Family Resemblance..Rockin The Baby

For most of my eldest daughter’s lives they have heard about how much they look nothing alike. It’s true. They look different, act different and have little resemblance to even being sisters. Perhaps that is why they are the best of friends.

(Eloise eight months old)

Until lately. I notice subtle resemblances between the two. I sometimes wonder how that is happening, but then I look at Astrid and I know.  I believe Astrid is a mix of the older two – so when you put all three together..AHA! I see three sisters with resemblances all around.

(Esther eight months old)

Thank goodness we had Astrid so people would stop questioning the UPS man and my blond hair/blue eyed second daughter.

(Astrid eight months old)

Do your kids look alike or totally different? Do they look like you? Or the UPS man?

(Me eight months old)

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  1. says

    My two boys look quite different too. And NOTHING alike as babies. I love the comparisons. I’m a little obsessed with the whole “who looks like who in the family” thing myself… I think it’s SO interesting!!

    You girls were ADORABLE babies!!!
    Elaine recently posted..Baby Love – Rockin’ the Baby

  2. jill r says

    My first 2 resemble me and DH, I have no idea who child #4 resembles….we really shuffled the deck when we came up with her.

  3. says

    So cute! Looking at these pictures, I can’t believe how much Esther still looks like her baby self. Does that even make sense? I could tell that shot was her without even looking at the caption. No – my kids don’t remotely look alike. Since we don’t have UPS deliveries at home, I think Charlie may question the Schwan’s man. 😉
    Elena recently posted..Rockin The Baby

  4. says

    Oh the cuteness! You’re right – the older two don’t look alike, but Astrid ties them together. Beautiful – all of them. And you! Love that photo.

    I only have one, but I’m dying to see what our next would look like. Mine mostly looks like my husband, or so most people say. I see a bit of me in him too – he gets his eyes from me, for sure.
    MamaRobinJ recently posted..Rockin’ the Baby (Fever)

  5. says

    I love your adorable babies! You were also very cute.

    I look nothing like my sister and my kids look nothing alike. Nor do they look like me. Apparently things are all screwed up over here.
    Jessica recently posted..Rockin The Baby

  6. says

    My BIL has three girls as well. Oldest looks like him, middle looks like his wife, youngest looks like a mix.

    My two, at least at under a month old, look nearly identical. Their parts just go in different directions… I hope, for their sake, they start to look different soon.
    Amelia Sprout recently posted..Partum (Post)

  7. says

    I think my boys don’t look alike. I do think that they have similar features, but look different. Not really UPS like, but not as much alike as some siblings. 🙂

  8. says

    Gorgeous girls! Mine are the same, Parker and McKenna don’t look alike but put Sawyer in the mix and he looks like both of them so you can see the resemblance in them all.
    Jessica recently posted..The Hot Seat

  9. says

    Your girls are all darling!

    My boys all look very much alike. And they all look like Daddy. I’ll never forget that when I had my first, one of my husband’s friends came to visit us in the hospital and said, “Wow, no questioning who his daddy is!” I snapped back, “Yeah, good thing he looks like J because we all know that I sleep around!” Seriously, WTH?
    Shell recently posted..Rockin’ the Baby Link-Up with Prizes!

    • admin says

      LOL – there is some research that says that all first borns look like their father so there is no mistake who they belong to. Crazy.

  10. says

    Esther’s eyes are so bright and expressive – now and when she was a baby! All of your girls have such beautiful eyes.

    Hubs and I still wonder how Lil’ Bit wound up blonde since we both have dark hair. Although while my hair has always been dark, Hubs was blond as a baby. So, it’s very possible that Lil’ Bit will grow out of her “blondeness.” But for now, I find myself getting a little squirmy and defensive when people ask me, “How did the two of you manage to create a blonde-haired baby?” I’m all, “She’s his, I swear!”
    Kristin @ What She Said recently posted..Potty Training Can Wait

    • admin says

      I know – we are both dark and it’s weird to have to kids with blond hair and blue eyes.

  11. says

    So far, my son looks like my husband in every way. The kid was lucky enough to get my personality though.
    Your babies are beautiful! So, so beautiful. Those cheeks (all 6 of ’em)…I die.

    • admin says

      This made me laugh. My second two have my personality also. My first is incredibly uptight.

  12. says

    The twins look JUST like their dad. Luckily everyone saw them get yanked out of me, otherwise I’d question whether or not I was their mother. Zoe looks nothing like them, but looks exactly like me. So my husband’s just going on faith for that one.

    I LOVE your girls’ names!
    Leigh Ann recently posted..What does the bump lead to?

  13. says

    well people tell us that Gio looks like his daddy and Jacob like my side and I believe it…I recently blogged about a pic of my dad at 10 and how much Jacob resembles him. Gio is ALL JOHN.

    they don’t look like each other more like brothers, but I like it like that….they are so different in so many ways, I like they aren’t identical.

    your baby girls….oh my , just gorgeous!!!!! Those eyes on each one of them, I just want to squeeze em.
    Kir recently posted..Monday Musings: Cute Shoes and Me in a Red Dress

  14. says

    When Jack was first born he was a spitting image of my husband. Only now as he gets older do I see more of myself in him.
    I can’t wait to see what this next one looks like!

    Your girls are beautiful!
    Angie@MamaInsomnia recently posted..Rockin the Baby

  15. says

    My two girls (ages 6 and 8) look NOTHING like me. I am an auburn haired, blue eyed, freckle face Irish girl and my husband is South American Spanish, with dark hair, dark eyes, and beautifully tanned skin. I swear if you put a goatee on my girls – they look JUST like him! I often get asked if I’m the nanny. 🙂

  16. says

    so sweet. I am loving these baby pictures. Chessa looks so much like her father, and Cole looks like Chessa when she was a baby, except he has blond hair and blue eyes instead of her hazel eyes and brown hair. Still outside that, they are mirror images. Yet everyone comments about “where did Cole come from” because of the light hair and eyes.

  17. says

    You are right! They all look different but are equally adorable! My son looks as much like me as he does my husband. But, I guess because he is a boy and doesn’t have my eye color, people are always commented on how he looks exactly like his daddy.
    The Sweetest recently posted..Well, Shoot…

    • admin says

      When he delivers my Anthro package tomorrow I will ask him for a baby pictures. Very good point.

      If I wasn’t so damn old I would totally have seven more kids.

  18. says

    My kids both look like me (suck it, Bill!) – my son is a Christianson (my maiden name, dad’s side of the family) and my daughter is all Anderson (my mom’s side of the family).

    Yes. We’re Swedish. Couldja tell?

    People SAY my son looks like his dad because…ummm….he’s a boy. Duh. But he is a carbon copy of my father when he was his age.

    So daddy got shut out. But my dad’s a pretty good looking guy for 64. Jack could do worse.

    And Karly looks a lot like me. Poor girl.
    julie gardner recently posted..Today call me obsessed.

  19. says

    Goodness! Your girls have some gorgeous eyes!!

    My oldest is spitting image of dad and my youngest looks very much like me. Except they are both fair-haired and H and I are dark (courtesy of a bottle for me ; )

    I kinda like having mini-me’s : )

  20. says

    UPS man? pshaw. #milkman

    your girls are incredibly pretty. at such a young age. just pretty. cute doesn’t cut it. also. have i mentioned i love their names? I love their names.

    ALSO, how do i know if you respond to my comment? do i need to subscribe or something? help a blond out.

    • admin says

      Oh you are so lucky to still have a milkman!

      Thank you for your sweet words.

      hmm, I have a plug-in to email you. That is weird you don’t get it.

  21. says

    Truly adorable pics! Funny, I see a bit of resemblance between the pics of your first two daughters – though it could be that the facial expression is the same. Hmmm…

    My 3 boys look more like each other than they do their parents, though each boy does have his own look. People question if the kids are just ours, period.

    Sweet pics. Especially that last one. :-))

  22. says

    Your girls are just beautiful! I’d be so worried about 3 of them, I have worry issues with only 1!! It’s only a small comfort that my 1 has 3 big brothers. Right now, I don’t know if I’d trust them to do anything more than pester her. 😉

    You do make adorable babies! & you were one, too!
    Lex recently posted..Rockin’ the baby! My chitlins…