A Mammogram Review From The Small Boobs Blogger

The Google search that brings the most people to my blog is ‘Small Boobs Blogger’ – which makes me wonder if there really is some lady out there known as the ‘Small Boobs Blogger’ but people keep finding me instead.


And then they are disappointed – not because I don’t have small boobs – because I do – but maybe there is this small boobs blogger out there giving really good small boob information and these Google people really need to find her for her information.


Which now makes me kind of a mean person because I’m saying ‘Small Boobs Blogger’ quite a bit in this post just to steal her traffic. Small Boobs Blogger. Small Boobs Blogger.


If she exists. But I hope she doesn’t because having a lack of material could really interfere with effective blogging.(HAHAHAHA)


Oh and here’s how you can see more of my small boobs.


I’m turning 44 this week. OHMYEFFINGGAH. So I thought it was about time I had my first mammogram. I’ll wait while you yell at me for putting this off for four years…


…are you done?


Anyway, I didn’t have one before I turned 40 because we don’t have a family history of breast cancer and I didn’t have any issues. And then I turned 40 and was pregnant..and then I nursed for two years…so in all honestly I only put it off about a year and a half.


I had three good – okay totally not awesome – reasons for putting off my mammogram…and they were 1. I hate that my insurance does not cover mammograms even though we pay $10,000 a year in premiums (I’m talking to YOU Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota) and 2. I’m one of those people who only goes to the doctor when I really, really, really have to go. Like I haven’t gone yet to my 6 week postpartum check-up and my ‘baby’ is now three and a half, and 3. Every woman I have even talked to has told me how horrible a mammogram is, so yeah I am a huge wimp.


So like all good people with high-deductible insurance(and please do not blame this on President Obama as we’ve been paying this crazy amount for crap coverage since 2005), I only made this appointment because we met our deductible already this year so now December is WHEEEEEE let’s go to the doctor everyday month.


And can I just tell you all right here..I need to dispel this vicious rumor that a mammogram is awful or uncomfortable or torture – IT IS NOTHING. As I am standing there I said to the tech “So, this is like it? – I don’t get the horrible things I’ve heard over the years! This is the easiest and quickest exam for anything that I’ve ever had in my life!”


And my clinic doesn’t have fancy or cushy robes. There’s isn’t herbal tea or ‘People Magazine.’ There was a water fountain and ‘Outdoor Life’ and like paper cover-up things that didn’t do the job.
But I’m kind of a cheap and easy gal I guess because the experience was truthfully awesome and easy..and the best part…


I tweeted how it was such an easy exam and I had a friend tweet me back(who is also 44ish and has put off her mammogram) and she made an appointment – just because I shot those crazy myths down about how awful mammograms are.


So here’s what I need from you ladies..

1. Stop telling people awful details about mammograms- even if you don’t love them – because this information is stopping women from getting this critical exam.

2. Make your mammogram appointment today. Don’t put it off.

3. Call a friend and have her make an appointment too.

4. Let’s figure out how to get this exam covered for all women so the cost does not keep women away.


What’s your experience with mammograms? Do you hate them and why? Or do you also think the exam is really no big deal?


About Tracy

My name is Tracy Morrison and I live in sunny Minnesota. I'm neither British nor a nun - I'm just a Midwesterner with a headache. This is mainly a humor and lifestyle blog that documents the lighter side of parenting. I am an ex-corporate ladder climber turned freelance writer, social media manager, world traveler, and marathon runner. I would love for you to contact me at tracy@sellabitmum.com

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  1. fleetssara says

    I have had several at almost 45 years old. They have gotten a bit easier. It’s the side-ish once that kills me. There’s just something about the angle. But it is so quick, I wouldn’t call it terrible.

    Ended up having my 10 year old niece with me for my last mammo. She was quietly fascinated. After my 21st the tech brought her back to see the machine.

    Jordan was most concerned about the machine malfunctioning and ripping off a boob. After the tech showed her how that couldn’t happen, she was ready to move on.

    And now, I.will wonder

  2. says

    WHAT – there is STILL an insurance company that DOES NOT cover a mamogram as a routine PAID IN FULL as PREVENTIVE!!!!! That is not right. Glad you gave yourself that as a birthday present. I have one every year, however can’t say I enjoy it.

  3. says

    What, no photos to accompany this post?

    Coming from the ample bosom crowd, my mammo experiences are a bit different, but no need to share here! I get the same tech every year, and she is delightful, and chats me through the process, and before you know it I am done and on my way. And as another comment noted, it is always such a relief to get that letter each year, to say that all is okay!
    maybaby recently posted..Blessings

  4. says

    Well, Small Boobs Blogger, I’ll tell ya from my -34AAAA perspective: it’s uncomfortable, but it’s NO DAMN SPECULUM (or worse, that TOTALLY UNEXPECTED “And now I’ll just check your rectum.” That bitch.)

    I agree that the way women describe the mammogram makes others wary of it but it’s not THAT bad. I imagine it’s difficult whether you’re big boobed or a Small Boobs Blogger (too much makes it hard to get a reading and too little makes you stand on tiptoe to get the little bit you have between the damn smasher thing and WAIT WAIT DAMN, THAT’S MY UNDERARM.)
    Arnebya recently posted..I Blame Us All

    • says

      I feel like I am stalking you lately, Arnebya! But I couldn’t let this go without a BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!

      the unexpected check to the bum is the worst. Especially when they tell you they’re doing it AS THEY ARE DOING IT! no warning!
      Katie recently posted..praying in the shadows

  5. says

    So important! Tracy I love you and your small boobs – woo hoo. I am glad you went and glad that you are reminding us of what’s important. We need to suck up the pain now so we are not in much more pain later. And so we do not have to watch our families go through a worse pain.

    I can’t believe it’s NOT covered. That makes me angry. I’ll picket with you right up in Blue Cross’s grill on that one, my dear.
    Kiran recently posted..Small Things With Great Love

  6. says

    Great post and an excellent PSA – everyone needs to stay on top of their health!

    And you know what…I get google traffic from small-boobs-related searches too!! I have mentioned in a few different posts that the temporary boob-growth was the best part of my brief stint as a breastfeeder, and those posts are very popular. ha!
    Mo @ The Baby Is Fine recently posted..Newtown

  7. says

    First? Boo to BCBS for not covering PREVENTATIVE care. That is really REALLY unacceptable.

    Secondly, I have never had a mammogram…but I am 34. I will admit to being nervous because I have big boobs that will need to be squished, but I figure it won’t be worse than the yearly lady part visit or having my stomach cut open to pull out a child, so yeah. I plan to get one as soon as the doc recommends it.
    Katie recently posted..praying in the shadows

  8. says

    I’m 37 and have not had one yet but my doctor told me last year that I should. I disagree right now. First of all I think I can wait until I am 40. There is no history of it in my family and I quite enjoy my “self checks”. Oh wait, did I just say that? What, boobs are soft. 😉 Seriously, it is important though and I’m glad you went and found it to be no big deal. 🙂

    Elaine recently posted..A Change in Me

  9. says

    Really? No People Magazine? I thought they all had those.

    I will turn 40 next year and was dreading doing the whole mammogram thing, but you made me feel a little better about it. I’ve known too many young women diagnosed with breast cancer, so I will definitely do it.
    I’m so glad yours went well!
    Shannon recently posted..Celebrating the Good

  10. says

    I discovered a small lump under my right breast which turned out to be a benign cyst my senior year in high school and have pretty much been getting them every two years ever since. So NOT a big deal!

    Happy to hear yours went well.
    Tonya recently posted..Potty Mouth

  11. Judy says

    My group of five friends have been going together for several years now. We always go out to lunch after we are finished and have named the day out “teats and eats day”. We have someone to visit with while we are there, and we know for sure our dearest friends have been screened for the year.

  12. Mustangmelatl says

    I find them very uncomfortable, even painful being the big-boobed type. I still get them every other year though. I just think that if men had to get their balls squished beyond recognition between 2 pieces of cold glass to diagnose testicular cancer, then they would find a better way, don’t you? 🙂

  13. says

    I had the same experience as you… a “what’s the big deal?” moment. Sure, it is uncomfortable for the couple of seconds that your boob is squished in there, but as medical procedures go, it is pretty darn easy. On the other hand, boob MRI’s I do NOT like. I’m high risk for breast cancer, so along with mammos every year, I have to have MRI’s too. I am a complete wreck with MRI’s and have to get IV valium to get through them. Mammo though? Piece of cake.

    I am SHOCKED though that your insurance doesn’t cover them. That is absurd.
    Ann recently posted..Simple Woman’s Daybook, December 17, 2012 (Addison’s 5th Birthday)

  14. says

    I have heard way too many horror stories too! I’m glad you are standing up for people knowing the facts and urging them to make their appointments. It is a test that can truly save someone’s life. Shouldn’t we all be encouraging this instead of scaring people away?
    Kristen recently posted..In Need Of A Break

  15. says

    Happy Birthday from one Itty Bitty Titty Committee member to another! I’ve got 3 years to go, but I can imagine a mammogram is 100 times more pleasant than battling breast cancer.

  16. says

    I’m no where near mammogram age – but I always wonder if I should start getting checked early since there is history in my family. My hypochondriac 24 year old sister has already had a mammogram.

    I’m glad to hear it is really no big deal – although I don’t have small boobs. Granted, my boobs are all scratched to hell and have teeth marks on them from my awesome seven month old, so a mammogram couldn’t possibly worse than that!
    Laura recently posted..The Hottest Gift of the Year

  17. says

    Thanks for shooting straight from the hip about mammograms and how they’re honestly no big effing deal. I had a baseline done last year at age 36 because my family has a history of breast cancer. And you know what the worst part was? Having to go back and do another one because the first scan showed “an area of concern” and then waiting to find out what it meant. (It was just an area of “dense tissue.” Apparently my boobs are very dense.)

    Anyhoo. That’s my TMI way of saying… mammograms? No big deal.
    Kristin @ What She Said recently posted..Silent Night

  18. says

    I agree with you~ they are squeezy and tight and uncomfortable for like 5 seconds and then you do the other side. Bleh. But, they are not the horror that some women have expressed.
    Rachelle recently posted..Elliot is 22!

  19. says

    As I like to say, “Squish ’em, squash ’em, save ’em!” Due to family history I had my baseline at 30. I’m a generous B cup and was it slightly uncomfortable? Sure. It was also quick, and brought peace of mind. Early detection makes all the difference in a BC diagnosis so having a mammogram, knowing your girls, and reporting any changes in your breasts to your doctor are all important. Thanks for spreading the news that it was no big deal!

  20. says

    How frustrating that it’s not covered! We had a high deductible plan last year and I admit, it made me think twice about even taking my kids to the dr. How awful is that?

  21. says

    Thanks so much for this great info! I am like you, I never-ever go to the Dr…except when I’m pregnant…and I haven’t gone for my post-partum appt for my last 2 babies! (I even pinky-promised after the last one almost 2 years ago!) At 38, I have lots of friends who have gone for mammograms already & have been feeling it is probably time, so I will be finding out where to schedule one in the new year!
    Melanie H. recently posted..O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

  22. Tina M says

    I got a script a year ago for my first mammo. I will be 37next month but my doctor wants a baseline. I havent gone because I am still nursing. I giggle at the thought of going, though. Wonder how far the milk would shoot? Hahaha!

  23. says

    I was the exact opposite of small boobs blogger when I had my first and only mammo at 38 or maybe I was 39. It didn’t hurt AT ALL…I don’t even remember any “mild discomfort” I think if it hurts they’re doing it wrong. Such a great reminder.
    Robbie recently posted..Not Mine

  24. says

    I actually *just* had my second ever mammogram last week. I had one in my late 30s as a “baseline” or whatever and was shocked at how non-awful it was.

    This last one was even easier and I’m kinda the opposite of a small boobs blogger. I talked to the tech about how weird her job was and then we talked about how technology has changed over the years. Apparently, they used to squish ’em as flat as a pancake. Thank God for smart people who invent things.
    Fadra recently posted..All the Holiday Posts You Missed (and trust me, you shouldn’t)

  25. Sarah says

    It is bad that you put it off for so long but I am so glad that you have finally done it. I have had a mammography check in lancashire for the past 3 years, cancer does not run in my family either but I always think its better to be safe then sorry. Cancer ruins so many peoples lives but if caught early on it is easier to treat. Thanks for sharing your story!

  26. says

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