The 5 Stages of Planning a Disney Vacation

I had this epiphany a few weeks ago that I HAD TO TAKE MY GIRLS TO DISNEY WORLD THIS YEAR!  Okay, maybe not an epiphany – but it was my 7 year old saying “Mom do you think that the real Cinderella lives in the castle at Disney?” and her 9 year old sister saying “Um, I’m starting to believe that those princesses are completely made-up” and my 7 year old responding with “You don’t know anything, Eloise. They are magic!” and my 2 year old saying “If I evah see Mickey Mouse I’m gonna hug him and give him the biggest kiss evah!”


Which made me spend nearly a week of my life on-line trying to see if a Disney World vacation was possible. We’ve never been. In all honestly(don’t tell Walt) but I’ve never wanted to go. We talk about trips to Europe, Africa, South America and Asia…but never Disney.  But now I’m thinking we need to go just this once…before the magic of a little girl’s imagination burns out and we start watching Cops reruns, DVR Teen Mom, and they are signing up to be on the Bachelor instead of sweetly watching The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Right?

So I bring you the last two weeks of my life – or what I like to call my 5 Stages of Planning a Disney Vacation:

1. Denial- We are not going to Disney. We don’t need to go to Disney. What’s Disney?  Don’t talk about Disney! I’m pretty sure Disney World is a made-up place..just like Florida. Disney who? How about Paris? Kenya? Costa Rica?


2. Anger – We cannot afford a Disney vacation! Everybody goes to Disney but us! What does Mickey Mouse have to be so cute! Cinderella is using subliminal message in her movies! We are NOT going to Disney! We will be different from everyone else and go to see the largest ball of twine instead! Who needs Disney! Cinderella IS NOT REAL!


3.  Bargaining – If we skip all other vacations for the next three years we can totally go to Disney. If we sell one child we can go to Disney. Braces? Braces can wait until you’re an adult – we need to go to Disney!!! My kids really want to go to Disney – am I a bad mom for never taking them to Disney? Maybe if I dressed-up as ‘Tinkle Bell’ that would be enough for them? I can sing and dance.  If I didn’t buy a new pair of shoes for two years can we do it?


4.  Depression – Disney may not be in our budget. If I cannot give kids Disney will they hate me forever? Will future counseling from lack of Micky Mouse be more expensive than the actual original Disney vacation?  OMG no new shoes? Wine. I need wine.


5. Acceptance – Fine, money can’t buy love or happiness but it can buy magic evidently! This is the perfect time/ages for us to take the kids. It will be totally worth it, right? Off to spend another week planning…because Cinderella lives!


So according to my kids we are the “last people on Earth that have never been Disney” (which I’m hoping is a slight exaggeration) – have you been?  Say no so I can tell my kids there are more out there like us.


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My name is Tracy Morrison and I live in sunny Minnesota. I'm neither British nor a nun - I'm just a Midwesterner with a headache. This is mainly a humor and lifestyle blog that documents the lighter side of parenting. I am an ex-corporate ladder climber turned freelance writer, social media manager, world traveler, and marathon runner. I would love for you to contact me at

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  1. says

    I am pretty much in complete denial about our trip to Disney this summer, but I decided we HAD to go when my four year old asked if he was EVER going to meet Mickey Mouse.
    We can compare notes on the $10 bottles of water and our kids happy smiles at the end of the summer!
    Ali from Daughter-in-Law Diaries recently posted..Memorial Day Burger Roundup

    • admin says

      It sounds like we need to meet-up in the park for the $20 glasses of wine! Have fun!

  2. says

    No. We have not been and are not planning on going until our kids are older. — But you don’t have to tell your girls that. 🙂 Love this, by the way. As always.
    christine recently posted..Joys (again)

  3. says

    This is hilarious! We went for the first time in 2010 and I still get a lot of hits to my blog about my planning/experience, so I guess there are a lot of parents hitting those same stages. We just booked our second trip for this fall, as well, I am SO excited. When are you thinking of going?

  4. says

    The first time I went to Disney was when I was 16. I was convinced that I was the last person in the world to have ever gone there. Apparently that is all part of Disney’s evil plan because now? I take our family every 1-2 years. It’s turned us into Disney addicts.

    Wait, this isn’t helping is it? 😉
    Kimberly recently posted..A Birthday Promise

  5. says

    We haven’t been yet! Ryan is adamently anti-Disney, so I will have one opportunity. I am thinking 5 and 7 are good years for the kids. And that gives me time to pick up soda bottles on the side of the road to fund the trip…
    angela recently posted..In My Bag–Be Enough Me

    • admin says

      Yeah, my husband is less than excited(and I’m borderline) but I feel like this would be a once in a lifetime kind of thing..and then we can take them to Africa or something after that. 😉

  6. says

    We’ve been to both the Land and the World a couple of times. I prefer Disneyland as it is more digestible and quicker to get in and out of.

    I hate Disney as a whole but I am just charmed by the whole Disneyland experience (minus the cost of everything). It’s such a special, magical experience. Your children will remember it always.

    My only advice: GO WHEN ITS NOT BUSY!!!!!!! Pull your kids out of school or whatever it takes. Just do NOT go in the middle of Summer or during a holiday. You will want to kill yourself. Or your children. Or your husband. We went one year during Christmas break and the park maxed out on people by noon. At that point they closed the gates. It was horrendous.

    Our favorite time to go is the first week of december. The parks are all decorated for Christmas but they’re completely empty. Everyone has just left after Thanksgiving but hasn’t yet arrived for Christmas break. You can walk on to pretty much every ride.

    There are some great guidebooks too. The Unofficial Guide is wonderful.

    Also, you need to make reservations for meals six months in advance. Only chumps show up with no dinner plans. Especially if you want to get into Cinderella’s castle or someplace highly in demand.
    Hildie recently posted..So Delicious You Might Cry

    • admin says

      Every time I read a review about Disney I break out in a sweat because it seems so complicated – “dinner reservations months in advance” “must get fast passes” …Now I’m stressed.

      And yes, if we go it will be when they are in school. I don’t do well in crowds. I don’t even do well with house guests.

      I think you are right though – as much as currently I’m not a Disney fan – it’s the charm of it all..and that I would do just about anything for my kids. xo

  7. Barbara says

    You will have fun! I am a little ashamed to say that we have been to Disneyland Paris twice in the past year, and even had a three month old along for the ride.
    Barbara recently posted..First Flight

    • admin says

      I’d much rather go to Disney Paris – but we checked plane tickets and couldn’t fly there for under $6000. boo. But if we lived close we would probably go more than 2x per year. xo

  8. says

    Hopefully you will be able to figure out how to pay for the magic kingdom (personally I can’t believe how expensive the one place all children should be able to experience IS!!) Hildie had a great idea about the first week of December. The girls would have a wonderful time. Anxious to follow your journey on this.

    • admin says

      See and I was hoping that we could bring our families there together and have the time of our lives..right?

  9. says

    You have to go. Your girls will love it you will love it. It is so expensive, but you will talk about it forever. It is magical.

    I agree with Hildie pull the kids out of school and go it is not busy. Espcially for your first time it will be totally frustrating to go when it is packed.

    • admin says

      Yes..we will totally go off-season. How much to rent the whole park ourselves? lol

  10. AnnJ says

    Our kids are 21, 17 & 14…..never been to Disney and they are healthy, happy, adjusted kids who don’t get to do a lot of things their friends do. It’s just never been a big deal to our family. But if we decided to go I’m sure we would have a blast! So go for it if you’re wanting to go …. talk to people & find out what they liked & didn’t & little tricks that made the experience more pleasant 🙂

    • admin says

      Oh I think that is very similar to how I feel about the whole thing…but this little annoying voice(perhaps Tinkerbell) lives in my head saying “do it do it do it” – is there a drug for that?

  11. Leah says

    We’ve gone twice, once when our oldest was an only child – it was his first birthday present (back in the days when apparently we had no brains) and two summers ago, when the girls were 7 and 6, and their brother was 12. It was and worth every three gazillion dollars! Seriously, we did not stay on property, I did not stress about many dinner reservations and we had a GREAT time. Now, would I take them back, I suppose, but I would prefer to take them to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower than Epcot…

  12. says

    Tracy we haven’t been but are thinking of going this year as well…end of August…when are you planning on going? Please fill me in on what you have discovered with your planning as I am just beginning to plan now. Good Luck!

  13. says

    We just returned from there last Friday. I am so NOT a Disney fan. My kids liked it but their favorite part of the vacation was actually when we went to spend 3 days at the beach. Here’s the Scarry Mommy truth from me. 🙂 I ADORE Florida and will take my kids there again and again and again but we won’t probably do Disney again. The lines are horrendous, yes you get fast passes but that’s relatively a pain. And then to stand in the heat waiting for an autograph from a character only to tell you when you get to the front that they will be back in about 10 minutes. I get that – it’s hot there, but UGH! And the rides with the different ages of kids eventually splits you up, so there I stand with my 5 year old and all she wants to do is shop in the gift shops. She could have cared less about anything else. 😉 And now she has a dozen pair of Mickey Mouse earrings. A year and a half ago we did Disney in California. It is much smaller and do-able, but I wouldn’t go there again either. Good luck with your decision and planning, T. 🙂

  14. says

    As much as I have personal issues with the mouse, I do think every kid needs to go there at least once, while they are little and still posses their innocent suspension of disbelief. Their awe and joy is worth the hassle, sweat, and exorbitant prices. That being said, I don’t think people need to go there repeatedly. Costa Rica and Paris sound far more fascinating, more magical to me.
    Vinobaby recently posted..A paycheck can’t buy time

    • admin says

      Maybe that is what I don’t understand about it – why do people keep going back when there are so many places in the world to see? It must be awesome!

  15. says

    My husband has been to Disney approx 20 times in his life. They always stayed at the Polynesian. He has Mickey as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice tattooed on his shoulder. It’s just that deep for him.

    I had only been one time, for a couple days, before we were married. I didn’t care to return.

    My husband delivered an impassioned, well-researched speech as to why we needed to go for our honeymoon. Had there been a powerpoint presentation I would not have been surprised. I finally caved…reluctantly.

    My husband’s favorite moment of our honeymoon is when I turned to him at one point and said “When we come back, we have to do such-and-such thing”.

    I am an addict now. We went for 1st & 2nd anniv, and are going for our 4th in mid-September. We didn’t think we could afford it this year but we “made it work” and are taking a shorter trip just to see the Polynesian one more time before they remodel and build vacation club property. We are that emotionally invested in this resort.

    And we have no children, in case you forgot. We do some rides and stuff and act silly, but we also drink (um, a lot according to the pictures I’ve looked back on) and eat at the nicer restaurants and hang out at the pool. It’s a good mix of silly kids stuff and adult stuff. Which fits our personalities.
    Mrs. Jen B recently posted..Attitude of Gratitude

  16. says

    Haha! We went last year. Disney was fun, I guess. We went in April. The lines were long, the weather was hot and the park is huge. We should’ve gotten the fast passes because we waited in 45m-1 hour lines for every 2 minute ride. Universal Studios was more fun for everyone. I don’t think we’ll spend the money for Disney again. We’ll do Universal, Animal Kingdom, MGM and maybe Lego Land.
    Delilah recently posted..Dear Producers of TLC Birth Moms,

    • admin says

      We watched the Disney DVD and my kids kept wanting to just replay the water park parts..which leads me to believe that maybe I should save the money and just take them a Wisconsin Dells.

  17. says

    We did go- 3 years ago. But Hubs had a work family trip that paid for all our expenses(his current job does not do such trips, unfortunately). We are attempting to go this fall, but will probably need to sell a soul to make it happen.
    Shell recently posted..Headed to Camp

    • admin says

      Yeah, we keep trying to figure out if one of our kids could get us a cool $

  18. says

    Neither my husband or I really had much desire to go the first time, but like you, we sort of felt like we needed to – while the girls were little and it was all so “magical”. It ended up being a fabulous trip! We all loved it! We have only been twice because of the cost (and it is also a rather exhausting way to spend vacation), but we definitely want to go again in another year or two. I bet you’ll end up loving it! You definitely need to take Esther to a meal in the castle!!!
    Ann recently posted..Simple Woman’s Daybook, May 21, 2012

    • admin says

      I have a feeling that Esther will love it the most. Also, I thought you were ‘Disney People’ lol

      • says

        Well, we’ve only been twice, so I’m not sure that qualifies us as “Disney People”, BUT when we do go, I go all out with the planning, the outfits, the reservations months in advance, the research, etc. So I probably come across as more of a “Disney Person” than I really am! 🙂 And yes, knowing what I do about Esther, she will be in HEAVEN!!! On my blog, if you click on “Disney World” in the tag cloud, you can see all our trip posts if you’re interested! 🙂
        Ann recently posted..Simple Woman’s Daybook, May 21, 2012

        • admin says

          I think it was your posts that made me realize what an incredibly fun place it would be BUT the planning depressed me lol. Did you all just stay in a standard room?

          • says

            If all 5 of you are going, your options are pretty limited if you stay on-site. For the value resorts (all-stars, pop, etc.), you either have to get two rooms or a suite. The new suites at Art of Animation look super-nice. If you want to stay at a moderate (next level up price-wise), then your ONLY option is Port Orleans Riverside. It has two queens and a trundle. None of the other moderate resorts can accomodate 5. If you stay at a deluxe, I think all of the deluxes can accomodate 5 – with two queens and a day bed. When we went with just two kids, we stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter (somewhat similar to Port Orleans Riverside), and we liked that a lot. When we went this last time, we splurged and stayed at the Polynesian. It wasn’t my favorite. I’d probably pick a different resort if we stayed deluxe again, but the transportation options were nice (monorail and boat).
            Ann recently posted..Simple Woman’s Daybook, May 21, 2012

  19. Ami says

    Your kids will never speak to me again, but honestly, if you can put it off until Astrid is at least 5 it might be better. I know that means E&E would practially be in college but if you go now Astrid won’t remember a thing and in five years you’ll be right back where you started with her. Plus, in spite of the intense marketing to toddlers, the Disney parks really are for older kids, IMO: my nephew was 4 when we went last fall and was superfrustrated because he couldn’t go on many of the rides and basically just ended up sitting in the stroller all day. Aaron was the next-oldest at six, and he had a fabulous time.

    Sorry for the buzzkill. But at least you’d be able to keep yourself in wine and shoes for a few more years?

    • admin says

      I’m worried that I will be so old and cranky in 3 years that I just won’t enjoy myself. 😉 ..wondering if Eloise will think Disney is ‘lame’ when she’s 13…

      • says

        All valid points! Adding to my above post and tailing onto this one, I have friends that live near St. Pete Beach. We went with my kids ages 8, 6 and 5. My friends have a 15, 14 and 6 year old. The 15 and 14 year olds DEFINITELY were only into the big rides and were on their own most of the time (but they’ve been here plenty living so close). Eloise won’t love it as much, you are correct, if you wait til she’s 13. Astrid won’t remember but then you have to decide if pictures will be enough for your memories. Here’s how we split our time so we didn’t spend all of my kids inheritance at Disney ( 😉 ) ~ we stayed at the Nickelodeon Theme Park Hotel. Not by any sense what I expected, but Reagan really loved being able to have breakfast with Dora and Boots and Map. We spent a day at the waterparks at Nickelodeon (don’t compare to Disneys but it was fine for my kids). We spent one day at Magic Kingdom, one at Animal Kingdom. The the rest we spent at St. Pete Beach and the kids loved ALL of the vacation. Maybe you can save a little and not have to do a week long at all the Disney parks. Just a thought.

  20. says

    We’ve been to Disney a few times. Once for a day because we were already in Florida. Once because my husband had a conference at Disney World! (He sat in a window-less room all day while we partied with the Mouse.) And the very first time, just because we wanted to.

    Having said all that, going when your kids are young (but not too young) is perfect! You’re girls are great ages for a Disney vacation.

    My daughter is now 14 and she’d MUCH rather have a beach vacation in Florida than Disney. Which is A-OK with us.

    Note: My husband hates Disney! He says their motto should be, “Be Happy, OR ELSE!!” He thinks it’s all forced cheeriness. Poor guy. Someone must have stolen his Winnie-the-Pooh doll when he was young.
    Dara Dokas recently posted..Build a Blog You Truly Love

    • admin says

      LOL – yes, sounds like he had a bad Pooh experience. Laughing so hard!(Also, jealous that Kristi got to meet you last weekend!)

    • admin says

      This is actually why I don’t own a charge card – I would’ve booked it months ago. Living on the cash-plan buts a major damper in my ‘funness’ and also my ability to purchase new shoes. xo

  21. says

    I’ve been to Disney a few times, but my family hasn’t . . . and we seem to be in the throes of planning a trip between my family, my sister & her family, and my mother.

    Only my mother doesn’t fly. So we’re thinking about renting a RV and working on the most annoying road trip in the history of road trips.

    In Florida, that magical land of make-believe, there will be wine aplenty.
    John recently posted..Where I dust off this old blog of mine

  22. Rachel says

    I’ve never been to disney, ever. Never, ever plan to go. sorry, kids. I never once felt the lack of it as a child so don’t really see the appeal at all. Just one of those things I don’t really understand.

  23. Amber says

    I took my daughter four years ago in mid-September to DW and it was HOT, but we barely waited in any lines, so that was a major plus! We might try early December or January this time, hopefully we can miss the holiday crowds. My husband doesn’t understand the magic of Disney, but he hasn’t been there yet…he’ll see. Have fun!

  24. says

    From a different perspective, the first time I went to Disney I was in my early thirties, and I went with my husband. We stayed off resort, and we were only there for a couple of days, but it was still completely magical. Eating dinner in Cinderella’s castle felt like fulfilling a childhood dream, and the parade in the evening was spectacular. Later, when we took Charlie, it was a different experience, but still magical in a wonderful way. There is just something about that place that makes the money you spend (almost) worth it.
    maybaby recently posted..a time to plant

  25. says

    I love Disney. Really truly love it. I’ve been three times, only once with my kids. I went in high school for the very first time with friends of mine because my parents could never afford to take me nor did they ever want to go. We only went for two days, but I loved it. I went again last summer because I was at a work conference in Orlando and convinced co-workers to spend two days at the parks. Then I went in January with my kids for a WHOLE WEEK. And it was glorious. And it was all my in laws dime which was even more glorious. The kids loved it. Bella’s too little to really know what was happening, but she still had a good time. And Ben keeps asking when we can go back. And if I could I would go every year, but it is SO EXPENSIVE. If you do go, I have tons of tips for you of things I learned while I was there!
    Marta recently posted..High. Higher. Highest.

    • admin says

      When we get closer to the..gulp..paying stage I am totally taking you out for wine and tips.

  26. says

    Since I’ve lived in Florida my entire life I’ve probably been about 25 times. And seeing as I’m only 21… Yes, we’ve been a lot. With kids and without. I’d be more than happy to tell you anything you want to know. Hotels, dining reservations, etc. We love it and so will you when you see how happy the kids are. Go in October so you can enjoy the Epcot Food & Wine Festival. Better yet, coordinate with when we’re there so I can give you a big hug, buy you a plastic glass of wine and send you on your way!
    Ali recently posted..WTF Wednesday – The "Poor People’s Salon" Edition

    • admin says

      25 times!!!! How many plastic glasses of wine does it take to make Disney enjoyable for all…I would love to meet-up with you! xo

  27. Nicole says

    We go every year or so. Whenever my two children and myself can wear my husband down to agree to go AGAIN. We love it and we do it cheap. We stay at value resorts and we only go when we get free dining. The kids earn money to spend and thats all they have to buy stuff. We would rather go often and go cheap then to not go at all. is a great source if you haven’t already found it. Good luck, can’t wait to read more about your planning phase!!

  28. says

    I was firmly in stage 1 up until about a couple of months ago when my sister introduced my kids to Micky Mouse Clubhouse on TV. Thanks. My kids had no interest in Disney before because they thought it was all about princesses. Now, they know Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Daisy, et al exist and want to go “meet” them. J has even brought up going on a Disney cruise. God help me. Now, I’m angry.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Why I should write for YOUR magazine

  29. says

    I went to Disney when I was 12 and it was more or less horrible. I was in this whole pre-teen angsty phase where I didn’t want to be seen with my parents and I was such a BRAT while we were there. If we’re ever to go to Disney as a family, it’ll definitely be when Lil’ Bit is in the 7-9 range because that way she’ll be old enough to remember it but still young enough to enjoy it without being a total BRAT.

    And who am I kidding – we’ll totally go to Disney. Hell, my husband is already talking about it. And then I’m sure my ILs will come too because they only live two hours from Disney and they think it’s the greatest place on earth. Which tells you just how different we are because my idea of a fun vacation is lying on a beach with a drink in my hand, NOT fighting crowds of stinky rude people for seven straight days. So, yeah… we’re going to Disney and my ILs will be there, too. Hey, look at that! I’m already up to the Depression stage!

    Also, it’s TinkER Bell, not TinkLE Bell. LOL. And now I have to pee.
    Kristin @ What She Said recently posted..We Were So Stupid

    • admin says

      But Tickle Bell is my favorite character. As I said on twitter..she is the little know incontinent 40 year old mother of three. I just know there’s a movie there somewhere..

      Also – maybe we can do drunk Disney together?

  30. says

    1. We are planning on going next year. Probably spring break. I would like to go when it is not as crowded, but I’m not sure about pulling Cady out of school for a week to go.

    2. David was very anti-Disney… until he went. Now he says it was his most favorite vacation ever.

    3. Get a place to stay with a kitchen/kitchenette. You can take drinks and sandwiches/snacks into the park. I had a (little bigger than a) lunch size cooler that I took bottles of water in with us every day and some small snacks. Saved us money from buying drinks all the time.
    Jennifer recently posted..Three of my Favorite Things

  31. says

    Ohh how this makes me laugh! I am RIGHT there with you, I feel like there are weeks of my life that I’m never going to get back from planning our Disney vacay. The amount of research & planning it requires is just overwhelming. And the money? We’re going the first week in September and it’s costing us significantly more than our honeymoon. With no free drinks.

    But…the memories! The characters! The princesses! It will ALL be worth it, right??? Best of luck with planning! And thanks for the laugh! 🙂
    Amy @ Counting My Kisses recently posted..The dynamic duo

    • admin says

      I know – I bet I’ll even cry when I meet Cinderella..and now just because it cost me $7000…lol

  32. AngieN24 says

    I’m not much help for you but I’ve been a few times. First time I went I was 17 and I fell in love (D-land, CA). I’ve been to D-World once but we are geographically much closer to CA. We’ve taken our kids twice and my husband and I just spent our 20 yr anniversary there.. so I’m in the ‘it’s worth it’ camp. I prefer CA but if you’re closer to FL then it’s still a great park… but you have a lot more options to have to weed through and decide what you want to do for your money. Again, I’m no help w/ your planning.. sorry. But have fun! ;D

    • admin says

      Your trips sound wonderful! We are in Minnesota – so no closer to either place…although CA sounds less stressful! Thanks for your comment today. xo

  33. says

    So I’m not even reading any if the previous comments because I’m probably alone on this one. We love Disney. There. I said it. My FIL works for Disney as a bus driver on the weekends just do we can spend our vacations there. Before we had kids we traveled all over the world. I was a flight attendant for ten years and have no desire to spend any more time on an airplane. So for us, Disney it is. As a Sociologist, I have a ton of issues with it all but as a mom, I love our time there with Emma. Enjoy it while the magic is still there’

  34. says

    We HAVE and it was fabulous! Our kids were 17, 14, 12, & 10 and they were the perfect ages. Meaning… every age is the perfect age. I’m so excited you’re going. You’re going to love Epcot where you can stroll through many different countries in one day and enjoy food from all over the world. YAY for you!
    Rachelle recently posted..Turning a Corner

  35. says

    Also, my two older boys were wondering if they would think it was cheesy or dorky… nope! Disney does things up so well, it’s magical for adults as well. The first time I ever went was on my honeymoon to Disney Land in California. Loved it!
    Rachelle recently posted..Turning a Corner

  36. says

    I actually think a trip to see the world’s largest ball of twine would be awesome, since traveling to see “world’s largests” is my family’s “thing.”

    But then, I also have a 5-year daughter in full-on princess mode, so we’re giving in and going to WDW next month!
    Traci recently posted..World’s Largest Urban Zoo, Bronx, NY

    • admin says

      Well you must go see the twine in Kansas! lol Would love to hear how your trip is next month! Have fun. xo

  37. says

    I mentioned this on twitter, but honestly, the kids are the reason to go. They will adore it and you will love it because they love it.

    A couple quick tips:

    1. If you can swing a trip before Astrid turns three, I would do it. Kids under 3 are free. You don’t need park tickets, free at hotels, buffets, etc.
    2. Research, research, research. Check out sites like and for tons of tips.
    3. Never, ever, ever pay the rack (regular) rate of your trip. Disney almost always has a promotion for discounted rooms and packages, especially if you are going at off-peak times.
    tehamy recently posted..Humpty Dumpty

    • admin says

      Thank you for the tips! We are currently waiting to book for Fall as it is full-price right now which seems crazy to me! Astrid turns 3 in July so we will end up paying for her too. ;((

  38. says

    we haven’t been. i would be lying if i said my kids were happy about that. i plan to take them…. eventually. i’m not a big fan of crowds, or commercialism, so disney isn’t exactly my dream destination.

    but the future therapy bills… well, avoiding that might be worth it!
    Anna recently posted..Old Photo Friday: At the Zoo

  39. says

    We went as a family for our wedding anniversary. I knew it was the only way I could convince my husband to fork over the dough. I researched it like crazy (take the car, take the metro?) and we ended up having an amazing time. The best decision was to eat at the Auberge de Cendrillon (Cinderella’s … Inn?) That’s where all the princesses were and we got a peaceful respite from the chaos and a very good French meal.

    Hey! Don’t forget about Disney Paris!
    Lady Jennie recently posted..Bof

  40. says

    Haha, I love this. I hate to tell you; but you do have to go.
    The hubs and I went there for our honeymoon. I know, what kind of weirdos go to Disney for our honeymoon? Isn’t that for kids?
    It was AMAZING. We were treated so well and they made us feel so very special. We got buttons that said we were newlyweds so everywhere we went we got special attention.
    Also? If you’ve never been they give you first timer buttons, so you will also get a lot of special attention.
    It sounds so corny, but it truly was magical.
    Now if only we could have that money back….I’m pretty sure that vacation cost more than what we currently even have in our savings account. We will go back one day.
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    • admin says

      I’ve never heard from anyone that it wasn’t worth I know we will love it…but still trying to swallow the big pill and put on my mouse ears. lol. Loved your story. Super fun!!