My Kids are Gifted and Talented…

Daily. No hourly my kids do things that make me go “OH YES, this is why you go to the G&T school! You are so brilliant my perfect, smart and amazing kids!”


For example, just last week as I was cooking dinner my kids came into the kitchen to get a glass of water. They opened the cupboard and Eloise said “Mom, all of the small glasses are dirty.”


So I said “Well use the big ones.”


And Esther said “But we only want a small glass of water.”


So I said “Then fill the big glass just half full.”


And Eloise said “Well that seems like kind of a waste.”


And Esther said “Yeah, and what if we forget to turn the water off and fill it too high and then don’t want that much water and then have to dump it out.”


And then Eloise said “It would be weird not to use the whole glass.”


And so I said “Well then why don’t you guys share a glass and only drink half each.”


And then Eloise said “Gross.”


And then I said “I’m sure you can figure this out.”


And so Eloise said “FINE, let’s go Esther we’ll just get a drink tomorrow after the small glasses are clean!”


And so they walked out of the kitchen. Still thirsty.


Gifted I tell you.


And I have extremely high hopes that their baby sister will follow in their footsteps. Maybe. Probably not.



If the video isn’t working for you…you can find it here.


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    • admin says

      Yes, they are still thirsty I believe. Also currently Astrid is promised to Jessica’s little Sawyer..but she would still like to date around a bit and finds Monkey very hot.

  1. says

    They might just have to drink straight from the faucet… or fridge, depending where your drinking water comes from. Second option might have to be filmed if attempted =).

  2. says

    So, so sweet, don’t you just want her to count 1, 3, 8 forever? And why are children helpless the moment they walk in the kitchen? Husbands too for that matter.

  3. says

    I LOVE this post! My 9-year-old is in a TAG program as well and I swear we could have had that same conversation word-for-word!

    Also, watching your little one count makes me want another baby. SO CUTE!

  4. says

    Astrid’s doing better than Lil’ Bit, who thinks “2” is the only number there is. Everything is two. Even counting steps she’s all, “Two… two… two… two.” But every now and then, she gets it right – like the other day when she pointed out two buses and there actually were TWO buses! I was all excited until I realized that the odds are occasionally going to be in her favor.

    She has a wonderful vocabulary but I don’t think she’s going to be very good at the maths. I was never very good at the maths either.

  5. says

    Oh, your children are so logical. Why not just go thirsty as opposed to using a big glass?

    Astrid’s counting is adorable. Sometimes I go from one to ten via three, eight and nine too.

    And every post I read of yours just makes me crush on you even more. πŸ™‚ (I promise I’m not really a stalker.)

  6. says

    That video is adorable!!! πŸ™‚
    I love that you daughters would rather go thirsty, than to waste water! πŸ™‚

    • admin says

      LOL – my kids do the same thing. So gifted. I’m always yelling “look where you are going!”

  7. says

    So funny! There is a certain logic to their thinking, though. I love how kid logic makes perfect sense to them. No one else maybe. But to them, it’s just right.

    And then there’s the poor, third child. So sad she’s not as bright. But she’s sure darn cute!

  8. says

    Truly my favorite comic of all time is the Far Side’s one where it has a kid pushing as hard as he can on a door that says “Pull” to a building that’s called “School for the Gifted.” πŸ™‚

  9. says

    Ha! I, too, was in gifted school, and let’s just say I was walking to the bus one day and I walked into a horse. Literally. A horse’s behind. Kind of says it all.

  10. says

    I was actually in the Gifted & Talented program in my school. I remember taking the test at the end of second grade, not knowing what it was, and thinking the test was silly.

    Then, in the beginning of third grade, I was sent to twice-weekly classes with Mrs. Umberwald. For the longest time, I truly thought I was in remedial science, because we had to do science fair projects.

    I’d have told the girls to stick their heads under the faucet.

  11. robyn says

    cutest video EVER of astrid. and i think its wonderful that your children even want to drink liquid at all. mine don’t take in enough hydration to keep a flea alive.