A Christmas Miracle

This is just going to be quick post. It isn’t the post I was suppose to write that was sort of ‘due’ this week and has been weighing on me because it takes time and work to sit down and do those kind of posts. And frankly that is not what this week has been about.


This week has been about family and fun and big messes in the living room. This week has been about brushing doll hair, fashion shows and soggy cupcakes from the Easy Bake Oven. This week has been about full days in jammies and popcorn for dinner. Movies at 10am and not getting the vacuum out and watching the laundry pile up in the hallway. This week has been about letting it all just go and letting it all sink in. The important stuff. And while my waistline might be growing from the 50th cookie of the week, I feel lighter than I have in weeks.  Months.


And I realize that if I sit down to write then I want to write about what I want to write about when it feels right to write about it.


Like now at nearly midnight after an evening with my bestest of friends drinking wine and watching a chick-flick.


Because there was this thing that happened yesterday that I don’t want to forget. Not that I would. But I still wanted to write it down.


I went out for a birthday dinner with my aunt and when I returned home Jed and the girls were watching a movie. I quietly placed myself in the other room and opened my computer to do some work while they all seemed cozy and happy. Not five minutes passed and Eloise came around the corner.

“Whatcha doing Mom?”


Oh just trying to catch-up on a few things as I’ve been off-line all week.


“Are you coming to watch the movie?”


I hadn’t planned on it. I’ve seen it before..why don’t you go back in there and maybe I’ll catch the end.


And then Eloise walked over and sat on my lap and hugged me. Eloise hasn’t sat on my lap in nearly two years and she is not my hugger. And she told me she missed me while I was at dinner and really wanted me to come in and just sit next to her for the movie.


So I closed up my computer and sat under the same blanket with her. Her panda-hat head on my shoulder, her hand on my leg and her body which is almost as long as mine squished next to me in a chair made for one.


And I thanked god for this week of chaos and freedom and lazy days and extra time with these kids because I was there that time when Eloise needed just to be next to me.


And I hope I can give her that always.

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    I’m smiling because I know you didn’t even bother to power that bitch down, just slammed it shut, grabbed her hand, and said let’s go. And you’re right; it is about this. It is about these important things, that she will KNOW she is more important than any virtual person, conversation, joke, or work. She KNOWS you’ve seen that movie but you still stopped and came with her.

    If I hear myself say “just a minute” one more time this week, I promise you I will think of her on your lap and that feeling it must have given you (and also that she probably had to bend her knees to fit properly.)
    Arnebya recently posted..Wordful Wednesday: When Your School Pictures Show Your Mom Wasn’t Paying Attention

    • says

      I did not say “just one minute’ not once these past two weeks. Also, I got entirely nothing done. Oh well.

      Today I told Eloise “You know school starts tomorrow so I can start yelling at all of you again..THANK GOD!”


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    Sigh, that is too sweet. I’ve been away from the internet for awhile for just that reason, embracing everyone of those moments that I can.

    I’ve also been feeling that way for awhile not wanting to write about this and that but being unable to write about what I really wanted to say. It was so freeing when I finally did.
    Marta recently posted..The End.

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    I love this. One of my girls regularly asks me to sit with her when they’re watching a movie. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get frustrated at her for that because I have “something else to do” ever again. Beautiful post.

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    My nearly 16 yr old boy curled up next to me on the couch, laid his head on my shoulder and watched a movie with me. And I loved every minute of it b/c I know those moments are few and far between. Sooner, rater than later, he will be moving out and going on his own.
    Natalie recently posted..a little Christmas Magic

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    I told you this on the facebook page, but I’ll say it again here. Last week at my moms I hugged her goodbye (I am a hugger) and I just held on, I didn’t let go. I didn’t even know how much I needed my mom, how much the past few months have just diminished me. In her arms, I was “Kirsten” again…I could sob quietly and hang on..and know that even at 42, my mom is there for me.

    and so yes, I will give those moments to Gio and Jacob..I will remember that they may not always know how to ask me for what they really need, but I’ll be there to listen really closely. I promise.

    Kir recently posted..Haiku Friday: My Next Epoch

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    Oh my gosh, it’s so easy to forget that our older, quieter children need love and hugs too. It’s wonderful that she asked for what she needed! And that you were able to be there when she needed it. That is something important to remember!
    Dara Dokas recently posted..2012 Bliss List

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    You know that old hippy dippy Ram Dass book, Be Here Now? I’ve never read the book (be here now does not be enough time to read beyond the title), but the title alone floats in my head when I say “just a minute,” or “in a second…” And so yes, that’s what this holiday week should be about. The chair snuggle, the jammy fest, the bazillionth cookie & the promise that we can all bake more tomorrow.
    deborah l quinn recently posted..My Hope for Newtown

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      We’ve had an amazing break. So much togetherness time. It’s been magical. My house is A PIT..but the time has been magical. xo

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    Ben has had some serious attitude lately and I think it is a lot because of me (and school stress and his age and LOTS of things, but still!). Anyway, we’ve been hugging and hanging on longer a lot these last several days and it feels OH so good. And his attitude? A lot better too. 😉

    Elaine recently posted..Photo Bomb. I mean explosion. (2012 Review)