5 Reasons You Should Attend Your Class Reunion

I just attended my high school class reunion. My 25th in case you were thinking it was just my 10th. I know right, I look barely old enough to have children.


I had a blast. Connecting with old best girlfriends and reconnecting with people I haven’t seen in 25 years will be the highlight of my year. But, there were a lot of old friends who did not attend. I’m sure there are lots of reason they did not attend – prior commitments, financial reasons, family obligations…but I do hope that people didn’t come because of carrying the insecurities that we all had at 18. Because it turns out – when you are 43..nobody really cares about all that anymore.


Here are five reasons that you need to just get over it and attend your class reunion


1. Everyone is old. It’s not just you. Now I know that you think you’ll be the oldest. You look in the mirror and see those not so fine lines, that gray hair, that neck with a few wrinkles and wonder if those 18 year olds you remember will make fun of you because you now look like your mother. But guess what – THEY ARE OLD TOO and look surprisingly just like their parents. The only 18 year old I saw were my classmate’s children coming to pick them up after the reunion so no one got a DUI.

(What I wore to the Friday night football game – as I do not own sport-theme hoodies- Dress from Matilda Jane, leggings from Target, sandals from Born purchased at 6PM for a steal)

2. No one cares what you do for a living. After 25 years no one can even hear over the loud music to be able to listen to your career stories. Let go of your hang-ups of what you have or haven’t done. Nobody cares. They just want to see you.


3. Remember – these are the people who probably saw you at your worst. Remember 14? 15? Weren’t those kind of sucky and awkward years? Yeah, well these people went through them with you. Now is the time to laugh about those awkward crazy times when you thought you knew everything but truly knew nothing. These are your people. They don’t necessarily have to be your people tomorrow, but tonight..well remember at one time these were your best friends so break open a 4-pack of Bartles & James and party like it’s 1987.


(What I wore for Saturday coffee with my brother – leggings and dress from Matilda Jane Clothing and cardigan from The Gap)

4. No one cares if you still fit into your cheerleader uniform anymore. In fact no one even remembers if you were a cheerleader. Call it old age, diminishing memories, or too much wine – but no one cares. Leave your insecurities at home. These are the people you should feel comfortable with – these people are home.

(Me sandwiched between two of my dearest friends – I know you cannot really see it, but I’m wearing a dress from Desigual.)

5. It’s always nice to go home. Maybe you don’t have the connection there anymore and maybe you don’t feel the need – but going to a place that was home is good for your heart and soul. Take the time to visit your old school, cruise down Broad Street like you are still 17, call an old, favorite teacher and schedule a breakfast date.

(Sunday morning breakfast with my all-time favorite teacher – and yes he is pushing 90! – You cannot see everything I have on – but my sweater and dress are both Anthropologie – my denim dress is this season and I LOVE it)

High school might be crazy and an era you may at sometimes want to forget..and maybe you think you don’t need to connect with those old friends again…but remember at one point they meant the world do you, and probably held back your hair…so just take one night to yourself and buy an old friend a cheap beer.


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If you have skipped a class reunion I would love for you to share why!


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  1. says

    Well, this post really grabbed my attention because I just skipped my …umm, 40th reunion. Yep, that’s right, 40th. I had to chuckle when you referred to people being old, with wrinkles, gray hair; I imagine at a 40th they don’t even remember half of the people there! I struggled with the decision of whether to attend or not, but in the end just couldn’t muster enough interest to do it.
    Sure, there are a few friends that I would be interested in connecting with again and perhaps I could have bumped into one or two of them there- who knows.

    Why didn’t I go? As much as I hate to admit it, part of it was likely due to a small level of insecurity (sigh)…I suppose. Another part was the setting, I just didn’t find hanging out at the local bowling alley party room very enticing. Perhaps a bit snobbish of me and I imagine alcohol is a definite necessity at these things.

    I can really find only a handful of good memories during my school years and I worked pretty hard at being invisible during that time, I surely never felt at “home” as you mention. The only commonalities I shared with most classmates was having parents who settled in the same area and raised a family during the same time. The main hurdle that I couldn’t overcome was just this: I simply have never had a desire to re-visit the past; well unless it is related to general world history or ancestral history.

    Several years ago I did reconnect with a friend/former classmate who did attend- he simply loved the experience and I think that is great! I heard a lot about it through him and perhaps I will go to the next one just to be able to say I have attended one.

    I am glad you had an enjoyable experience at yours. Enjoyed your post.


    • admin says

      Hi Janice, Thank you so much for sharing. I find that I enjoy the small gatherings even more. A few of us get-together once in awhile and it’s so much fun just to let our guard down and be ourselves. Hugs to you. xo

      P.S. Yes, I would not be thrilled to meet in a bowling alley either. xo

  2. Missy Cox says

    I agree 100% about the reunion 😉 I just want to tell you i love that you wear matilda jane 🙂 yOU LOOK GREAT!

  3. says

    I was JUST talking about my HS reunion (which happens to be this coming up year)

    Soooo true about those people seeing you at your most awkward time….14 and 15?!?! hahah…oh my gosh..those were terrible looking years

    Love all your outfits!! I’m sure you blew everyone away!
    Ashley recently posted..Fall Dreams

  4. Just DAD says

    As you know I am not very social!! Boy do you know!! I attended my 10th: people still changing in family and careers, appearance not so much! I attended my 25th thanks to a friend and a close Friend of your moms. It was very good, careers were settle into and families were being raised and in some cases grand children.
    appearances changing somewhat. I probably forgot to thank that friend for helping me attend! Thank You Bev.
    I just attended my 50th, Friday night only. It was nice to see everyone once more. The careers have gone to retirement. Grand-kids the main topic of discussion, people that have passed away of course, and just the reuniting of old passed friendship. It was nice and just enough for me! I chose not to attend the Saturday breakfast or dinner. Appearances: Yes big changes of course. From the female side they said the men had changed more and were harder to recognize, and of course the men the total opposite? Me I have to agree with the women!
    Anyway you can go back and enjoy that part of the past, look at the present, and hope for the future,however long it may be! Enjoy IT!! I would do it again, and by my record 3 out of many many reunions has been enough for me! I am glad I went to two of them I attended! Which Ones? AN older point of view!!

  5. says

    I never thought I would attend a reunion. In the end, I went to my 10th and it was so much fun, I went to my 15th. I can’t wait for the next one. I didn’t have close, life-long friends in school, but I did have some good friends, and I was glad to see them. And like you said, nobody cares anymore. It’s just fun to get together and laugh about your middle school photos. PS I loved your game-night outfit.
    Jessica recently posted..Five Reasons To Read ‘Growing Your Homeschool’

  6. says

    I haven’t been to any of my high school reunions for the simple reason that our school holds the reunions over thanksgiving weekend. I went to school in Michigan but I live in Texas. None of my family lives in Michigan anymore so you can imagine the last place we want to spend thanksgiving is in a freezing cold place with no relatives.
    I only went to my high school for two years so there are a lot of people i dont know (although our graduating class was only 90 girls). The reunion I’d really like to go to is the one for the public school with the kids I hung out with from kinder through ninth grade. I’ll have to see if I can track that one down. My 25th is in two years. Maybe I’ll go to that one.

  7. says

    I just had my 30th class reunion last weekend; I attended a public high school in the heart of South Minneapolis. I did not go to our 30th and I’m happy to tell you why.

    Most of my friends when I graduated were a year younger than me. There were several in my class that I was close to, but none of these friendships lasted beyond our early 20’s. The ones that have persevered are people I am still in touch with today. I don’t have to go to a reunion to see them.

    At my 20th in 2002, which I went to and really enjoyed, I found it rather mind-boggling how many of my classmates had never left our childhood neighborhood. Many of them bought their parents house and were raising their families in it. Others settled down in the same area, having never left. They attended college at the U of M, married, got jobs in Minneapolis and settled there. And no matter who I spoke to, mentioning that I lived in the far North suburbs, they looked at me in disbelief and asked ‘Why would you live out there?’ I responded with ‘Why would you never move from the same area?’ to which none of them had any thoughts about that made sense to me.

    I’ve changed a lot since high school; different looks, different hair, different personality {thank GOD} and all that, but 10 years ago, I met far too many people who were exactly the same. These are the ones living in their parents houses, or on the same block they grew up on. It occurred to me that so little change had been made in their lives and everything about them was stagnant like it was still the early 80’s. Many of the women wore the same hair style as they’d had in high school. In short, there wasn’t a lot of growth that I saw. And even though I approached and talked to a lot of people I’d never been friends with, I was always met with a look that clearly said ‘Why are you talking to me?’ as if all those years hadn’t wiped away any of those old lines we always drew. Although there were plenty of people who seemed to have grown, matured, changed and welcomed a chance to talk to me, when I looked around the room, I saw nothing but clusters of people huddled together in the same fashion I’d seen for the four years of high school. And they weren’t interested in talking to anyone else.

    Our 30th reunion was attended by only 40 or so people. We graduated a class of over 400. From the few photos I saw of the event, it was attended by a broad group of people who still are friends and all hang out together. And every one of them were the ones that gave me such a strange look 10 years ago when I tried to talk to them. So I’m glad I didn’t spend $50, drive 45 minutes from home to the event and see people who wouldn’t give a crap whether I was there or not.

    All of those points you make are good ones, if they fit for each individual. None of them fit for me, though. I’m glad to leave that all behind. I’ve kept close what means the most to me from high school, and none of that is ever present at a class reunion.
    Kate recently posted..more muffins, please!

    • admin says

      I appreciate your comment Kate and realize that class reunions aren’t for everyone. I grew-up in a very small town and many still live in the area. I ‘won’ for traveling the farthest back -which was 700 miles – and to me that seemed strange that I was the only one who really traveled back at all.

    • BillG says

      I’m just about to skip my 30th. It’s $150 for a couple for a buffet and a one man lounge act, and an open bar, but my date doesn’t drink and I barely drink. They’re having it at a really nice place, but I just can’t see paying $150 for a buffet and some singing keyboard player who is always playing at some restaurant I’m walking into with no cover charge.

      The price tag will keep a lot of people away. Our town has been hit more than most by the bad economy. I’m a lawyer and can afford it, but it just irks me that the people that organized it would pick the most expensive restaurant in town knowing that the high price would keep a lot of people away.

      I’m with the riff raff on this. I’m staying away from those snobs, boycotting on principle. I doubt very many of the 463 that graduated with me will show up. Of course most of my friends will because they all have money, but this is a matter of principle for me.

      If you’re planning a reunion, nobody who matters cares about having it at a fancy upscale venue. People just want to see old classmates and drink and get a little crazy and they could do that in a warehouse with kegs and an mp3 player blasting through a PA system. If you get too fancy with your reunion, it’s going to be so expensive that a lot of people who would like to come won’t be able to afford it. Snotty people might be upset if everything isn’t fancy enough for their tastes, but they’ll get over it. They have every night until the next reunion to indulge themselves. Make your reunion one that is affordable for as many of your classmates as possible. The more who can make it, the better.

  8. says

    gosh you looked amazing and I’m so glad to see all your SMILES!

    we never had a reunion, I graduated with 43 people and honestly it’s harder to get 43 people together than 143+ but two summers ago, we did have a mini gettogether picnic and I loved every moment…I loved seeing everyone, I loved hugging my old friends, I was happy to see the people I grew up with.

    if we ever have a real reunion, I’d go. in a heartbeat.

    (and I love you even more because you don’t own team hoodies etc…I believe that sports jerseys are the path to divorce LOL)

    love you pretty lady

  9. says

    My 10 year high school reunion is next year (and no I’m really not old enough to have two kids) and so many of my friends don’t want to go and I don’t get it! I can’t wait to go and see everyone…. But first I have to lose 15 lbs.
    Marta recently posted..Lessons.

  10. Marnie says

    Thanks for the re-cap. I was there and I ditto all that Tracy said. Felt grateful for a week after that I went and experienced that night with my class, my peeps and my hometown.

  11. says

    First time for five year – I had no interest. For my ten, they “strongly suggest you bring a guest” so I was offended, being single and all and would NOT go. I don’t remember hearing about a 15, the twenty? I was knocked up, it was at the arboretum and was going to be $50 for me to stand there and eat crackers & drink water while everyone else drank the cheap box wine. Plus, hubby was going to be gone so – no interest. For the twenty-five? Ugh. Mine was Saturday, hubby’s thirty was Friday – it was the ONLY weekend we did not have other commitments with family for weddings, graduations, add infinitum, to be frank it was the summer of too much to do, then came the formal invite for mine, $120 for us to go and a CASH bar on top of that?? Nuh-uh. Nope. So we skipped them both and stayed home for much needed “nothing”. I would like to see these people, but they need to plan cheaper reunions. They got LESS than 30 out of over 250 folks to cough up for that last reunion. My brother’s class goes to a local bar, like normal people from Chaska, and has a blast on the cheap. I tried to explain that to someone on the committee and they got offended. Blech.
    mommylisa recently posted..That would be quite the shopping trip…

    • admin says

      Who that is CRAZY expensive. I think ours was like $20 and there is NO way I would ever bring a date to a reunion. EVER.

  12. says

    Tim flew out to Dallas last month just for the night to go to his 20th and he was so glad he did. Mine will be next year and we already have a FB page to plan it. The only thing I wish is that we would also have a choir reunion because a lot of my friends were in different classes that were in choir with me… hmmm… something to think about planning…

    Anyway, I love your list and you are SO right about all of it. I’m already really excited to go to my 20th and it’s not for another 9 months!!
    Elaine recently posted..Queen of the Castle

  13. Larissa says

    tracy–it was so totally, like, like ya know, awesome to see you at the reunion!

    Your post is an example of why I like you–you, as I, have moved on and really don’t care about all that “stuff” in the past. Unfortunately, I think some (a lot) individuals have difficulty doing that. I will take wrinkles, gray hair, post marriage and baby weight gain ANY day given the fact that I LOVE the freedom that comes with aging. The freedom of releasing toxic garbage from my inner dialogue and forgiving myself when I do something wrong. 44? Bring. It. On!!

    How great was breakfast with Mr. King? yeah, still can’t go with “Allen”. He will always be “Mr” King……..

    • admin says

      Yeah, I still cannot call him Allen either..no matter how old I am. Crazy.

      So good to hug you. xoxo

  14. says

    I’ve only attended my 5th – that wasn’t nearly enough time out and away from HS which was probably part of the reason that I did want to go because HS was still so fresh. I missed my 10th because of a wedding and had thought about going to my 15th but I was pregnant and didn’t really want to be there while pregnant for some reason. Insecurity? I don’t know. But I do want to go to my 20th. You are right – the insecurities are silly and nonsense. Who cares! I have so many fond memories of high school so why is it so hard to go back?
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..On the road again

  15. Kitty69 says

    25th Reunion was held this past summer. I did not go. I knew about it through social media, however I did not get an invite. What I got was a last minute (day before) email that was very vague about the activities. I was previously invited to the 5th but none thereafter! Apparently the committee “members” didn’t want me there. Mind you I (thought) was pretty well liked in HS, so the exclusion was puzzling. My “best friend” from high school, who has been “friends” with my sister on social media sites for years, decided two weeks before to “friend” me. She asked for my email address, which I gave her. She also asked what I had been up to, which I did not answer. It’s really none of their business (why do you want to know now, after several years of no contact), I felt they would have plenty of others to gossip about, so I excluded myself from that “activity”. It is obvious to me that most of them have not matured or grown out of the HS mentality.

  16. says

    I went to my 10 year class reunion . . . which we had after 11 years because, well, nobody was really organized. But, still, I went.

    And maybe 10 years is just a little “too close” to still being in high school. Or, maybe it was that a large percentage of “the cool kids” still live in town. In either case, there were people who got together, all of the time, and drank – and then there were those of us who came in from out of town. I did not enjoy things as much as I thought I would (but it turned out that one of the more, um, let’s say “successful men with the ladies” turned out to be gay and punched one of the bullies when asked about it).

    This year marks 16 years, which puts me on target for a 15 year reunion . . . because of Facebook, I’m actually closer to more people I graduated with, now, than I was 5 years ago.
    John recently posted..Where I ponder if you’re pondering what I’m pondering

  17. says

    I just realized that my 25th is coming up this summer. Not sure if I will be going but I’ve had a blast at the 10 and 20 year reunion..or what I remember of them.
    Robbie recently posted..How Do I Help?

  18. says

    A reunion is a little different when you actually live in your hometown. You have a tendency to run into the people who actually come. It doesn’t seem like such an “event” unless you hear someone from out of town is coming.
    I went to my ten year, but we were out of town for my fifteen.
    Have I really been out of high school for 17 years?!

  19. Brenda says

    Greetings Tracy,
    Thank you for your great Class Reunion story!
    It certainly put my mind at ease in preparing to attend my Class Reunion in June. I have been agonizing for the past few over what too wear, my thinning hair and extra pounds. Now, I feel a lot better. I was too pregnant to fly and was unable to attend past reunions. This will be my first.

    Looking forward to future stories!

  20. says

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