This Is My Mom On Drugs

I wasn’t going to link-up with MamaKat this week because life is crazy and I could not sit down and make thoughts become actual words on the screen. Or maybe I just didn’t have any thoughts at all. This happens sometimes when life is busy. You know those sometimes LIKE EVERYDAY EVER EVER there is.


And then we get home from preschool today and I throw some lunch at Astrid(Read: popcorn, clementines, cheese-stick and two Nilla Wafers), put on Doc McStuffins and tell her that mommy has work to do for just a little bit and when I’m done we will play a game.


Astrid eats her lunch(Read: Takes two bites of everything and considers that a meal because most three year olds seem to live on air), carries her plate into the kitchen(Yes, my three year old clears her own plate because DUH), goes into the office and does whatever she does and I don’t take notice because I’m working as previously mentioned.


Just now Astrid walked out of the office and handed me this picture of me. She even wrote my name because we’ve been working on letters lately and she is taking it very seriously as Eloise has been ‘after’ her because according to Eloise, by the time Eloise was three she could write the whole alphabet and knew several words and she is quite disappointed that Astrid can only recognize 10 letters and shows no interest in learning to write more than four of them and frankly Eloise is sick of lecturing Astrid about the importance of literacy and then Astrid and I both say to her “But OMG wasn’t the last episode of Dance Moms amazing!” Because my god – serious much!  So much pressure.

But Astrid told me she wrote my name upside down because she only knows how to write ‘W’s” and not “M’s” and to not tell Eloise. And that she made my eyeballs REALLY REALLY big because sometimes they get that way when I’m mad but that I am smiling in this picture because I’m excited to play a game with her later. Also, she told me that she wanted to see what I looked like bald so she left my hair off this time. Thanks.


Which is true. All of it.


So immediately I tell Astrid to wait again because I had to Instagram the picture, Facebook it and then blog about it because that is what moms do these days which totally goes against my post of about why I blog that I poured my heart into just yesterday.

(Truthfully I’m doing this just so I can finish my coffee before I have to play CandyLand AGAIN!)


Anyway, Astrid’s drawing and writing is pretty kick-ass and now I’m going to go play games and give her 1000 kisses. Maybe more.

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  1. says

    oh my WORD this is priceless. all of it. i had Lovie draw me yesterday (for the Mamakat thing i was *going* to do) and she did fine and then started friggin scribbling all over me and i was like, Really? Is that necessary? “It’s your body,” she said. Thanks, kid. anyway, yeah. good stuff. as usual, but the whole Eloise being ‘after’ Astrid about the importance of literacy and the whole writing the letters upside down stuff? i just really adore this post.
    christina recently posted..The last month

  2. M. says

    This is precious. I love that she drew you bald! I love children’s perspective on the world. Enjoy playing candyland over and over because in the long range it doesn’t last too long. And Eloise sounds like not much fun. At 3 my kid couldn’t recite the alphabet or write his letters, but he could add and subtract. Not all minds think alike or travel the same highway to the same place. I think your daughter is a genius:) she can tell Eloise I said so.

    • says

      I remember with my eldest someone when my child would make a picture with something recognizable in it. I guess I thought they just came out drawing stick people. lol

  3. @somerskys says

    This post is priceless!! the post with the picture Astrid drew of u along with the explainations were so hilarious and creative ur eyes get big when u are mad! hahaha!! TELL Astrid she a genius cause WOW! IS THE SAME AS MOM!!!!

  4. says

    So stinkin adorable. I’m very impressed at the upside down Ws. (And my almost 3 year old knows almost no letters. Her sisters knew all the letters and sounds shortly after age 2 because I made them watch the Letter Factory incessantly while I nursed/rocked their baby sister.)