Project 365 Week 1

I’ve decided to join in Project 365 this year. A picture everyday for a year. Actually I guess it’s 366 this year? I decided to do this so that I would spend more quality time with my 5D…but as I find in the Winter…she mainly sits on the desk while 95% of my pictures are done with my phone. Curse that iPhone and the Instagram app..and the fact that my phone is attached to my hand almost all day.


Anyway – I will take more pictures with the good camera – but I would hate to start out strong. It’s better to start mediocre and have room for improvement, yes…So here is some of what we did this first week of 2012.


We just lived. The not-very-exciting-everyday of just life. A lucky life.

1. Homework, 2. Backseat drivers, 3. bus stop, 4. American Girl Dolls, 5. Wii Just Dance, 6. Swimming, 7. Hanging out, 8. cookies


And in case you are not a visual person ..but a reader and somehow missed my blog this week in your blur of taking the tree down.


Let’s review…

We are making plans to visit New Jersey to see their Jews.

My kids gave me 10 New Year’s Resolutions that I am not sure I can live up to.

I reminded you that I had a birthday last month – in case you forgot to send flowers.

Astrid pondered why cats don’t have hands and thus makes them useless for playing boardgames.

I gave you a lecture on writing your thank you notes. Or Eloise did. Let me blame my child.


…and on my mind…

I still cannot comprehend the tragedy of the Christmas fire that took Madonna Badger’s three daughter’s and her parent’s lives…and how she goes on. It’s unimaginable. Reading her eulogy tells me how she does go on.  “Love without service is not enough.” If you haven’t read her words yet..please do.


Life and love are such a gift. Live like you mean it. Live like you know it is. Live for today. And love. Love big. And serve.


…and take lots of pictures….of just what seems like boring life…car rides, homework, play…life…love.


Have a great weekend you all.

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