Rule Follower

Eloise was two and a half when she moved out of her crib. This week she is 10 and I’m going to tell you a little secret and please don’t tell her that I told you this…but she won’t get out of bed without permission. Do you want to know why? Because on that night she moved into her big girl bed almost eight years ago I kissed her goodnight and wished her sweet dreams and just simply said to her gently “Now remember, you have to stay in your bed until Mommy comes and gets you in the morning, okay.”

And she is basically still waiting for me to come get her.


Even though a few years back it dawned on me that she never got up without me coming to get her and I said to her “You know Eloise, you are like almost eight now – if you want to get out of bed on your own in the morning you totally can.”


And she said “No thank you.”

So basically I’m writing this to let her future dorm roommate know that she needs to get Eloise out of bed each morning and I’m also giving her future husband this fair warning.


Sometimes I hear Esther whispering to Eloise “I think we should get up and go downstairs.” And Eloise always replies “I think we should wait for Mom.”

This all because of a sweet little sentence I said to her so many year ago. I promise, I did not duct tape her to the bed.


Now Astrid is three and a half and has asked to remain in her crib for as long as possible. I have no issue with that. I mean it might be troublesome when she’s 12, but for now I think she is safe from ridicule. And frankly, I think Astrid might be my one kid who would get up and come downstairs on her own and maybe make pancakes. I’m not sure how I would handle that.  I mean if she made my coffee, I would move her to her big girl bed today.

But she doesn’t seem to like coffee yet and that is kind of a bummer.


I want to thank you all who read and supported my article at Mamalode yesterday. Thank you thank you. Pancakes and coffee for you all.  Also, my ‘Why I Blog‘ post was mentioned on the Huffington Post this week. And then I died. Okay, not really died but I did start sweating more than usual.


Oh, and did you see Babble’s list of the Top 100 Mom Bloggers that came out this week?  I’m sharing it because so many of my dear friends are on this list and if you don’t read them – well then you need to…please go check out Marinka, Kelcey, Alexandra, Fadra, MamaKat, Jill, Casey, Ilana, Ann, Katherine, and Amy.

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  1. says

    Her crib looks SO comfy, no wonder she doesn’t want to leave it.

    Monkey doesn’t leave his bed until I come get him too. Cute kid.

    Yay for Mamalode and HuffPost – go you! xoxo
    Alison recently posted..Not Quite Right

  2. says

    My oldest was in no hurry to get into a big bed. And once he did make the switch, he would stay there until I came to get him, too. My youngest had to move to a big bed much sooner for safety – he was a climber extraordinaire.

    And I agree with Allison, her crib does look very cozy comfortable!
    Kim@Co-Pilot Mom recently posted..Picture Imperfect Holiday

  3. says

    Z gets out now sometimes but for the most part he calls to me and gets out as I stand there. Weirdo. It took him the longest time, a good three months, I think, after we converted his crib in the summer, to realize that that opening is for him to exit on his own. I should really find the gate.

    Astrid’s face makes me smile. Eloise’s heart makes me swoon. And Esther’s middleness and bridgeness of the twos of them makes me want to stalk you more than I already do. Minnesota is so very very far.
    Arnebya recently posted..I Ain’t Mad

  4. says

    I wouldn’t want to leave a crib either if I had a cozy space like that all to myself. One that one one could get in to but me.
    M has never come up the stairs to our room unless we have asked her. She will get up and go to the bathroom, then go back to her room & play. Or hide on the couch in the dark if she’s in a bad mood. H’s crib is in our room, and she’s a sneak in to our bed snuggler when she’s crying (fine, I put her there, whatever), but I suspect she’ll be crawling up the stairs and in to our bed even when she gets her own bed downstairs.
    Amelia Sprout recently posted..I am not a dude.

  5. says

    I’m telling you, you better get started on that book now! And I want to go on your book tour with you when you become ultra famous. I can be your assistant.

    Your girls are beyond adorable, each in their very own unique way. And I agree, who would want to leave that amazing crib?
    maybaby recently posted..time flies, part ?

  6. says

    Imagine that. All it took was Mommy gently asking her to stay in bed till you got her. You know that you are my hero. I wish I knew what kind of baby whispering magic you used that day so long ago that still makes her feel like she needs your voice to prod her out of bed. She IS going to have trouble at sleepovers and yes, her college roommate should be forewarned! Great piece here and at Motherlode!
    Kiran recently posted..Spice, Spice Baby

  7. says

    Wow, that bedding & those pillows are gorgeous! What a cozy & inviting place to be!
    But seriously, A-mazing, that your girls wait so patiently! Truly a wonder & so wonderful!

  8. says

    I had a couple of rule followers, too. My oldest two didn’t get out of bed on their own for a long time after we moved them out of cribs. Not the youngest, though! She’s more of an ask-for-forgiveness-instead-of-permission kind of girl. That’s not so bad either, sometimes.
    Shannon recently posted..I’m on a Funk-busting Mission

  9. Diana D says

    Astrid looks so much like Esther in the third picture!!!
    I am also quite jealous of the fact that Eloise waits for your ‘permission’ to get out of bed. I wish I had that power over my 9 year old boy…..he never lets me sleep in! LOL!

  10. says

    Well, that’s just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard! I got a big chuckle out of the idea of her college roommate nudging her out of bed in the morning. (Oh, wait, maybe you’ll have to call her to give her permission?) 🙂

    I’m also really glad to hear that another 3 1/2 yo is still sleeping in a crib. I’ve got one of those too – and another total pancake maker, I bet – and I always like it when I know I’m not alone.
    Kristen @ Motherese recently posted..“We Can Do It!”

  11. says

    Love it! You need to bottle that up and sell it. I would totally buy. My daughter has been getting out of her bed ever since we switched from a crib to bed. Our 2.5 year old is still in the crib and probably will be for as long as we can pull it off because I know she wouldn’t stay in her bed either.
    christine recently posted..It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like

  12. says

    R&C were almost 4 when we converted their cribs, and even then it was something my husband did on a whim while I was gone one day. Eloise sounds like such a lovely soul.
    Leigh Ann recently posted..Infection

  13. says

    It took Jasper until this year to get out of bed by himself. He didn’t realize that he was allowed. Even still, he won’t get out of bed before 6:30am because that’s what we told him a long time ago when he was waking up at like 5. We got him a clock that changed from yellow to green when it was OK to get out of bed. I think that he’s completely internalized it – he HAS to wait until 6:30. If I had a crib as comfy as Astrid’s looks, I wouldn’t want to leave it either.

  14. says

    This is perfect because we are moving our 2 year old to his toddler bed this weekend and I’m terrified. I think I may have to try your technique and tell him not to get up until I come get him. I’m not optimistic because he doesn’t listen to me any other time but I’m willing to try anything at this point.
    Jen @ Ginger guide recently posted..Christmas 2012 Recap