She Talks With Her Eyes..

Esther is incredibly expressive. I really need to get her on video because when she talks – she’s not just moving her mouth.We sometimes imagine a future of musical theatre for this child.

She sings when she pees and hums while she eats. She sings herself to sleep and wakes up each morning with a song.

Which is why I do believe her alibi that she was singing showtunes when the incident happened.

Esther is always very random. If you ask her what color the sky is today she will instead tell you about Jupiter and lollipops.

Esther wears a twirly dress almost everyday so she can easily dance and spin, but at almost seven, she is now growing up and wants to look like the big kids. Now maybe she will learn hip-hop.

Which is fine with me – as long as she never stops singing or telling her expressive stories.

I’ve never known how to explain the way that Esther talks. It’s different and always with more than just words…Until we saw my Grandmother last weekend and she looked right at Esther as Esther was going on and on about perhaps the color pink and my Grandmother said “my word that child talks with her eyes – you can hear everything that girls says just by watching them even if you couldn’t hear her words..” Joy.

Happy Friday you all. xo


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Esther is wearing a sweatshirt tunic from 77Kids

Leggings from Target

UGG boots from Nordstroms

Smiles and bright eyes – a gift from above

Oh and I did the braid

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  1. says

    Oh I love this, I hope she talks with her eyes forever and ever. There is something about her that always reminds me of McKenna, we were all just separated at birth, I think.

  2. says

    She is so beautiful and if she would consider , even for a moment, life with a younger man then I truly believe she and Jacob would be PERFECT just described every single thing about my musical, inventive, amazing son. 😉

  3. says

    I love that. My little one does that. He always has these movements with his eyes and face when he is talking that totally helps get his message across. So much fun.

  4. says

    I love this. So beautifully written. I can feel the love you have for her (and all three girls). I wish I could express my feelings half as well as you do.

  5. says

    Oh, she’s beautiful . . . and if you can cultivate that expression, please do. I work, closely, with a community theater that got its roots doing children’s theater, and they always pick shows that would work well for kids (and usually involve kids by the dozen), and I can actually picture the musical director drooling over her (assuming she can carry a tune, and I think she can, despite assertions that her mother cannot). If you can get Esther loving theater now . . . well, nothing bad can come of it.

    • admin says

      I would love for her to do this. We do a theatre camp each Summer but I would love for her to do more.

  6. says


    And not just because I, too, sing when I pee (perhaps about Jupiter and lollipops, even).

    But mostly because I’m sure everyone in my life wishes I spoke with my eyes instead of my mouth.

    She is my idol.
    At almost seven.

  7. says

    oh how I love that sweet girl! she reminds me so much of myself growing up-my quiet and conservative small town family didn’t quite know what to make of me….

    • admin says

      We are still trying to figure out where these blue-eyed blondies came from. I mean even my UPS man has brown eyes.

  8. says

    What a beautiful post. And your daughter is adorable!

    Thanks for visiting on my SITS day. It was a really fun day for me.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  9. says

    Oh, she’s a beauty, that is for sure. Even in the photos, you can see the animation.

    Don’t you love when the older generation just nail it? Talks with her eyes. Gorgeous.

    Meanwhile, I don’t know why I read this blog. You have three daughters and I have none. Officially, you are my mortal enemy. xxx

    • admin says

      Friendemy maybe – xo

      Yes, the grandparents get it right. I guess that means we will someday too. lol

  10. says

    I love the way you tell this, the pictures, the personality, and how relatable this is for me because my 2nd oldest is very much the same way 🙂