bed for Christmas. It was her favorite present. πŸ™‚
    Michelle Lehnardt recently posted..Russia!

    • says

      It’s funny, Michelle. Jed read my post tonight and asked me what an AG doll costs(yes I think he’s taken more of a ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ stance when he sees another AG under the tree…). And when I told him he said ‘well that doesn’t seem that bad especially when it’s really all they ask for and compared to what we could spend on electronics.’

      Love you – and isn’t Caroline just exquisite? xoxo

  6. says

    Well said. I may be kind of envious. My girls are more into cars and trains, which is perfectly fine. I was a big tomboy growing up and never really played with dolls. We’re the proud owners of a new dollhouse, so we’ll see!

  7. says

    We had a ton of Barbie dolls, Barbie clothes, Barbie furniture and Barbie accessories and we loved it (by we, I mean my sister and I). We spent hours imagining lives for our dolls, making clothes for them and cutting their hair (yeah I know). Lucky girls you have there!

    Also, admit it, you play with them too. xo
    Alison recently posted..Happy Holidays!

    • says

      Okay I admit that I bought Julie for myself and she’s sitting upstairs in my closet. OMG now I sound like a crazy doll lady. xo

  8. says

    My baby girl, 8 months old, received her first AG doll and an AG canopy bed for Christmas. They were on sale! That’s my justification. But I feel the way you do; I have three sons, and we spend zillions on Legos, and the dolls actually last longer than a Lego set. And I am super impressed with how substantial both the doll and the bed are.

    I think dolls are fabulous for pretend play, and you have three girls. When you posted the pictures, I thought they were beautiful. I acknowledge that in our community there are many children who are in need. We bought toys for some of them at our school, actually. But at Christmas, I think there is something magical about getting the gift on the list that the child thinks is a reach and not a sure thing. AG dolls are certainly special. It’s a special time.

    Good for you, Tracy.

    • says

      Exactly – yes we do toys for tots, and adopt a family and give generously to families in need..but at Christmas and birthdays I think my girls deserve a bit of magic in their lives. There’s nothing wrong with that…and if it’s a doll and a book…well I’m totally on board.

      (Also, can you believe that amazing deal..I have that put away for Esther’s birthday).

  9. says

    I am a boy mom, too, so we have more Pokemon and sports-related wishes around here. But I totally get this. There is something special about being able to make your children’s wishes come true – giving them that little it of magic, as you say. Childhood is fleeting, how wonderful that they have found something that the can enjoy and share together. And, the last photo? So precious! πŸ™‚
    Kim@Co-Pilot Mom recently posted..10 Things Totally 80s (Like, Totally)

  10. says

    I love how you keep the magic of Christmas and allow children to be children. There is nothing more important than a healthy imagination. They all look so happy and that picture of Astrid and her baby doll says it all!

  11. says

    Ginny is right, that picture perfectly sums up why you nurture your girls as you do, they will always remember those magical days.

    And another thought, just think of the resale value on those dolls someday when your children’s kids need money for college!
    maybaby recently posted..cookies!

  12. says

    Whatever. People gonna comment on all the things anyway. I love how I have found my people who do not post pics of huge gift piles but the mess after that shows their home is loving, warm, lived in, and happy. While my living room is covered in board games, microphones, and Spongebob and unidentifiable characters, yours looks just as fun and yes, I’m glad to see the random black doll. ;op
    Arnebya recently posted..Wordful Wednesday: When Your School Pictures Show Your Mom Wasn’t Paying Attention

  13. says

    I don’t have a girl, and knowing my childrens taste in things, (boys will be boys) they’re not likely to ask for an American Girl Doll any time soon. However, I do have a niece who is 2 years and and loves dolls. I cannot wait to get her her first American Girl Doll! Maybe I can take her to NYC and pick one out with her… that would be dreamy… seriously, I want one for myself, too! They’re awesome, and you should never have to justify why you buy your children the things they ask for or love… πŸ™‚ Happy New Year to you and your family! xo
    Loukia recently posted..Reflections, 2012: A Year In Review

    • says

      Seriously, a trip to the AG store(especially in NYC) is a little girl’s dream come true. Love you and Happy New Year my friend. xo

  14. says

    This is the way that I feel about it. They are YOUR kids, and it is YOUR money. No judgement rendered, and no justification required.
    On a side note, I always wanted a sister. The image that your words create of your girls playing dolls together illustrates why. Someday, when they are grown, I believe they will remember fondly those days playing with their dolls together. They’ll sit around the kitchen table and reminisce, and you will sit back and smile.
    Shannon recently posted..The Holidays With My People

  15. Wendy says

    Amen, Tracy! I am so tired of kids growing up too fast. Like you said, let them be kids, play with dolls and imagine. I look at my own kids and ache that we push them to grow up too soon. Plus, hello social interaction vs. zoning at the tv.

    • says

      I know – it’s becoming a difficult balance with outside influences so different from what we grew-up with. Sometimes I wonder if I’m ‘hurting’ them by keeping them away from technology for as long as I can.

  16. says

    This was our first AG purchase for our daughter. She very much wanted one last year but at only five and not really playing dolls, she didn’t get one. This year Ivy was all she wanted for Christmas (besides the last second freeze up when she saw Santa and all she asked for was a purple ball – which she searched for on Dec 25 and did not recieve…)

    Anyway, she’s thrilled with Ivy who is Chibese, just like she is, and most importantly to her also looks like her. We went to the AG store yesterday to spend her Christmas money on some new outfits, and I admit I walked away wanting one of my own.

    If Santas reading, I’d love Caroline Abbot next year. Oh and the awesome snowboard outfit.

    They are expensive but Ivy has gone every place we’ve gone since Christmas. And the happiness on my daughters face is totally worth every penny.

    • says

      Oh Andrea – that is so awesome. I’m laughing about the purple ball..we always have a few of those last minute Santa requests and we are all ‘crud, how in the heck do we find that now!’

      Caroline is gorgeous!!!! She needs her. πŸ˜‰

  17. says

    AMEN. I unabashedly love American Girl and live in fear of the day my 10 year old decides she doesn’t want to play with them anymore. xoxo

  18. Heather says

    My sentiments exactly. My 5 year old has a set of bitty twins & 2 big dolls. It’s all she asked for this christmas as well. People ask me how many I will buy. And I reply as long as she keeps asking, I will buy. I can only hope that in 5 years she’s still playing with her dolls! I also have 2 dolls & a bed waiting and I might just buy Kit for myself if she doesn’t eventually ask for her! I’ll be a crazy AG lady with you πŸ™‚
    Oh and it is all relative. I have a son and he asked for an iPod touch. No one seems concerned that I’d buy that for a 7 year old, but they have something to say about dolls??

  19. says

    Oh my goodness, I could have written this blog post myself…kind of have already in my head. πŸ™‚ I just have one daughter (8 years old) and together we LOVE AG dolls so much and have fun playing together. We are in the same boat regarding technology and gaming systems, etc. She has none and her passions are dance, fairies, science and dolls and that’s great with me! Thanks for posting!!

    Jen in Wisconsin
    Jen Davis recently posted..It’s Been Awhile…

  20. says

    This post has me wishing my little girl DID ask for an AG! She’s three and she does love her babies, but she doesn’t yet know AGs exist. I’m sure that will change eventually. My oldest two are boys–and they DID ask for electronics. This was the year for electronics in our household. Everyone got a tablet. I know many would poo poo that just as they might look at your collection and see $$$. But technology toys can be educational too. It’s about moderation. I think it’s so sweet that your girls find so much joy in playing with their dolls. I would have LOVED that collection when I was their age. More power to them and their imaginative play πŸ™‚
    Sarah @sundayspill recently posted..the sunday spill–about nodding yes and being matched up

  21. says

    You are amazing. I love this post and, even though you don’t owe anyone an explanation, I think it says a lot about you that you did. Plus, you’re totally right. People don’t think twice about electronics, why should a doll be so different? My daughter got McKenna this year (although I was wishing she wanted Caroline). It is such a sweet thing. (By the way, which thirteen dolls do you have? I’m curious now.)
    christine recently posted..Goodbye 2012

  22. says

    Thank you so very much for sharing such a obviously well thought through and carefully articulated perspective on why you INVEST in the American Girl brand for all of your daughters. My now 4.5 yo daughter got half of the bitty twins set (split with her cousin of the same age) last year and then she (and her cousin) both got their first big dolls this year. We have been so blessed in our house to have been able to provide McKenna for my little Amelia and I know that we will be working to get her one and maybe even two more dolls later on this year (for her birthday and then probably Christmas). We just got the catalog with Saige’s collection today in the mail and my daughter could barely contain herself as she flipped through page after page excitedly about all of the accessories she likes from each collection. My mother is already talking about wanting to take a trip with all of the daughters/granddaughters next year before Christmas and I am already thinking about taking a trip to our local flagship store in the DC area. Next year during back-to-school shopping time, I am certain that when we pick up the uniform requirements for my daughter to enter kindergarten, we will likely also be picking up a matching outfit for her doll. While in the past I have been iffy about supporting the AG brand because of the price tag more than anything (my husband and I are both teachers), we have both agreed that it is far less a curse and much more a blessing to invest in the brand for our daughter. I am in full agreement with you that it is worth every penny spent because it is so much more than the doll. If it were about the dolls alone though? We might still do it. My daughter does just about everything with McKenna since she got her on Christmas morning and sharing in her joy and delight over something as simple as a doll makes it far more priceless than what the price tag could ever be. She isn’t into so many of the commercial things that are SO pricey and she is such a little girl that my husband and I are both completely willing to let her be the little girl she is for as long as she makes up her mind to be. We live in a day and age when little girls are not encouraged to be just that and it’s hard to deny the fact that the AG brand doesn’t just encourage it but endorses it whole-heartedly. Sorry for the extra-long comment that is essential “preaching to the choir” but just wanted to say bless you and your family as you continue to invest the way I, too, am with my own family.

  23. says

    I didn’t think twice when I saw the picture on Facebook, but I had no idea what they cost. After this post though, I was curious enough to Google because even though I have 2 girls they never asked for one. And THANK GOD!!! I’d much rather buy them other frivolous items that I want them to have (like new Uggs) and call them presents πŸ™‚

    (Though I think your family tradition is lovely and I’m positive I’d have been reeled in if they would have shown the slightest interest.)
    Poppy recently posted..The Maids Milk Must Have Been Sour, It Wasn’t My Sugar Cookies

  24. andrea says

    My 7 year old has 6 American Girl dolls (she inherited my 2 that I already had before she was born), and thanks to your post, I will be buying Saige first thing in the morning. I only have one daughter and I’ll be darned if I miss out on even one magical moment. Thanks for the encouragement ;).

  25. andrea says

    oh and P.S. You may have already seen this trick but just today I learned how to work wonders with AG doll hair by using a clothes steamer. Google it. It works–your girls will be so impressed!

  26. says

    I was just having this conversation about why I totally don’t mind laying down fat cash for American Girl dolls. If my 6 1/2 year old daughter wants to play with dolls, then yes, I will buy her dolls! She also loves to learn about the different time periods and says history is her favorite subject.

    That is priceless if you ask me!

  27. says

    I agree. My comment about seeing dollar signs was not said in a judgmental tone. I just returned from NYC with my daughter and we spent hours and hundreds of dollars in the American Girl store. I have only one daughter and many, many more AG items that I care to admit. If they love it, it is money well spent. And so much better than another electronic device.
    Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop. recently posted..Happy New Year.

  28. AngieN24 says

    This is so well stated and so true. The cost of the electronic gadgets you listed is more than the price tag if you count how ‘checked out’ the kids are (my kids included). My 2 girls got AG late in the game so it didn’t last as long as I hoped,but I still have their dolls to hand down to their own children since AG is great quality and lasts. You’re holding onto your precious girls as long as you can and I love it! Take care!

  29. says

    If your kids had gotten something really cheap, would there have been heaps of praise in the FB comments? No.
    I don’t think people should judge what other people get or give for Christmas as long as it’s from the heart and not given with stolen or college funds. It’s just rude.
    Personally, I like to make fun of AG only because the 70s doll made me feel old and the spa collection was just asking for it.
    Alex@LateEnough recently posted..My New Year’s Resolutions Yell At Me

  30. says

    I hope I can keep my kids young for as long as possible too. We are in make believe land over here every waking minute and I can’t imagine the day we are not. xo
    Jessica recently posted..Top 12 of 2012

  31. Sara K. D. says

    Thank you for your response to the AG craze. My daughter, too, LOVES AG dolls…and we, too, have A LOT. I’m with you….there are a lot worse things she could be into. Our daughter is 12 and still loves dolls. We fully support her little addiction. Her Christmas list included Saige, that’s it. Well, my sweet girl DID receive the ONE thing on her list. Gladly.

  32. Audrey says

    Rebecca joined our family at Christmas this year – she’s our first American Girl doll. We had planned to wait for our daughter’s sixth birthday in March, but it was the one thing she kept asking for when we spoke of Christmas wishes. My husband balked at the price, but having grown up with Samantha, I get the whole thing and I LOVE the historical dolls and the introduction of historical fiction at a young age. And I may be just as excited as my daughter to go to the closest American Girl store in March for her birthday. In fact, I plan to get Samantha out of my parents’ attic and bring her to re-gift to my daughter.

  33. says

    I bet your daughters and my daughters would love having an American Girl playdate together.Too bad we can’t considering North Carolina is so far from Minnesota. My daughters Emma, 9, Hilary Grace, 4, and Rosie Grace, 2, are practically obsessed with all things American Girl. I collected them as a girl and loved them.My childhood AG dolls are now my daughters’. We have 24 in the house. They collect no dolls but American Girl. The fact that you care more about education then the price makes you a great mom and your girls will grow up well educated and will graduate from a amazing university (with lots of knowledge on history!!!!). A few years back I built my daughters a life sized three story dollhouse for their American Girl Dolls which they decorated with American Girl furniture. Our playroom has been renovated into an American Girl Doll Room. Literally. It’s painted red with white stars and all that’s in there is American Girl Dolls, AG clothes, AG accessories, everything American Girl. American Girl truly is a enriching experience. My daughters, like yours, cuddle up with their dolls during downtime or simply during the day and read with them in their laps. They read their books a ton. Emma got an A+ on her report of Felicity’s era. This post has encouraged me to read more of your blog.
    Mom to 3 amazing girls recently posted..Creating an anti-fashion doll home

  34. Briar Ale says

    Ah, I hate these dolls. I have a daughter Kim, 10, and a son Jay, 9, and Kim, well, she has been asking for a AG doll for quite a while now. No. I would rather jump off a cliff than drop $100 on a doll. Kim plays with Barbies, Bratz, Monster High, Growing Up Glam, Moxie Girlz, Novi Stars, La Dee Da, and I am hoping that is all she will focus on. The fact that you..ENJOY buying these dolls for your daughters is some thing I cannot even imagine with these crazy doll-obsessed mothers out there (e.g. you). Your daughters are the most spoiled girls I have seen out there, and I do not say this in a good way. You are obviously a doll-obsessed woman who spoils her daughters. American Girl Dolls are no different than the plastic dolls in Target that are so-called “American Girl knock offs”. Any one who says these dolls are “Amerian Girl knock offs” is AG-obsessed. How is American Girl better than these dolls that makes people insult these dolls to make AG look even more perfect? American Girl, from the looks of it, is apparently trying to be superior. Ever realize how amazing they make their dolls seem? They are just trying to make other doll brands envious of their “awesome” (read crappy) dolls. I can see it now. So, yes, I do boycott this overpriced crazed psychotic brand.

  35. Briar Ale says

    And no, these dolls do not “teach” girls any thing except for the evils of commercialism, consumerism, and marketing manipulation. These dolls are the same piles of plastic the other dolls are. So what makes them better?

  36. Michelle in Colorado says

    I’m saddened that my post is coming right after Briar Ale’s. The point was missed and that’s too bad. πŸ™

    I have to thank you for writing this post. I follow Michelle’s ‘scenesfromthewild’ blog (my husband calls it ‘stalking’) and remember reading it back at Christmastime.

    My daughter is about to turn 5 years old and the only things she’s asked for? A high chair for her babies, diapers for her babies, and a sister for her favorite doll ‘Beach Baby’. All her current dolls have been the Corolle dolls so I started to consider an American Girl Bitty Baby (mostly because she wants to love and care for her babies!).

    As a 4-year old, our daughter has been obsessed with becoming a doctor for babies. (This has gone on for almost a year now!) She has a ‘dream board’ with a picture of a doctor in pink scrubs. We have purchased many of the Bitty Baby furniture items on Craigslist for her (doctor’s) ‘office’. She has gotten one furniture item a year with a doctor’s kit accompanying her changing table/examination table last Christmas.

    For her birthday, she’s getting a personalized scrub set and lab coat from her Papa. I have been wrestling with buying her a new, larger ‘baby’ to take care of in her ‘office’. Then the AG magazine arrived. I didn’t know what she was so engrossed in looking at – and then she sat up and said, “Oh Mama, this baby girl looks just like me! She’s beautiful!” (She’s the medium skinned Bitty Baby with brown hair)

    And then it hit me. The experience of taking her to the AG store, purchasing a doll she identifies with (She also loves Kit Kittredge – she says she has good ‘style’. HA! Tells you about my daughter’s style, huh?), and allowing her the opportunity to nurture, care for, and love a baby all of her own is simply this…priceless.

    While it’s not like me to spend so much money on a gift for a birthday – rereading your post helped solidify the reason WHY I want to drive my little girl down to Denver to let her have the experience of obtaining her first AG doll.

    So thank you again for writing this post. A little perspective goes a long way. πŸ™‚

  37. Shelly says

    Oh those pics are adorable. AG dolls are the most loved. You’re lucky to have girls who love dolls. My daughters didn’t want dolls. I’d buy them dolls and the only dolls which didn’t end up face first in the toy box were the porcelain dolls too high to reach. I have loved AG dolls since their premier. And now I sew for them. You’re never too old for dolls.

  38. Shelly says

    Oh, don’t let the rude comments about spoiling your girls get you down. You cannot spoil a child with dolls, candy, yes, but dolls never.

  39. Bethany says

    I somehow stumbled on this post. I was a first gen. American Girl lover. There were three girls in our family as well and our room looked much like these pictures. Back in the 90s even with less options these were the only things my sisters and I asked for as well. (and probably the only thing we got). We played with them well into middle school, and as a slow reader, I would spend as much time as it took to get through them they are just so good. Now with a daughter of my own these dolls are the only toys I saved for my children. And I’m so glad I did, now that they are retiring the old ones. My son has his dad’s old Legos, and when she’s old enough, I can’t wait to get my AG dolls down off the shelf for our daughter.

  40. says

    LOL I literally counted your dolls for a quick calculation then it was over years so I felt better for your purchases haha! I feel like I was judging and I didn’t mean to. So I apologize for that. Second YOU GO GIRL!

    Thank you for your post I found it most helpful!
    I have been debating the AG purchase. My daughter is 8 and she asked for one. I did not know how she found out about them and then I saw the commercial.

    I had one as a child I did not ask for it. I don’t remember playing with it a ton. That’s my hang up. I do remember getting knock off clothes and stuff that worked fine and I didn’t care. I want to keep my kids off technical things ipads and such. WE have a tablet and we have computers since we work from home, I find it allows an obsessive behavior and lack of imagination.
    I feel than keeping your kids CHILDREN for as long as they are interested in innocent things is a great thing. I find Disney so appalling with how the children talk to the parents and such sarcasm that is rude. These dolls are worth the money I remember that. I never had to use a doll hospital and there are other clothing options plus they are special gifts not daily gifts. What’s dropping $110 on a doll or $110 on an electronic device or games for those games on the tv. (nintendo?)I have seen those for $45 bucks so now $28 on an outfit doesn’t sound so bad.
    Lesley recently posted..SPIIIINNNNNNN