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    • Our neighbor girls tot’d until 8th grade – BUT she went with younger kids in more of a babysitter role but was also dressed up and didn’t take candy.

    • I did not think of that. The only way I can get the grab box to work is to make it the last thing I add to the post in HTML mode and then save and publish immediately. If I have to go in and then edit the post my grab box goes away.

  1. LOVE it.

    And strawberries. And pumpkins. Pretty much food, in general.

    So I’ll be linked up for sure. Hopefully dressed as something edible.

    Or was it supposed to be my kids? DANG it.


  2. Fun! Lil’ Bit will be dressing up as Lambie this year in a costume that I neither bought on clearance nor made, but was well worth the $34 I paid for it because of how darn cute she looks in it. I considered dressing up as a slutty Little Bow Peep to go along with it, but… well… no.

    That little strawberry cap on Astrid’s head is literally the icing on the cake – precious!

  3. cute, cute…lots of places to post…wait until you see my boys. That costume (strawberry) is adorable….CUUUUTTTTEEEE

  4. Oh how fun! This is my first Halloween as a mom so I’m super excited. Even though my daughter will have no clue what’s going on!